What is the Best Smelling Body Mist?

What is the Best Smelling Body Mist?
by Truly Beauty

Looking for the best smelling body mist of 2023? Body mists are back and better than ever. Sickly sweet mists of the ‘90s have now been replaced with luxe, well-formulated scents that people can’t get enough of. Besides smelling scrumptious, 2023 body mists are lightweight, relatively long-lasting, and ideal for everyday wear. Here’s a selection of the best body mists we know you’ll love.

Best Body Mists 2023

We’ve rounded up the best smelling body mists you won’t be able to resist. From warm gourmand scents to spicy floral aromas, there’s something for everyone in this list. Go ahead, and treat yourself!

1. Ma Chérie Perfume Mist

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One of three new body mists from Truly, Ma Chérie is warm, lush, and so romantic. Sweet, but not sickly, its notes of black cherry, salted caramel, and dark chocolate linger beautifully on the skin. Intimate and irresistible, Ma Chérie celebrates the feeling of falling in love. Its delicious blend of warm gourmands and black cherry leaves you wanting more.

2. Birthday Sex Perfume Mist

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Spicy, floral, and alluring, Birthday Sex Perfume Mist is another best smelling body mist you’ll fall in love with. With notes of rich jasmine and sweet saffron complemented by nuances of patchouli and sandalwood. It’s flirty yet intimate, daring and delectable. Get ready to unleash your most confident, empowered, and sensual version of yourself with a spritz of this seductive spray.


3. Glazed Donut Perfume Mist

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Truly Beauty is known and loved for its sweet vanilla glaze scent found in our cult Glazed Donut Oil. Now, we’ve bottled up that scrumptious scent in this luxe, lightweight mist. If sweet, gourmand scents are your thing, Glazed Donut Perfume Mist is for you. It combines warm, sugary notes of vanilla and buttercream with white chocolate and musk for the most decadent, indulgent scent. 

4. Signature Perfume Mist Trio

best smelling body mist | signature perfume mist trio


Why settle for one best smelling body mist when you can have three? Truly’s Signature Perfume Mist Trio showcases three brand new body mists that celebrate the feeling of love, passion, and self-confidence. Ma Chérie, Birthday Sex, and Glazed Donut each offer a unique fragrance blend to suit every moment and mood. Swap them around, mix them up, and layer to create your own signature scent.

With delicious notes of whipped buttercream, toasted vanilla, sweet saffron, rich jasmine, and lustrous black cherry, you won't be able to resist. Plus, you always save when you bundle at Truly!

What is the Best Smelling Body Mist?

When it comes to choosing the best body mist 2023, it’s all about your personal preferences. Ma Chérie Mist is best for those who like a fruity, warm gourmand scent. Love the smell of black cherry and dark chocolate? Then you’ll love how Ma Chérie smells. 

If you like a sugary sweet, sensual scent, Glazed Donut Mist is your best body mist. Love the smell of freshly baked cakes? Of freshly iced donuts? The nostalgia of baking cupcakes as a child is in every spritz of this sweet vanilla fragrance. 

Looking for something a little more bold, playful, and sexy? Birthday Sex Mist is a flirty blend of sweet saffron and rich jasmine, delivering a scent that’s full of confidence. That exhilarating feeling of waking up to your birthday? That’s exactly how this body mist makes you feel. 

Can’t decide which one you like best? That’s what the Signature Perfume Mist Trio is for. This set features all three best smelling body mists so you can enjoy each and every one of them–either individually or together. Whether you’re in a sweet or spicy mood, there’s a mist for every mood. 

What Body Mist is Trending 2023?


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Truly’s Glazed Donut Perfume Mist is one of the best smelling body mists trending right now. Fans have loved the irresistible scent of our iconic Glazed Donut Oil since it first launched in 2021, and now that they can get it bottled up into a concentrated fragrance? They couldn’t be happier! 

With delicious notes of whipped buttercream and toasted vanilla wrapped in white chocolate, it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and let you live out your candyland fantasies. 

Best Smelling Body Mist Hacks

Want your favorite scent to smell its best and last as long as possible? Here are some fun hacks for getting the most out of your body mist.

– Spray on after showering: Your skin holds on to scent better when the pores have opened up after a steamy shower.

– Moisturize before misting: Hydrated skin locks in the fragrance molecules, allowing your mist to last longer. 

– Apply directly to the skin: Spritz on your skin instead of your clothes for a stronger, longer-lasting scent. Fragrances smell their best and last their longest when they come in direct contact with your body’s natural oils.

– Blend and layer: Did you know you can create your own signature scent by layering on different fragrances? This could be in the form of lotions, mists, or perfumes.

When choosing a best smelling body mist it’s worth getting to know what fragrance notes you like. There’s no one universal best body mist since everyone has different tastes. For example, someone who loves a sweet vanilla fragrance might not like something on the spicy or floral side and vice versa. For that reason, figure out which scents you like and go from there. Alternatively, treat yourself to the best body mists 2023 listed above and find out for yourself. You never know, you might love them all!


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