5 of Our Fave Unicorn Fruit Body Butter Hacks

5 of Our Fave Unicorn Fruit Body Butter Hacks
by Truly Beauty

Want to hear something magical about our viral, cult-fave Unicorn Fruit Body Butter? 

It's a multitasking miracle worker!

Unicorn Fruit Body Butter went viral on TikTok for being a multicolored swirl of hydrating, candy-scented goodness. But beyond its body moisturizing abilities, this rainbow colored whipped body butter offers many more benefits. 

Here are all of the ways you can use Unicorn Fruit Butter in your beauty routine.



5 "Genius" Unicorn Fruit Butter Hacks 

Experience the magic of Unicorn Fruit in multiple different ways with these fun hacks. 


1: As a Shaving Cream

unicorn fruit butter hacks


Ran out of shaving cream or gel? No worries! As long as you've got a jar of Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter lying around, you can still proceed with the shaving process.

Simply apply the butter to your legs, lather it up with water, and shave as normal. Even with the rinsing, this shea butter infused moisturizer has enough hydrating power to leave your skin soft and smooth for hours after your shave.

If you're seeking intense hydration, apply a small amount after shaving, too. With its blend of soothing aloe and matcha, this butter will help reduce any shave-related redness and inflammation while leaving your skin feeling baby soft and smelling like cotton candy heaven. 


2: As a Lip Balm


Keep your lips luscious and sumptuously soft by dabbing on a little Unicorn Butter. Since this beauty product is known for its powerful hydrating effects, it's the perfect formula for keeping your pout smooth, soft, and kissable.

Its hydrating blend of shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and vitamin E makes it an effective lip balm that can help relieve dryness and chapping. 

To make it glide on easier, mix a small amount with a drop or two with our Glazed Donut Serum. Besides doubling the hydration, it'll give your pout a gorgeously glossy finish. 


3: As a Cuticle Softener


Dry cuticles? Apply a small amount of Unicorn Butter to your cuticles and massage it in for instant softening effects. 

With its blend of hydrating natural oils like coconut, almond, and jojoba, this buttery treat softens skin while proving healing and conditioning effects for an improved look and feel. Your paws will look so much prettier!


4: As a Base for Fragrances

unicorn butter hacks | model holding unicorn perfume


According to experts, the best way to make your perfume last longer is to moisturize before and after spritzing on the fragrance. That's because hydrated skin holds scent better than dry skin. 

Unicorn Fruit Body Butter makes a great base for fragrances. Ultra-hydrating, this butter locks in moisture and holds on to scents for hours. And because it has a decadent scent all of its own, it can complement other fragrances perfectly.

FYI: it smells like cotton candy, berries & bergamot.


5: As a Foot Cream 


Soften your tootsies with a light lashing of Unicorn Butter. A blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and almond oil drench skin in moisture, helping to soften and smooth dry, rough patches. Plus, your feet will smell like cotton candy!





Why You'll Love Our Unicorn Fruit Butter

Still not tried our Unicorn Fruit Butter? Here's why you'll love it like everyone else:


✓ A Texture You've Never Tried Before...

Whipped, fluffy, and airy. It's too good not to try.


✓ It Smells So Good, You'll Want to Eat it...

With notes of cotton candy, berries, and bergamot, it's a scent that belongs in fairytales.


✓ Packed with Plant-Based Goodness...

Shea butter, acai, matcha, chia, and vegan collagen booster work in tandem to hydrate, soothe, and repair skin.


✓ Your Skin Will Glow Like a Unicorn...

All those moisture-drenching ingredients and antioxidants will leave you luminous all over.


✓ Clean, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Because we believe beauty is kindness.


Ready to sparkle like a unicorn? Browse our Unicorn Collection and pamper yourself with one of these iconic swirls.



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