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How to *Actually* Deal with that Gnarly Ingrown Hair

How to *Actually* Deal with that Gnarly Ingrown Hair

We’ve all been there. In a bid to get smooth, you perform a shave or wax job and, unexpectedly, a red, painful bump appears. It's an ingrown hair. 

Ingrown hairs can happen to anyone, but before you reach for the tweezers or start squeezing, it's important to educate yourself on how to properly remove an ingrown hair. It's also worth knowing how to prevent these annoying red bumps from cropping up in the first place.

Here's how to get rid of that gnarly ingrown hair before your situation worsens.


#1: Apply a Warm Compress

First things first, apply a warm compress to the affected area to help soften the skin and ease any irritation you're experiencing. 

Then, using the washcloth, exfoliate the skin around the hair in a circular motion for several minutes. This helps remove dead skin cells so the hair can emerge and be treated.


#2: Use Acid

Double up your washcloth exfoliation with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) like glycolic or lactic acid, or the beta hydroxy acid (BHA) salicylic acid. These chemical exfoliants loosen the outer layer of skin cells, helping to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

Whether you're struck with an ingrown on your bikini line or your underarms, it's worth investing in a quality exfoliator like Truly's Blueberry Kush CBD Body Scrub.

Formulated with CBD and blueberry to soothe and hydrate, it relies on its base of sugar and AHA/BHA boost to lightly buff away dead skin to detoxify and illuminate.

Using a sugar or salt scrub on a regular basis cuts the risk of clogging pores, thus preventing ingrown hairs from developing. Scrub twice a week if you want to get rid of ingrown hairs for good.



#3:  Don't Pluck

While it may be your first instinct to tweeze that gnarly ingrown upon its arrival, dermatologists advise against it. If there’s pus, that indicates there’s a slight infection. In this case, focus on keeping the area clean and dry and avoid plucking anything!

Extractions are best left to the professionals to reduce your risk of infection.


#4: Stop Shaving

Shaving isn’t bad at all, but the way hair grows post-shave can lead to problems. That's because a razor cuts hair at a sharp and pretty awkward angle. When the shaved hair regrows, it's likely to grow as an ingrown hair thanks to its sharp tip. 

To effectively treat your ingrown, we recommend putting a temporary break on shaving just until it clears up. Some experts say waxing is a great way to weaken new hair growth and ultimately prevent ingrowns, but it comes with its set of downfalls.

To stay smooth during your shave-free period, try using depilatory creams or an electric device for pain-free hair removal.


#5: Switch to a Lighter Lotion

If you're experiencing razor bumps, ingrowns, and general irritation on the surface of the skin, it may feel natural to smother the area in a thick, heavy moisturizer for relief. Wrong!

Heavy creams can actually sabotage all your exfoliation efforts, and clog your pores, exacerbating any ingrown hair issues. From now on, switch to a lightweight, breathable formula that keeps your skin hydrated without suffocating it.

Even if you have dry skin, it's still important to swap out your rich lotion for something lighter to prevent blackheads and other blemishes from occurring.


#6: Avoid Tight Clothing and Synthetic Fabrics

If you are dealing with a painful ingrown hair, stop wearing fitted clothing and synthetic fabrics which will only worsen the problem. 

Tight shirts, skinny jeans, Nylon leggings, and polyester underwear can rub against the skin, exacerbating the irritation, and making you feel even more uncomfortable.


#7: Try Targeted Formulas Truly's Cooka Bundle.

Featuring Cooka Oil and Cooka Concentrate, they're the perfect pair for softening coarse pubic hair, alleviating ingrowns, and leaving skin smooth and supple. 

Formulated with gentle, soothing antimicrobials like jojoba oil and tea tree oil, these two bikini line skincare products are designed to alleviate post-shave dryness and promote healthy hair growth minus ingrowns.

They can be used anywhere hair meets skin, including the pubic area, underarms, legs, brows, and chin. 

#8: Visit Your Derm

While there are numerous DIY tips on how to tweeze an ingrown hair, it’s much better to see a professional instead. 

This will prevent you from getting a painful infection and generally just worsening your current situation. Book an appointment with your derm and save yourself the headache.  

They may suggest in-office treatments like laser hair removal if you have coarse, curly hair that's prone to ingrowns. This hair treatment removal method may be the best way to take control of your skin and prevent issues like pimples, cysts, and infections from occurring.


How Can You Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

The simplest way to prevent ingrown hairs from cropping up in the first place is by perfecting your shaving technique. 

For starters, you'll need a few good shaving products like those in Truly's Ultimate Smooth Legend Shave Kit. Inside, you'll find a double bladed pink razor, pre-shave scrub, shave butter (a more nourishing version of shaving cream), and post-shave oil.

Next, master the technique: always shave in the direction of the hair. Going against the grain may deliver a closer shave, but it can also heighten your chances of getting an ingrown. Always make sure you're using a clean, dry razor every time you shave. The duller and dirtier the blade, the higher the likelihood of irritation and ingrowns.

Finally, remember to exfoliate regularly to help prevent dead skin cells from blocking the hair follicles. Truly's CBD Jelly Toner makes daily exfoliation easier than ever. It's made with glycolic acid to remove dirt, dead skin, and oil while boosting cell renewal, and tea tree oil to soothe irritation.

If you have any questions, speak to a dermatology professional for advice.

From your facial hair to your leg hair, it's possible to get ingrowns pretty much anywhere you shave. Fortunately, you can remove and prevent ingrowns with a few good skincare products and shaving techniques. 

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