How To Make Your Manicure Last

How To Make Your Manicure Last
by Truly Beauty
You know the feeling. You just got a manicure (or gave yourself one) and three days later, you notice your nail polish starting to chip and hangnails appearing out of nowhere. We’ve all been there – and trust us, we feel your frustration.

It’s really annoying when you’ve paid out money or spent time getting a manicure, only for it to look several weeks old after only a matter of days.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. To help you prolong your manicure by prepping and caring for your hands and nails properly. See, what you do before and after can have a huge impact on the longevity of your manicure.

Take a look at the tips below to see how you can extend the lifeline of your manicure and maintain beautiful hands for longer than 2-3 days.



Moisturize Your Cuticles

Before getting a manicure, make sure you prep your cuticles with a hydrating oil or cream. This will help lock in moisture and prevent them from drying out.

You can also do this after getting a manicure to ward off dry, peeling cuticles which look unpleasant and can often feel painful – especially when they become hangnails. Ugh!

One of the best oils to use on your cuticles is jojoba oil, as it easily absorbs into the skin for intense hydration. Plus, it offers repairing properties.

Try Truly’s Hemp Oil, which contains hemp, ginseng, and jojoba oil for maximum hydration.


Keep Your Hands Clean

Keeping your nails clean is essential, as it prevents bacteria from getting to the nail bed and causing infection.

We all know the importance of hand washing, so be sure to wash them as frequently as possible using a gentle, hydrating hand soap that won’t dry out the skin. And remember to always follow up with a nourishing hand lotion like Truly’s Pineapple Haze Extreme Repair Hand Cream. This’ll replenish moisture in your hands for day-long hydration.


Do a Nail Soak

If you’re prone to hangnails, prevent them by soaking your nails in a nourishing oil like coconut, avocado, or jojoba oil. This will help the cuticles soften and keep your nails from splitting, which means fewer chances of getting hangnails.

You can either use these oils in their pure forms or in Truly’s Vegan Collagen Serum instead.


Use the Right Tools

When you’re doing your manicure, make sure only to use specifically designed tools for the nails. The wrong instrument can damage your polish and lead to chipping or peeling off sooner than later. It may also damage your nails.

You should also be gentle with your nails and avoid doing things that can damage them.

“Sometimes people take the pointy end of a nail file and they dig underneath their nails to get the dirt out,” says dermatologist Susan C. Taylor. “You don’t want to do that, because it can separate the nail plate from the underlying bed, and then you can develop a bacterial fungal infection.”

Alternatively, just leave your manicure to the pros so they can do it for you correctly and safely.


Go Shorter

You can either do it yourself or ask your beautician to do it for you, but cutting your nails before a manicure can prolong its life by preventing breakage. This helps to keep them at an even length, which prevents any breakages or chips from using rough surfaces like sandpaper or concrete.


Use a Base Coat

To make nail polish last longer, apply a base coat. The base coat will go on the nail beds and act as a barrier between your nails. This will help to extend the life of your manicure. If you’re not using this already, it could be the reason for all those short-lived mani and pedi’s.

According to Dr. Heidi Waldorf of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, “They stick to the nail below and the polish above to prolong the manicure, and allow for enough flexibility to move with the nail as it bends.”

Without a base coat, your manicure will chip a lot faster.


And a Top Coat

Just like a base coat, you need a top coat to keep your polish looking fresh.

You can defend against chipping by applying a thin layer of topcoat after your nail polish. Invest in a good topcoat! A lot of people think that just doing the color is enough, but it isn’t!

Your manicure will last much longer if you make sure to seal your nails with that hardening layer before putting on nail polish or applying other treatments like cuticle oil. This way, no moisture can get near your colors, and they’ll stay put for as long as possible!


Moisturize Your Hands Every Night

Keep your nails and hands nourished by using a hand cream nightly. This will help prolong your manicure and keep your hands looking beautiful.

You can also apply cuticle oil to the skin around your nails before you go to bed so that it has time to absorb. The oils will be absorbed more deeply this way and heal any cracks or dryness your hands might have while helping make sure that moisture stays in between your nails. And don’t forget about using lotion on your hands and feet before you go to bed!

We recommend Truly’s Pineapple Haze Balm for hydrating your hands as you sleep. Apply a thick layer before going to bed, and if you’re worried about getting it all over your sheets, wear a pair of gloves over your hands to lock in the moisture – and the product.


With the right products and techniques before, during, and after a manicure, you can prolong its life significantly. Provided that you follow the tips above, you no longer have to expect your manicure to start deteriorating after a couple of days. With good care and preparation, your manicure can look as fresh as the day you got it for up to a couple of weeks or more.



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