Back to Basics: A Sensitive Skin Friendly Routine

Back to Basics: A Sensitive Skin Friendly Routine
by Truly Beauty

Does your skin get easily offended? You might have what is known in the skincare industry as sensitive skin. Sensitive skin gets easily irritated, usually from skincare products such as cleansers, toners, makeup removers, and even some serums. After using a product that does not *agree* with your skin, you may experience symptoms like redness, dryness, itching, and flaking. That's just your skin acting out like a rebellious teenager!

While sensitive skin can be difficult to manage, you can make things easier for yourself by adopting a focused skincare routine incorporating gentle, soothing products. 

Here's a sensitive skin friendly routine you might want to try.


A Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin Types

When you've got sensitive skin, things don't need to be complicated. All you need are the essentials: face wash, mist, moisturizer, and SPF. Here's a dermatologist-approved routine for sensitive skin.


#1: Wash Skin with a Gentle Cleanser 

Use a gentle sulfate-free face wash to remove makeup, oil buildup, and other impurities without compromising the skin barrier. Sulfates are very effective in removing impurities but they are often too powerful to use on most skin types, including sensitive skin. Choose a soothing, sulfate-free formula like Truly's Super Matcha Facial Cleanser.

Only cleanse your face once a day in the evening. Overwashing your face is an easy way to irritate and dry out the skin, so stick to cleansing only once a day.


#2: Spritz Skin with a Soothing Mist

Soothe, refresh, and hydrate your skin with a spritz of face mist. Mists are great for infusing nutrients and moisture into the skin for long-lasting hydration. Anyone with sensitive or dry skin will hugely benefit from incorporating mists into their routines. 

Look for a soothing formulation like Truly's Volcanic Rosewater All-Over Mist. This balancing spray reduces inflammation, lessens redness, and prompts a healthy skin barrier. Re-apply throughout the day whenever you feel dry. 


#3: Apply a Moisturizer Formulated for Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, look for moisturizers and lotions that replenish your skin’s moisture barrier and contain soothing skincare ingredients to calm your complexion. Hyaluronic acid, green tea, aloe, and chamomile are a few good picks. You will find hyaluronic acid and aloe in Truly's Cream Skin Face Moisturizer.

You can also try a facial serum if you like the texture better. Our fave for sensitive skin has got to be Glass Skin Facial Serum.



#4: Protect Skin With Sunscreen

Every skin type needs sun protection, but sensitive skin is particularly responsive to the sun's rays. That's why SPF 30 to 50 is a must if you want to protect your skin and prevent irritation. What's more, it can shield you from scary skin concerns like sun damage and skin cancer! 

Avoid using sunscreens made with chemical UV blockers which can cause redness, burning, and stinging when applied to the skin. Instead, opt for a mineral sunscreen formulated with physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your skin from pollution and UV rays. If you've got oily or combination skin, opt for an oil-free formula to prevent breakouts.


Sensitive Skincare Rules

Stay Away From Irritants

Some skincare products contain irritating additives that are completely unsuitable for sensitive skin, triggering prickling and redness. Always read product labels before buying new products to ensure they don't contain the skincare "nasties," such as: 

  • Sulfates

  • Fragrances

  • Colorants

  • Lanolin

  • Alcohol

Most products should say if they're sulfate-free or fragrance-free. However, it's always worth checking on the ingredients list just to be sure. 

You'll also want to steer clear of essential oils, which are known to be irritating to sensitive skin. Because they're so potent, they can leave the skin feeling tight, sore, and itchy.


Limit Exfoliation 

Exfoliating is essential for removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and prevent breakouts. Oily skin and acne-prone skin types are typically advised to exfoliate 2-3 times a week to keep blackheads, whiteheads, and excess oil at bay. However, those with sensitive skin may want to limit exfoliation to once a week to avoid undesired side effects.

You can choose between a gentle physical exfoliant like Truly's Matcha Scrub or a chemical exfoliant (made with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) like Truly's Blueberry Kush CBD Face Oil.


Avoid Overusing Active Ingredients

As great as the likes of retinol, niacinamide, vitamin C, and glycolic acid are for smoothing out fine lines, fading dark spots, and banishing blemishes, they can be quite overpowering for sensitive skin. 

If you're going to use a retinol or vitamin C serum, aim to use it on the days you don't use other actives. For instance, if you're using a salicylic acid -based cleanser one day to tame your acne, skip using it the next day and apply your active serum. But make sure you don't overapply actives or mix too many of them at once, as this would be a recipe for serious irritation.

And if you introduce something new like retinol into your routine, do it gradually to allow your skin to adjust -- and avoid causing it to freak out!


Use Non-Essential Products Sparingly

The secret to managing sensitive skin is streamlining your skincare routine. Keep things simple and straightforward. Your skin will thank you for it. 

Feel free to bring in additional products like face masks, antioxidant-infused night creams, and topical acne treatments, but do it sparingly. Sensitive skin needs simplicity in order to thrive. When you overburden it with too many ingredients, that's when skin concerns arise.


Sensitive skin can be a nightmare to deal with it at times. You never know when or what is going to leave you feeling red, dry, and sore. Unless you have a well mapped out skincare routine, that is. Be sure to follow our sensitive skin friendly skincare routine above (and try out the products for yourself!) to give your complexion the TLC it deserves. And try to always remain vigilant about irritants that can often be found in skincare products -- especially soaps, cleansers, and toners.



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