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Getting Golden, Hold the Fine Lines

Getting Golden, Hold the Fine Lines

Bronzed, glowing skin is a summertime goal for most of us. 

In that quest for golden skin, we spend our days baking under the sun's rays...and the weeks leading up to summer on the indoor tanning beds - desperate to wipe out the winter whiteness. 

The problem is, getting tanned the old fashioned way (under ultraviolet rays) comes with some serious consequences for your skin. Think skin aging, hyperpigmentation, and potentially even skin cancer.

Is there an alternative? Sure there is. It's called self-tanner.

Luckily for you, Truly just dropped its brand-new bronzing cream...and it's the tanning product you never knew you needed.



Chilling out at the beach or lying out poolside is awesome, we know. But here's the thing: those UV rays you're exposing your skin to are silently damaging your skin.

"Sun exposure and tanning cause a change in the integrity of our skin," says dermatologist Melanie Palm. "Long-term exposure to sun creates an environment that encourages enzymes that break down our collagen to be increased, further depleting the skin of its suppleness."

While you probably don't see the immediate effects of excessive sun exposure caused by UVB rays, you will see it eventually. Besides the obvious, initial side effects like sunburn, over-exposure can cause long-term damage to the skin. It can also increase your risk of skin cancer. 

That's why the derms are constantly telling us to always wear sunscreen - minimum SPF 30. Sun protection lotions block UVA rays, reducing the damage and preventing your risk of photoaging and the destruction of the skin's structure.

So, how can you earn a beautiful, bronzed finish without ruining your skin? We've got just the solution for you.


Slather on Truly's Hotter In Person Bronzing Cream

Our Bronze & Blur Cream just landed...

It's kind of like the blur tool IRL - fading fine lines, cellulite, and blemishes in place of a bronzed-goddess finish.

This silky body cream is made with ultra-hydrating argan oil, brightening strawberry, skin-soothing green tea, anti-inflammatory aloe vera, and flecks of gold shimmer to boost glow and deliver a natural, gradual tan on all skin types - minus UV exposure!


How to use:

After prepping your skin, apply a generous amount of the bronzing cream on clean, dry skin.

It's best to start from the bottom (your feet) and work your way up to avoid lines from bending over. Your arms and hands should be left until last as they'll be doing the most movement.

Worried about your palms turning orange? Apply the bronzing cream with a tanning mitt instead and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly once you're finished. If you need help, ask a friend.



Self-tanners are a safe and sunless option for a summer glow. They're particularly useful if you want to tan fair skin, as they significantly reduce your risk of premature aging and skin damage. You can use them all year round to stay forever golden - whatever the season.

"Self-tanners color just the top layers of the skin and gradually fade as the skin naturally exfoliates over time," says Palm. 

If you don't fancy doing it yourself because you're scared what the end result will look like, how about getting a spray tan instead? It's one of the most convenient self-tanning methods and, provided that you get it done by a professional, virtually risk-free.

You can still head out in the sun for your daily dose of vitamin D. Just make sure you stay protected by smothering your skin in a broad-spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin from UV radiation and prevent sun damage. 

And just so you know, you should use sunscreen anytime you leave the house - even if it's just for an hour, you're better safe than sorry. Sunscreen should always come as the last step of your skincare routine.



To achieve the perfect sunless tan, preparation is everything. What you do and apply beforehand can make all the difference to the end result.

  1. Start with a Fresh, Clean Base

Always start with a clean canvas - that means no makeup, no deodorant, no oils or lotions. If you have product on your skin, be sure to wash it off and dry your skin thoroughly before proceeding with the self-tanning step. 

  1.  Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and gives you a nice, smooth base on which your tanning product can properly develop.

  1. Shave

Once again, you'll need a smooth surface if you want the tanning pigment to look even on the skin. Applying fake tan to hairy legs will lead to streaks and blotchiness.

  1. Moisturize those Naturally Dry Areas

You only need to apply moisturizer to those particularly dry areas on your body like the elbows, knees, and ankles. This can prevent the color from setting into creases. By giving the areas that much needed moisture, you can look forward to a smooth and even tan. You'll also get a more even skin color. 

Now you're ready to apply our Bronze & Blur Cream!



Now that you've put all that time and effort into developing the best natural tan, you naturally want to know how to make it last as long as possible, right?

The best way to do that is staying hydrated - inside and out. In other words, drink plenty of water and apply generous amounts of moisturizer, daily. You'll notice your skin looks smoother, brighter, and utterly glowing from doing so! And your skin tone will appear more even.

Try turning down the temperature of your shower water, too, as hot, steamy showers can quickly steal your golden glow.


Self-tanning really is the best way to get bronzed and glowing without putting yourself at risk of premature aging and skin damage.

Our brand new bronzing cream is loaded with antioxidant-packed fruits and plants that nourish, hydrate, and develop a lasting, natural-looking tan. 





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