How to *Actually* Shave Down There

How to *Actually* Shave Down There

Are you usually a diehard waxer looking to take a jab at embracing the old-fashioned method of hair removal, aka, shaving?

While shaving might be one of the most popular hair removal methods, there is a wrong and a right way of doing it. Do it incorrectly and you could end up with a host of painful side effects. Think razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs!

One area that leaves most people baffled is the bikini line. Should you shave? Wax? Against or with the hair grain? Butter, cream, or gel? The questions go on…

Luckily, we’ve got the answers for you. So if you’re wondering how to properly shave down there, keep on reading.


  1. Gather Your Tools

You’ll need a body cleanser, a fresh blade, and Truly’s Silky Smooth Shave Set, which features a body scrub, shaving butter, and body lotion.

  1. Step in the Shower

Shaving – especially on your pubic area – should never be done on dry skin. It should be the last step in your shower routine as the warm water softens the skin and hair follicles, which makes it the ideal time for shaving. It also preps your skin by cleaning it, thus preventing infections.

Start by cleansing your skin using a gentle, hydrating body wash like Truly’s Moon Jelly Adaptogenic Body Cleanser.

  1. Exfoliate

To get a smooth, stubble-free bikini shave, the key is exfoliation. Use a washcloth or sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin on your bikini line and dislodge any early unwanted ingrown hairs.

This step is especially important if you’re prone to razor bumps and burn, as exfoliation helps dissolve dead skin cells which can accumulate on your razor and cause irritation. Avoid using harsh scrubs as these may irritate the skin more. Instead, choose a gentle sugar or salt-based scrub.

You can use Truly’s Moon Rocks Whipped Body Scrub from the Silky Smooth Set to prep your skin for shaving – it’s gentle, soothing, and smells amazing!

  1. Apply Your Shaving Butter

Beginning with damp skin (not soaking wet skin!), apply a shaving butter like Truly’s Coco Cloud Shaving Cream to the bikini area so that your razor can easily glide across your skin.

“In general, it’s best to use a sharp razor blade and shaving cream on all areas of your body to obtain the closest shave,” says New York dermatologist Elyse Love, M.D. “This is particularly important for sensitive skin, such as the underarms and bikini line, as these areas can develop irritation with shaving if proper care isn’t taken.”

  1. Start with a Fresh, Sharp Blade

One of the biggest mistakes people make when shaving is using the wrong razor. Starting with a clean, sharp razor is essential for achieving a flawless shave.

And remember to change it frequently too to ensure your blade is always performing its very best.

“The frequency of changing of the razor blade is determined by the frequency of shaving and the coarseness of the hair,” says dermatologist Dr. Nadia Kihiczak of Spring Street Dermatology in New York City. “Single blade razors can be disposed of after each use. Razors with multiple blades can be used a few times, though any tugging, rubbing or nicking of the skin by the blade are a sign it should be changed immediately.”

Old blades also carry bacteria, so switching it often is a good way to prevent infections. Because that’s the last thing you want *down there.*

  1. Perfect Your Shaving Technique

Starting with a clean, dry razor, shave in the direction of the hair growth to prevent redness, irritation, and ingrowns. How you shave can significantly affect how the end result looks and whether or not you experience irritation in the area.

Besides shaving in the right direction, make sure you only go over each area one time. Gliding over the same area more than once can maximize your risk of painful bumps and ingrown hairs.

Another important thing to remember: rinse your razor between shaves. If your razor’s full of hairs or shaving cream buildup, it won’t work as well. So rinse, shave, rinse, shave, and so forth.

  1. Cleanse, Rinse, and Dry

Once you’re done shaving, rinse away your shaving cream with warm water, step out of the shower, and pat the area dry with a clean towel.

  1. Moisturize

Complete your shave with a nourishing moisturizer like Truly’s Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter. Your skin will be dry after all the exfoliation, so it’s important to always follow up with a hydrating skincare product. A lightweight cream or butter is preferred to a body oil, according to the derms.

“[I don’t] love the idea of something very heavy, like oil, because you can occlude pores,” explains Gary Goldenberg, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. “But if you're shaving for the first time, I would prefer a lighter lotion or a cream just to make sure that you don't get pimples, essentially from occluding the follicles or the pores.”

  1. Slip into Some Comfy, Cotton Underwear

Avoid lace or nylon as these don’t give your skin chance to breathe and may rub against the freshly shaved skin, causing irritation.

Opt for soft cotton underwear instead to help your skin breathe, recover, and steer clear of ingrown hairs.

  1. Take Your Time

We know it may be a tedious task, but to prevent injuries or infection, we recommend giving yourself plenty of time for your shaving session. It doesn’t need to be an hour’s job, but it also shouldn’t be a 5 minute’s job. To get the best results and avoid painful side effects, devote at least 20 minutes to the task to enjoy a silky-smooth, bump-free bikini shave.


Now you know how to shave your bikini line like a pro, we wish you the best of luck in your shaving endeavours! Have fun with it! Think of it as your well-deserved self-care time. You deserve it.




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