Get Your Hands Ring-Ready

Get Your Hands Ring-Ready
by Truly Beauty

With Valentine’s Day just days away and the likelihood of you being asked the big question by bae significantly skyrocketing, you need to get prepared. You, your big, emphatic “yes,” and of course, your hands.

All that extra hand washing and sanitizing (while very important!) isn’t doing our skin any favors. But if you want to show off that sparkler, you’re going to want to have soft, beautiful hands to do it with.

Dedicated to all you lucky ladies, here are some hand-model-approved tips for getting your hands prepped for that gorgeous engagement ring.


Stay hydrated inside and out

Now that you’re washing and sanitizing your hands more, your skin is prone to dehydration and possibly even cracking. That’s why hydration is essential for maintaining soft and smooth hands.

Hand model Lena Randolph strongly believes in the power of internal and external hydration.

“Making sure that I’m drinking lots of water during the day always improves the look and feel of my skin, and getting into the habit of a moisturizing routine at night is an easy way to make sure my hands stay hydrated,” she explains.

Coat your hands in a generous layer of Truly’s Pineapple Extreme Repair Hemp Hand Cream twice a day for baby soft paws. Meanwhile, drink up!


Stop washing your hands in hot water

It’s stripping them of moisture and ultimately, making them look dry and ugly. Best of it all, it’s not even necessary to wash your hands in hot water. According to Michael Joshua Hendrix, MD, of Washington University School of Medicine, any water will do as long as it’s clean.

Start washing your hands in lukewarm water instead, and always follow up with a nourishing moisturizer after every wash. Your hands and your hubby-to-be will thank you.


Take care of your cuticles, too

They’re craving some TLC. Many people overlook their cuticles, but they get dehydrated just like the rest of your skin.

Dermatologist Dana Stern, MD, explains:

“When that seal becomes dry and dehydrated, it breaks, allowing water and moisture to enter the nail unit. That can lead to painful bacterial infections, redness, and swelling.” Ouch!

Invest in a cuticle cream like Truly’s Pineapple All Purpose Skin Salve to keep them healthy and hydrated.


Go with a gentle sanitizer

Hand sanitizer may be saving lives, but it’s sucking all the moisture out of our skin. That’s because they contain a high alcohol content which is extremely drying to the nails and skin.

Thanks to the surge in hand sanitizers, we are seeing more skin-friendly options formulated with soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile to keep skin happy.

Truly’s Hand Sanitizer is one of those options. It’s formulated with 70% alcohol and aloe vera to keep your hands clean, bacteria-free, and hydrated all at the same time. So you can save lives – while saving your hands.


Wear sunscreen

Every time you plan on leaving your house, slather your hands in sunscreen with SPF 30. This will protect the skin from UV rays and other environmental aggressors like pollution. It will also prevent dark spots from appearing on the tops of your hands.

See, your hands are regularly exposed to sunlight when you’re outside, and this prolonged exposure leads to photoaging which manifests into wrinkles and brown spots. Stay safe and keep your hands beautiful. Wear sunscreen.


Indulge in a DIY manicure

Considering that you use your hands every day, we don’t always give them the attention they deserve. Instead, we focus more on our faces. But your hands need taking care of, too. Nobody knows that more than Randolph.

“I usually start with a warm water soak with a few drops of essential oils or Epsom salt,” she explains. “I really take my time pushing (never cutting) my cuticles back and working on filing a perfect shape. If I’m not in the mood for polish, I’ll finish up with a cuticle oil and a nice hand massage.” Sounds good to us!

It’s up to you whether you follow up with polish or keep them au natural. Either way, make sure they look great when your bae pops the big question.

If you love the idea of having stunning long nails on Valentine’s Day but have little confidence in your manicure abilities, ask a friend to come over the day before to help out. Or just get some press on false nails for a quick solution.


Wear an overnight hand mask the night before

Now that your hands are prepped for Valentine’s Day and possibly for a proposal, let’s finish things off with an overnight mask.

“The night before a shoot I generously slather my hands in lotions, as well as the all-important cuticle oil, and then slip my gooey hands into cotton overnight gloves,” says hand model Susan Schell. “This makes them retain the moisture all night, and you wake up with incredibly soft hands.”

And the best part is, it doesn’t need to be a hand lotion specifically. It can be any nourishing lotion. Look for ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil which seal in and retain moisture.


Keep your fingers ring-free

If he or she’s going to get down on one knee, you’re going to want to make sure your hands are ready for that sparkler – and only that sparkler. Other fancy rings would just spoil the moment and could cause confusion over which ring is the ring when showing your besties.

Instead, make sure your hands look good and ready to brandish that beautiful ring.


Not expecting a proposal?

No worries! You can still steal these useful, model-approved hand care tips. Taking good care of your hands will pay off now and in the future. Believe it or not, your hands are one of the first places to show age. So whether or not you’re waiting for a proposal, everyone can benefit from upping their hand care routine.

Spread the beauty wisdom, ladies! The future of beautiful, smooth, blemish-free paws is in your hands.



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