The 3 Best Fall Fragrances for 2023

The 3 Best Fall Fragrances for 2023
by Truly Beauty

Need some help finding the best fall fragrances for 2023? As the leaves change color and the air turns crisper, it's the perfect time to update your scent wardrobe to match the cozy and inviting vibes of autumn. Ahead, we show you three of our favorite scents for the season, which spotlight sweet vanilla, spicy florals, and fruity gourmand notes.  

Best Fall Fragrances 2023

There’s nothing like a cozy, comforting, and captivating fragrance to usher in the crisp and colorful beauty of fall. Here are the best fall fragrances for 2023. 

1. Glazed Donut Perfume Mist

Best fall fragrances 2023 | Truly Glazed donut perfume mist


Like freshly baked treats, this delicious fragrance–with notes of toasted vanilla and whipped buttercream–will keep you warm and smelling scrumptious throughout fall. Glazed Donut Perfume mist feels just like a warm embrace on a cold day. It’s light, sweet, and perfect for daily wear. 

Fragrance Family: Sweet Gourmand

- Top notes of whipped buttercream

- Mid notes of warm sugar and white chocolate

- Dry notes of toasted vanilla and musk

This sweet gourmand fragrance envelops you in the comforting aromas of freshly baked donuts and cakes. The top note of whipped buttercream sets the stage with a creamy sweetness that's impossible to resist. As the scent unfolds, you'll be greeted with the inviting mid notes of warm sugar and white chocolate, creating an addictive scent.

2. Ma Chérie Perfume Mist

best fall fragrances for 2023 | Truly ma cherie perfume mist


Wrap yourself in notes of warm caramel, succulent black cherry, and rich dark chocolate for an unforgettable scent that’ll leave you smitten. Ma Chérie Perfume Mist evokes memories of walking hand in hand with your sweetheart; that long romantic getaway wrapped up in sheets; and a blushing cherry orchard in spring. It’s deep, rich, and intense yet light enough to spritz on daily.

Fragrance family: Fruity and Gourmand

- Top notes of black cherry

- Mid notes of salted caramel and almond

- Dry notes of rich dark chocolate

This fragrance is a celebration of love with a top note of deep black cherry that invites you on a journey of romance. As you delve deeper into the scent, the mid notes of salted caramel and almond add warmth and indulgence, like a dessert shared with your loved one. The dry notes of dark chocolate provide a luscious and sensual finish. 

3. Birthday Sex Perfume Mist

best fall fragrances 2023 | Truly birthday sex perfume mist


An intimate and alluring fragrance with a sensual mix of rich jasmine and sweet saffron. Birthday Sex Perfume Mist exudes feelings of confidence and empowerment with its spicy floral accord and fabulous twist of flirtiness. 

Fragrance family: Spicy Floral

- Top notes of rich jasmine

- Mid notes of sweet saffron and patchouli

- Dry notes of vanilla and sandalwood

This fragrance oozes sensuality. The top note of rich jasmine introduces an enchanting floral element, setting the tone for a captivating experience. As the scent evolves, the mid notes of sweet saffron and patchouli add an intriguing and spicy twist, igniting a spark of flirtatiousness and allure. 

Shop All Three

Signature Perfume Mist Trio

best fall fragrances 2023 | Truly perfume mist set


Save when you bundle these three perfume mists together. The Signature Perfume Mist Trio features three sensual perfume mists–Glazed Donut, Ma Chérie, and Birthday Sex–to leave you smelling scrumptious. Indulge in warm gourmand scents and spicy floral aromas that perfectly complement the season. With delicious notes of vanilla, saffron, black cherry, and chocolate, the pleasure’s all yours.

Mix and match these mists to create your own signature fall fragrance. For a long-lasting scent, layer with other fragrances, mists, and moisturizers. You can even spray on your hair, clothes, and pillow for hours of all-over deliciousness.

What Scents are Best for Fall?

best fall fragrances 2023 | Truly's perfume mists

When looking for the best fall fragrances for 2023, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the fragrance notes that best suit the season. Scents that are best for fall are typically warm, cozy, and evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia. Here are some popular fragrance notes to look out for when choosing the best fall fragrance 2023.

  • Spices: Warm spices like cinnamon, saffron, and nutmeg are quintessential fall fragrance notes that add instant warmth and coziness to any fragrance. They also add a touch of sensuality to a perfume if you’re looking to spice things up. 

  • Wood: Cedarwood, sandalwood, and oakmoss bring a woody and earthy quality to fall scents, evoking the aroma of crisp leaves and autumn forests. Woody scents make you feel like you’re wrapped up under the covers in front of a roaring fire. Aaah. 

  • Vanilla: Vanilla is a sultry, sensual, and at the same time comforting note that complements many fall scents. It adds sweetness and warmth to fragrances. Vanilla is known to impart feelings of peace and contentment. Plus, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac. 

  • Fruit: While fresh fruity notes like lemon, pineapple, and watermelon are more common in summer scents, fall fragrances may incorporate apple, pear, dark berries, or fig notes for a touch of seasonal sweetness. 

  • Gourmand Notes: Gourmand scents are great for cooler weather since they’re heavier and more decadent. Go for notes of caramel, chocolate, and coffee which reflect the season's love for baked goods and warm beverages.

  • Herbs: Herbal notes such as sage, rosemary, and thyme are commonly found in fall perfumes. They add fresh, aromatic nuances, evoking the feeling of a crisp fall morning with the scent of herbs in the air. Herbal notes are a great choice for those who appreciate a more natural and invigorating scent.


What Makes a Good Fall Perfume?

When it comes to choosing the best fall fragrance, look out for warm, cozy scents like chocolate, caramel, coffee, spices, and dark berries. These are must-have fall scents that'll take you into winter and spring. Take a look at our top autumn scents 2023 below. 


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When selecting a fall fragrance, it's often about combining these notes to achieve a well-balanced and seasonally appropriate scent that captures the essence of the autumn season. Whether you like spicy notes, fruity aromas, or gourmand scents, there’s something for everyone in our list of best fall fragrances for 2023.


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