From Slugging to Sandpaper Shaving: TikTok Beauty Trends Do's and Don'ts

From Slugging to Sandpaper Shaving: TikTok Beauty Trends Do's and Don'ts
by Truly Beauty

TikTok trends can be cool, quirky, crazy, and at times, downright dangerous.

We're not going to lie, TikTok is a great platform for picking up useful beauty hacks. Using dollar bills to create the perfect winged eyeliner? Genius! Wrapping your hair with towels to achieve Hollywood curls? Pure brilliance.

The only problem is...not all of the beauty trends you see on TikTok are effective or even safe. That's why you need to be especially careful when trying these hacks yourself - because you could end up in serious trouble.

Only last year, an Australian reality TV star was left temporarily blind following a DIY acupuncture attempt that went wrong. Sadly, this is happening more and more on the social media platform.

So, how do you know which viral beauty trends to try and which to steer clear of? We uncover the TikTok beauty hacks that work (and are safe) and the ones you should avoid for the sake of your skin and health.


TikTok Trend Do: Chugging Chlorophyll

This year, drinking chlorophyll became a huge wellness trend on TikTok, with TikTokers claiming it brightens skin, clears pimples, boosts energy, and improves body odor. Video after video showed yet another flawless-skinned folk ranting and raving about this green drinkable liquid. And they were right to!

Chlorophyll is a superstar ingredient loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to enhance wellness and human health. It also boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

You can drink it or apply it topically, but the derms say consuming it offers the best benefits. Detest the taste? Try getting your chlorophyll quota from green vegies like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage which are all naturally high in this plant pigment. Then simply enjoy all the beauty benefits it reaps.


TikTok Trend Don't: Sunscreen Countouring

Dermatologists can't begin to express how harmful this TikTok trend is and the damage it's causing among the population.

Sunscreen contouring refers to the act of applying sunscreen on certain areas of your face in a bid to achieve a contoured tanning effect and definition. And it's a huge skincare sin!

"It’s an incredibly dangerous, aging, damaging method," explains Mallory Huron, beauty and wellness strategist at Fashion Snoops. "Not only does exposing unprotected skin to the sun lead to premature aging and burns, it can also lead to skin cancer. No, thank you!"

You can make this trend a little safer by using a base of SPF 30 with a contouring layer of SPF 50 or higher. At least this way you're still protecting all of your skin.

Nevertheless, dermatologists warn against trying this trend at home.


TikTok Trend Do: Slugging

TikTok users are all over this skincare trend known as slugging.

Basically, slugging is the process of sealing your skin with an occlusive agent like petrolatum - an ingredient found in Vaseline and Aquaphor - overnight. It's supposed to work like an intensive lotion with the goal of providing deep hydration to the skin.   

Apparently, it's nothing new.

"In truth, dermatologists have been ‘slugging’ for years. We just didn't come up with a cute name for it,” dermatologist Dr. Shari Marchbein tells Teen Vogue. "I don't go to bed without it."

However, this practice isn't for everyone. If you're acne-prone, are experiencing hormonal acne with spots appearing on the jawline, or have oily skin, use a creamy moisturizer instead and look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin. You can enjoy the same effects from Truly's Cream Skin Face Cream.


TikTok Trend Don't: Sandpaper Shaving

Shaving your legs with sandpaper has surprisingly become a massive trend on TikTok. Ouch!

It all started when TikTok star Jules (@jules49of) shared a video of her using sandpaper as a hair removal method.

"I was watching one of these girls, she’s an ‘accountant’, I was learning about the business, anyway, watching this girl, she’s an accountant and she’s talking about shaving her legs with sandpaper. She used 600 grit sandpaper on her legs," says Jules. 

She then went on to demonstrate the technique, declaring, "My god, my skin is so soft, it’s awesome. And it works."

It might work for Jules, but the derms advise against it unless you want to end up with a nasty skin condition.

According to dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah, "Using sandpaper can certainly remove hair, but it's terrible because it removes skin as well. This can lead to hyperpigmentation and scarring—especially since the legs are slow to heal after injury."

The aggressive rubbing may also contribute to folliculitis and irritate your hair follicles. 

If your body hair is getting you down, consider getting laser hair removal instead - just don't do sandpaper shaving. 


TikTok Trend Do: Face Icing

The experts give this one a thumbs up, saying it can increase circulation and promote a nice, healthy glow.

Rubbing ice across your skin can also minimize the appearance of pores, ward off headaches, and deliver an energy boost.

"I always tell my clients ‘cold treatments are your friend’ whether I am using Cryo infusion, oxygen infusion, cold cryo globes etc. It will even give you a bit of glow," says Aesthetician and Founder of Skinned App, Desi Valentine.



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To conclude: some TikTok beauty trends work wonderfully. Others, unfortunately, can be extremely damaging to the skin and potentially even dangerous. 

So stick to the trends you know are safe! 



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