Do Acne Patches Really Work?

Do Acne Patches Really Work?
by Truly Beauty

It's time to find out! 

A quick fix for acne - does one really exist? It appears that acne patches may just be the quickest way to banish blemishes without undergoing expensive dermatologist treatments. No doubt, you've already seen them on social media. Some are infused with vitamin a and vitamin c, while others are formulated with salicylic acid, aloe, and hydrocolloid. Just like when looking for a skin-suitable cleanser or moisturizer, it's important to look for the product with the ingredient that works best for you. Think of it as an investment - in your skin and your self-esteem. 

More than 50 million people a year suffer with acne, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Living with acne might not be life-threatening, but multiple studies show the negative effect it has on self-esteem. So it’s no surprise that people want to find easy and inexpensive ways to treat breakouts in a pinch. The question is, how well do pimple patches actually work?



Pimple patches are made of hydrocolloid, a material used in wound healing bandages in hospitals. You'll also find it in those blister pads you get at drugstores. 

Basically, zit patches work by absorbing fluid from your lesion and turning the area of the bandage white. Hydrocolloid helps speed healing by keeping the underlying area moist, a crucial factor in wound-healing. 

In order to work, hydrocolloid patches require an open, oozing zit. But you can also use them if you have a habit of picking your pimples, as they serve as a helpful barrier to stop you from picking.

Any dermatologist will tell you NEVER to pick your pimples as it can cause scarring and infection. It really is a skincare sin. 

Essentially, hydrocolloid patches absorb excess fluids from your popped pimple while also protecting it from bacteria and gunk. So whenever you get your next blemish, slapping on an acne patch will help it heal and prevent future infections and scarring. It's a win-win for your skin!



Blemish patches won’t do anything for blackheads, cystic acne, or whiteheads. They also do nothing to prevent acne. The main function of these acne stickers is to trap draining fluid and promote healing of the pimple. 

While these spot treatments should be worked into your skincare routine, don't rely on them as your primary acne treatment. You will still require treatment involving active ingredients such as salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, or possibly niacinamide - depending on your skin type and the severity of your acne.

Still, it's worth keeping these spot patches within reach for when a pesky pimple raises its ugly head. The next time a zit pops up the night before a major event? An acne spot patch will be invaluable. 



Fortunately, they’re very low risk unless you’re allergic to one of the active ingredients. In this case, do not use them or find patches with ingredients that you're not allergic to. You may also notice slight irritation from the adhesive if you have super-sensitive skin. For your own legitimate interest, try wearing the patches for only a few hours at a time rather than overnight.



Acne patches come in various shapes and sizes ranging from small, transparent circles to glittery flowers. These sebum sucking stickers first became popular in the early part of this decade in Asia, around the same time the Korean beauty (K-beauty) craze took off in the United States. 

Nexcare was popular brand in South Korean beauty stores and drugstores first. Then cosrx acne pimple master patch came along, followed by Mighty Patch, peace out acne healing dots, and Killa Kit hydrocolloid bandages.  There's also Zitsticka, Hero Cosmetics, Peter Thomas Roth acne , Rael, Avarelle, Dr. Jart, Peach Slices microdarts, and Alba Botanica patches.

You can find all of these on Amazon and Sephora and they come in different sizes, depending on what you need. But Amazon isn't the only place you can buy acne patches. 

 Truly offers a range of cruelty-free acne patches that are natural, vegan, and ideal for sensitive skin.



#Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Treatment Acne Patches

Who said pimple spot treatments have to be dull? 

Truly's pink heart-shaped patches may seem way too cute to actually work, but their ability to summon sebum and gunk from deep within the skin is as serious as ever. 

Formulated with hydrocolloid, these clear invisible blemish dots treat + clear existing blemishes overnight. Thanks to their hydrocolloid dressing, they zap away zits fast!


Super Patches Heart

You probably never thought cute and acne would ever be used in the same sentence. Thanks to Truly's bright and glittery Super Heart Patches, it makes total sense. But they're not just here to look pretty. Packed with benzoyl peroxide and AHA's, this formula helps kill acne causing bacteria and banishes blemishes in as little as six hours.


Hemp Acne Patches

No doubt, you've already heard a lot about hemp and its skin-transforming effects. Well, everything you've heard is true. Hemp can help to balance out oily skin and regulate the skin's oil production, while acting as an anti-inflammatory to take away the redness of your pimple. 

Truly's Hemp Blemish Patches are made with salicylic acid and hemp. They are quite literally acne-fighting, anti-inflammatory heroes. They'll flatten pimples in a pinch. Just place one over your zit and leave it on as you sleep. In the morning, it'll practically be gone! 

Spread a generous amount all over the hands for a dose of ultimate hydration.


Super CBD Patches

This new and improved blemish patch formula makes getting a zit a whole lot chiller. Forget stressing out over that newly arisen pustule just before that first date. Provided that you've got several hours free in your schedule, Truly's Super CBD Patches can zap away that zit in no time.

Formulated with glycolic acid to banish your blemish, tea tree oil to calm inflammation, and hemp to balance out dryness, this super patch is just what you need to tackle your pesky pimple.


Our Stars Prevent Scars Acne Patches

It's not just puss and oil that pimple patches soak up. They also prevent scarring from occurring. Even when you don't pick your spots, scars can still arise. To prevent that from happening, cover your oozy zit with this active-ingredient-filled acne patch. 

Truly’s Our Star shaped blemish patches are flecked with tea tree oil, hydrocolloid, and glycolic acids. While hydrocolloid heals, tea tree oil calms and provides its anti-inflammatory powers to protect the blemish from irritation and prevent scarring.


Super Patches Star

Instead of pimples on your face, how about glittery gold stars instead?

Truly's Super Star Patches is the queen of acne patches. Made with a blend of retinol and salicylic acid, this super patch clears blemishes, while also preventing scarring and hyperpigmentation. 

Salicylic acid is the star of the show for purifying the skin and removing dirt and bacteria from your zit. Retinol, on the other hand, boosts collagen production and cell turnover and unclogs pores to deliver clear and glowing skin.



Start with freshly cleansed, dry skin. You don't want any oils or creams sitting on your skin, either, as these can disrupt the effectiveness of the acne patches.

Place the dot, tacky side down, onto the zit. Leave it on for at least six hours, or overnight. Remove the sticker and repeat until your blemish has disappeared. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to leave the patch on for less time - preferably no more than six hours. You can then gradually work your way up to wearing them overnight once your skin adjusts to the active ingredients inside of them. For best results, always apply an acne patch as soon as a pimple pops up. This will keep the area sanitized and prevent scarring. Plus, pickers won't be able to prod and pick - a major skincare sin.

Remember to always follow with a broad-spectrum SPF if you plan on going out for the day. This isn't necessary if you apply the patch in the evening to wear overnight.



No, they won't erase your un-popped pimple or cystic acne overnight. They also won't undo any scarring inflicted by your picking sessions. They will, however, treat your pimples, soothe irritation, calm inflammation, and speed up healing. Best of all, they're saviors for those days when a zit appears out of nowhere, leaving you questioning the next best step: toothpaste, zit cream, or acne patches? Definitely the latter!

Pimple patches are quick and convenient solutions for those last-minute zits. While we urge you to stick to your ordinary acne treatment if you have acne, it's worth keeping a pack or two of these stickers whenever urgent situations call for them.

They're a simple, yet inexpensive spot solution that can work wonders on your self-esteem. Because nobody wants that unicorn horn of a pimple stealing your thunder at a friend's birthday part of worst of all, yours.  


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