How Chamomile Flower Extract Soothes the Skin

How Chamomile Flower Extract Soothes the Skin
by Truly Beauty

Relax, girl. Chamomile's got your back. 

Chamomile is one of the oldest traditional herbal medicines. It dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians in the B.C. era. Legend has it that Egyptians would use the crushed leaves of the chamomile plant for wound healing, skin irritations, and dry skin caused by the harsh desert climate.

Clearly, they were onto something. Nearly every soothing skin care product these days contains chamomile flower extract. But what exactly can chamomile extract do for the skin and how can you use it for the best possible effects?

Let's find out!



Chamomile (common names: matricaria recutita and matricaria chamomilla) is a plant in the compositae daisy family (Asteraceae). Native to Europe and Western Asia, this herb possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Whether you drink chamomile tea or apply matricaria recutita topically, it's an excellent ingredient to help you de-stress.

There are three different chamomile plants: Roman chamomile, Hungarian chamomile, and German chamomile. German chamomile is considered the more potent variety and the best one for herbal remedies. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try Roman chamomile (chamaemelum nobile). But in terms of skin care benefits, german chamomile is the one to choose.



For centuries, wild chamomile extract has been used to treat a range of health issues thanks to its high content of flavonoids, apigenins, coumarin, and bisabolol. These include fever, headaches, indigestion, allergic reactions, flatulence, anxiety disorders, skin irritations, hemorrhoids, colic, and menstrual disorders. 

Naturally, we all know that chamomile works as a natural sleep aid too. It's one of the reasons people frequently drink it is as a herbal tea. Chamomile tea calms.

What's more, chamomile flower extract serves as an effective mouthwash to keep your gums and teeth clean, and prevent irritation. 




According to research, chamomile can treat a number of mild skin irritations, including sunburn, sores, rashes and chronic skin conditions like eczema.

In fact, studies even show that topical application of chamomile extract can help in the treatment of eczema. As per one double-blind trial, results indicate that chamomilla recutita can significantly ease symptoms of eczema. 


Skin Aging

Another wonderful benefit of chamomile - its anti-aging effects. Chamomile oil contains α-bisabolol, a property shown to inhibit the production of new free radicals. Due to α-bisabolol’s high concentration in Chamomile liquid extract, it may be an effective treatment in preventing aging and also fighting against it. It's one of the reasons you'll often find chamomile extract in anti-aging lotions. 



Hyperpigmentation is essentially the darkening of the skin. It is usually caused by contact dermatitis, and acne and psoriasis. Thanks to its α-bisabolol content, chamomile can inhibit the melanogenesis. That's basically our body's production of melanin which causes hyperpigmentation of the skin. In other words, this makes the use of chamomile extremely effective in treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation.



Even the most natural products out there can cause redness of the skin. In traditional medicine, chamomile flower extract helps soothe and calm the skin, reducing any redness that may be present. It really is one of the simplest solutions for calming the skin and improving your overall complexion. 


Makes Your Moisturizer Work Twice As Hard

Not many skin care products do this, but matricaria recutita l extract does. Besides having its own benefits when applied topically, it's also a powerful penetration enhancer. In other words, it enhances the absorption of other products into the skin. Without a doubt, chamomile extract is excellent at making other skin care products work harder. Most likely due to its high content of chamazulene and α-bisabolol.



Chamomile essential oil is frequently used in aromatherapy for its calming effects and usually comes in a tincture. Much like lavender or marigold oil. Unlike chamomile oil extract, it is more potent and has a stronger smell. The extract is used more commonly within skin products while the essential oil is used more in aromatherapy to help anxiety disorders and relax the mind. 



Fortunately, chamomile flower extract is a natural product with few side effects. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is far more safer than other drugs for calming the mind and serving as a sleep aid. Numerous clinical trials prove its safety.

As far as skin care is concerned, chamomile extract is just as safe. Being the anti-inflammatory that it is, it should be suitable for all skin types - including sensitive skin.

If you do experience any unwanted side effects, refrain from using immediately. Alternatively, run it past your healthcare provider beforehand. Already have sensitivities? A health care professional can advise you on the best actions to take and whether chamomile extract is a suitable choice. 



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