Model Micaéla Verrelien Chooses Smiles Over Sneers

Model Micaéla Verrelien Chooses Smiles Over Sneers
by Truly Beauty

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Hi! I’m Micaela Verrelien, a Haitian American model, content creator, and creative director. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and I love nothing more than to smile and make others smile too!

My first impression on the phrase “impression” is how to impress myself. It is so important to learn how to impress yourself.

Some of the first impressions I have faced in my life include the first time moving to a new suburban town in Massachusetts and being the only black girl in class.

I’m not going to lie, these first impressions have certainly caused hurdles for me during the progression of my career. But I have never allowed that to hold me back.

Even my looks alone have brought their own set of challenges, but because I am truly confident inside and out, I have vowed to myself that no one can ever tire me down.

What are my first impressions of Truly? I love the packaging and each product smells AMAZING. My impression has only gotten better and better. I am happy to have been able to try each product individually and I was very impressed.

My favorite Truly products have to be the jelly lip mask which I use at night time on my lips and also the body butter which I now use religiously every morning after I shower.

From people to skincare products, first impressions don’t mean everything.

If you allow yourself to judge a book by its cover, you are the one who loses out at the end because whatever or whomever you judged may have been amazing. It would be a shame to not experience that, wouldn’t it?

So, my advice would be to judge less and love more!