Bella Hadid's Best Beauty Tips

Bella Hadid's Best Beauty Tips
by Truly Beauty

It's no secret that supermodel Bella Hadid has flawless skin! 

Whether she's on the red carpet, modelling at the latest fashion show, or simply walking the streets of L.A with her sister Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid always manages to look fresh, glowy, and ultra chic.

Can it be put down to a talented makeup artist or a smart skincare routine? Skincare all the way! Although a good makeup artist obviously helps! Scroll down for Bella Hadid's best beauty tips.


Tip One: Follow a Daily Skincare Routine

Bella Hadid believes in the power of a good daily skincare routine -- and good skincare products.

"I’m not even just saying this – I know I’m a walking Dior commercial – but I love the Dior Hydra Life Lotion-To-Foam Fresh Cleanser, it’s the green one," she tells Vogue UK. "It’s the perfect foamy face wash. So I use that and then I’ll moisturise with the Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème because it’s really light – it feels like you have nothing on."

According to Hadid, she has sensitive, dry skin so she likes moisturizing on a daily basis to keep her skin smooth and hydrated.

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Tip Two: Make Time for Masks!

Face masks play an important role in Bella Hadid's beauty routine. She swears by them for achieving her dewy, gleaming complexion. A girl after our own heart!

"I love masks," Hadid tells Glamour. "I do them all the time. I'm obsessed with black peel-off masks, and I use a sheet mask on mornings when I have an early event. So reviving!"

In spite of her busy schedule, Hadid claims she'll always try to find time for a masking session -- even if it's just for 10 minutes. So, that's why she always looks super sparkly at Fashion Week, and basically every other event we've seen her at! 

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Tip Three: Apply Foundation with a Blush Brush

According to Bella Hadid's makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, he likes to apply foundation using a fluffy brush (the kind you use for blush and bronzer) to prevent makeup from looking cakey. He insists face makeup looks so much better this way.

"I really hate when a makeup looks cakey, so this is the anti-cake," he tells Elle. "It just gives you that beautiful veil and it feels really nice on the skin."

You can also try this hack for applying concealer, too, if you're looking for light, natural, non-cakey coverage. Love it!


Tip Four: Wear a Feel-Good Fragrance

There's nothing like your favorite fragrance to make everything better. It's an instant mood enhancer, and the perfect way to finish your glam beauty look routine. If you've gone all out with eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow, you may as well go all the way with a spritz of your fave scent. Au natural? Still spritz! 

"Wearing captivating fragrances, like Goldea, definitely makes me feel sexier. I dab it on one wrist, dab it on the other, and then rub them together," says Hadid. "My greatest scent memory: I’ll always remember the way my mom (Yolanda) smelled growing up, like cardamom. It’s a beautiful smell."


Tip Five: Go Heavy on the Hairspray

Usually when it comes to hairspray, the stylists say less is more. Bella Hadid disagrees. 

"My secret? A lot of hairspray," she says. "And a lot of gel. I used to use my brother’s mousse that he used on his hair, so I stole it and he’s probably mad at me that I did that."

According to Hadid, her go-to hairstyle is a tight bun or ponytail, as she likes to keep her hair out of her face when she's working. And hairspray and gel help keep everything in place.


Tip Six: Never Go Anywhere Without Mascara

On a daily basis, Bella says she likes to keep her eye makeup minimal. However, she can't go anywhere without a few lashings of mascara. It's her top beauty secret for sexy peepers.

While her makeup routine is generally simpler when she's not working, the supermodel a swipe of gold eyeshadow and a dusting of highlighter to really make things pop. She also loves lip liner to accentuate her plump pout.


Tip Seven: Powder Up

"I have a new love of my life… loose powder!" the model tells Glamour. "It’s amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before." 

In case you don't own any yourself, loose powder is great for setting makeup in place and matte-ifying oily spots. It's a really versatile beauty product that all the celebs, Victoria's Secret models, and Bella Hadid swear by.

"It’s great for when you are on the go and need to re-set your base. Being in the limelight means," she adds. "I always need to look my best so topping up is a must. I apply powder down my t-zone and nose, concealing where needed."


Tip Eight: Say Yes to Serums

Bella Hadid loves serums. 

According to her facialist Kristyn Smith, she likes to apply serums enriched with vitamin C and E, as they help nourish, repair, and protect skin. However, you can use any serum that works for you. In fact, invest in two or three and use them on alternating days to avoid skin irritation.

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Some celebrities look like they're born with flawless skin. Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Bella Hadid...

It turns out, they too rely on an arsenal of skincare products to keep their skin in check. While Bella Hadid doesn't have a complicated routine by the sounds to it, she does believe in sticking to the basics -- and staying consistent.

If you want skin like Bella Hadid, we highly recommend giving these beauty tips a try to see how they work for you. Remember to let us know how you got on!

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