The Best Shaving Cream for Women Prone to Ingrowns

The Best Shaving Cream for Women Prone to Ingrowns
by Truly Beauty

What’s the best shaving cream for women? It’s all about what’s inside! If you still end up with cuts, bumps, and rashes after shaving, it’s probably because your shave cream just isn’t cutting it. Sadly, many women’s shaving creams contain harsh, potentially drying ingredients that look good at first glance when in reality, they really don’t do much in terms of protection.

So, what’s the solution? Choose a better formula! Ahead, we’ve created a list of tried-and-tested shaving creams that will transform your shave—and make ingrowns and razor burns a distant memory. 

Should Women Use Shaving Cream?

Absolutely! Shaving cream is a fundamental step in your shaving routine and should never be skipped. Here’s why: shave creams preserve moisture while you shave to stop your skin from getting dry and itchy. Plus, they help to soften the skin and hair, allowing your razor to glide across the skin more easily. 

Without shaving cream, there’s no protective barrier between your razor and skin. As a result, it creates friction which leads to redness, irritation, and painful bumps. That’s why you should be 100% using shaving cream anytime your razor comes into contact with your skin. 

Best Shaving Cream for Women

So, what is the best women’s shaving cream 2024? At Truly, we pride ourselves in developing the most hydrating, protective, and nourishing shave creams that ensure the smoothest, most painless results. Here are the best shave creams for women. 

Truly’s Cooka Colada Luxury Shave Butter


Why You’ll Love it: A soothing, healing shave butter that’s perfect for pampering your delicate areas. Exfoliating pineapple enzymes work in tandem with anti-inflammatory pineapple to remove dead cells, soften coarse hair, and ease irritation for the smoothest bikini line. 

Key Ingredients: Primrose, Pineapple, Coconut

Smells Like: Freshly sliced pineapple with delicate floral notes 

Truly’s Soft Serve Whipped Shave Butter

best shaving cream for women | soft serve shave cream


Why You’ll Love it: Serve your skin the most sumptuous shave with this ultra-luxe, incredibly hydrating shave cream. Its rich and buttery texture instantly softens coarse stubble, allowing your razor to float across the skin. No friction, irritation, or bumps. Just irresistible, strawberry-scented smoothness. Plus, it comes with a FREE Gold Ice Cream Scoop to serve your swirls in style.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Strawberry 

Smells Like: Lashings of sweet strawberry glaze drizzled over scoops of creamy, warmed vanilla with slices of juicy pear and sprinkles of amber 

Truly’s Glazed Donut Whipped Shave Butter

best shaving cream for women | glazed donut shave cream


Why You’ll Love it: Inspired by our iconic shave oil, this shave butter leaves skin smooth and luminous with its moisture-sealing blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E. It’s perfect for dry, sensitive skin that’s prone to redness and irritation. 

Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E 

Smells Like: Rich buttercream frosting topped with drizzles of vanilla glaze with a subtle fruity kick of juicy grape 

Truly’s Coco Cloud Whipped Shave Butter

best shaving cream for women | coco cloud shave cream


Why You’ll Love it: An ultra-softening, gentle-on-the-skin shave cream that smells just like tropical paradise. While coconut milk softens and soothes, argan oil hydrates, and vanilla banishes bacteria for the silkiest shave without red bumps or rashes. And that whipped, buttery texture feels like pure heaven on your skin! 

Key Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Argan Oil 

Smells Like: Splashes of creamy coconut with hints of warmed vanilla and nuances of apricot

Truly’s Happy Hairless Shave Butter

best shaving cream for women | happy hairless


Why You’ll Love it: Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this shave cream ticks all the boxes for a smooth, ingrown-free shave. With lavender’s antiseptic properties, it helps to prevent bumps while minimizing pores for a smooth, glowing, and refined look. 

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Lavender, Passion Fruit 

Smells Like: Joyful summer days where the air is filled with notes of juicy exotic fruits and uplifting vanilla

What Shaving Cream is Best for Pubic Hair?

The best shaving cream for pubic hair has got to be Truly’s NEW Cooka Colada Luxury Shave Butter. Since pubic hair is coarse and skin is especially delicate, this shaving cream makes bikini line shaving a breeze. 


How it Works: It softens coarse hair with its base of organic shea butter and coconut oil for an effortless razor glide. Meanwhile naturally-exfoliating pineapple prevents painful ingrowns from forming. It’s also packed with soothing primrose to cool inflamed skin while maximizing skin’s softness. 

Why it’s So Good: With its yummy whipped texture and fruity floral scent, Cooka Colada creates the most satisfying shaving experience. It’s the best shaving cream for women prone to ingrowns down there—or anywhere!

How to Use it: In the shower or bath, apply a small amount of this shave cream to your bikini area. Make sure your skin is wet so that it can transform into a luxury lather! Then shave with the grain, following the direction of hair growth. Rinse, pat dry, and finish with a moisturizer. 


cooka colada luxury shave butter


What is the Best Shaving Product for Women?

We love the Cooka Colada Shave Butter for the bikini line. With a base of organic shea butter, an emollient rich in fatty acids, it deeply hydrates and nurtures skin for the most delicate shave. Alongside this, its profile of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients like coconut, primrose, and pineapple work to soothe irritated skin while healing existing bumps and burns.

As important as shaving cream for women is, you mustn’t forget other essential steps like exfoliation and after-care hydration and healing. Exfoliation preps skin by removing dead cells to prevent your razor from getting clogged, and after-care helps skin recover after shaving while healing inflammation. 


Now you’ve found the best shaving cream for women 2024, browse our full selection of shaving sets to achieve your sleekest skin sans razor burn, ingrowns, dryness, and itchiness. Because life’s too short for an unsatisfying shave! 


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