Facial Skincare Dupes For Your Body

Facial Skincare Dupes For Your Body
by Truly Beauty

You’ll often find that the tips and tricks that work on your face work equally as well on the rest of your body.

When we think of skincare, we tend to focus on the face. But there’s skin on the body, too, and that also needs TLC to stay looking smooth, young, and vibrant.

In this article, we’re going to share some awesome facial skincare hacks that also work for your body!


A Cool Rinse

There’s an Old Hollywood trick where you wash your face using ice water. It’s supposed to tighten your skin and minimize pores.

Luckily, you don’t have to go to that level of cold to reap the benefits of it – you will also notice a visible difference in your skin when you wash it in cool water. It’s an excellent way to refresh the skin, reduce puffiness, and soothe inflammation.


Celebrity facialist Candace Marino warns against washing your skin in hot water, as it “leaves your face feeling stripped.” She says it “can also weaken your skin barrier, lead to dehydration, and aggravate any inflammatory processes—like acne, rosacea, and melasma.”

The same applies to your body. Washing with cool water will prevent your skin from drying out – something hot showers are notorious for. If you’ve noticed a dry, itching sensation lately on your skin after showering or bathing, check your water temperature. That could be responsible.


Switch your Bedding

Keeping your pillows clean is a top beauty secret for flawless skin. Pillowcases cling on to dirt and oil from our faces, hair, and the environment, which can eventually lead to acne.

Try to swap out your pillowcase covering 1-2 times a week to reduce breakouts. Silk pillowcases are especially effective for keeping products from escaping from your skin. So whatever you put on at night, you can practically guarantee it will stay on when you sleep on silk. We recommend Truly’s Satin Sleep Set for a night of genuine beauty sleep. Plus, it can ward off wrinkles!

This beauty hack doubles up for the body. If you’ve been dealing with body breakouts, your dirty sheets could be to blame. Be sure to change them at least once a week to keep bacteria, oil, and grime as far away from your body as possible.


Apply Skincare to Damp Skin

Boost the absorption of your skincare products by applying them to damp skin. Either on your face or body – it works both ways.

“After washing with warm water, our skin is generally damp and our blood vessels are vasodilated,” says Smita Ramanadham, M.D., founder of Skin by Dr.Smita. “By applying our serums and other products at this time, we improve their absorption and efficacy.” 

It’s especially important when you’re using moisturizer, as water strips the skin of moisture. By slathering on a nourishing, lightweight lotion after showering, you’ll be able to replenish lost moisture and keep it locked in for the rest of the day.

Try Truly’s Blueberry Kush Bundle which features hydrating and illuminating face and body formulas.


Layer Products from Thinnest to Thickest

How you apply skincare products can greatly affect their performance. That goes for both the face and body. For starters, make sure you’re actually using your creams and serums in the right order to maximize their effects.

“We consider treatment steps to be anything between toning and moisturizing. Layering your serums and essences from thinnest to thickest helps the skin to absorb each layer most efficiently!” say Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the founders of Glow Recipe.

Layering your skincare products the right way will ensure each product and all its nutrients penetrate the skin for a smoother, brighter, beautiful result.


Treat Your Neck Like Your Face

“Here’s the sad news about the neck for those in their 20s,” says skincare expert Renee Rouleau. “While you have the wisdom of caring for your skin better than your mother did (due to more awareness and better products available now than ever before), with technology more so embraced by younger people, you are creating what is known as ‘tech neck.’ What’s that, you ask?

Tech neck is the result of hanging your neck at a 45-degree angle when looking at your cell phone. Repeating this habit continually can cause premature folds and wrinkles in the neck, which can only be treated with ultra-hydrating moisturizers.

People often treat the neck as an afterthought. But it needs just as much TLC as the face.

“This particularly applies with sunscreen, since the number one cause of premature skin aging is UV rays given off from the sun. The best way to apply sunscreen to this area is by doing a full second application exclusively to the neck. In addition to sunscreen, be sure to apply your serums and moisturizers in an upward motion to go against gravity.” says Rouleau.

Never overlook your neck again with Truly’s Face and Boobies Night Routine Bundle. Inside, you’ll find a chest/neck sleep mask, regular face mask, and chest polish to revitalize your skin and swipe away tech neck for good.



Face massages are really popular nowadays for their revitalizing effects.

Stimulating the face muscles with a massage transports oxygen to that area which is a great way to plump up the skin.

“More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion,” says aesthetician Julia Baba.

You can also use massage as a way to apply your skincare products at night. Not only will it relieve any tension in your face, it will also help the product absorb more easily into the skin, boosting its effects.

Massaging your body also offers similar benefits. Besides soothing knots and pains, a massage can improve your skin tone. That’s because it rids the body of toxins and enhances blood flow, leaving the skin looking more radiant.

And, just like with your face, make sure you spend a little extra time massaging in your body care products to maximize their effects. Plus, it’s a great chance for you to unwind and indulge in some self-pampering time.





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