How Summer’s Humidity Can be Affecting Your Skin

How Summer’s Humidity Can be Affecting Your Skin
by Truly Beauty

Summertime welcomes bikinis, beach days, poolside cocktails...and...unfortunately, some seriously high humidity. And with high humidity levels comes some major skin changes.

You know the feeling. You walk outside and just minutes later, you're feeling this sweaty, sticky sensation on your face. The next day, you find a cluster of breakouts on your cheek or forehead.

That's the hot weather giving you skin problems, or more specifically the humid weather messing up your complexion.

It turns out, humidity affects your skin in multiple ways. Let us show you how - and give you the formula for fixing it.



Oilier Skin

Sunshine rays kissing your skin during the summer's the best feeling in the world, isn't it?

Ya know what's not so great? The shiny T-zone that accompanies it.

Yep, humidity leaves your skin feeling constantly clammy and oily. That's because it sends your sweat ducts into overdrive, causing your skin to produce excess oil. 

According to Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute, "The combination of both heat and humidity can be the trigger that causes a slight elevation in the skins oil flow."


More Breakouts

Noticing acne breakouts this summer? You can probably blame the humid climate.

"Humidity envelops skin in a blanket of heat and moisture, which leads to pores expanding wide, an increase in oil production, and a smothering of the skin," explains Audrey Kunin, MD, board-certified dermatologist. "This can lead to congestion or even an outbreak of blemishes."

On a positive note, humidity keeps your skin hydrated longer. But it can also sweat and clog more. That's why you end up feeling greasy and experiencing breakouts.


Heat Rash

Those itchy red bumps all over your body may very well be heat rash.

Just like acne, excessive sweating can lead to the development of heat rashes. They occur when your sweat ducts close due to more perspiration than normal.


Dry Skin

Surprisingly, dryness can also occur during the summer months. 

"If you're exposed to dry heat not coupled with humidity it can make the skin feel and look like a piece of parchment paper," says Hobson. "The plumpness and dewiness disappears and the fine, dehydrated lines appear much more prominent."

However, if it's more of a humid heat, drier skin will love the moisture in the air. Even certain chronic skin conditions can benefit from high humidity due to the elevated hydration. 



Tweak Your Skincare Routine

Taking proper care of your skin and using the right skincare products can make all the difference in the high humidity.

Start by using a hydrating cleanser followed by an exfoliating AHA/BHA toner, like Truly's CBD Jelly Toning Solution to slough away dead skin cells, unclog pores, and remove excess sebum. You'll want to look for ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid which dissolve dead skin and promote a clearer, brighter complexion.

Avoid using heavy moisturizers as these can clog your pores and trigger more skin issues - especially if you already have acne-prone skin.

Use a lightweight facial oil or serum like Truly's Blueberry Kush CBD Facial Oil to hydrate the skin without relying on heavy lotions.


Remove Your Sunscreen Properly

If you're getting more breakouts this summer and you're already following a good skincare routine, it could be your sunscreen that's to blame.

While wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is essential to protect your skin from UV rays, it can be heavy on the skin and cause blemishes.

To prevent it, make sure you remove your sunscreen thoroughly off your skin each night before going to bed.


Indulge in an Exfoliating Weekly Face Mask

Opt for weekly facials to keep your pores clean, unclogged, and free of oil, sweat, and dirt. 

To optimize summer skin health, use a gentle exfoliating mask to dissolve dead skin cells, remove excess oil, and prep the skin for the next products to come (for maximum penetration!).

Truly's Mary Jane Glow Mask is a great option for exfoliating away blemishes and fine lines while reducing redness and inflammation, and tightening and brightening the skin. It also replenishes essential hydration in the skin. Best of all, it's perfect for all skin types.


Shower After Sweating

Sweat introduces more dirt that may clog your pores, leading to increased breakouts. To remedy this, hop in the shower after strenuous activity or when you've spent a long time in the summer and feel extra sweaty. This way, you can keep your skin clean and your pores decongested.

If you're noticing the high humidity is causing body breakouts, try washing your body with an acne-formulated body wash like Truly's CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Body Cleanser.


Keep Your Hands Off

In humid climates you already have sweat on your face. Avoid adding more natural oils from your hands by keeping them away from your face. No touching, no picking, no prodding! Your hands are also brimming with bacteria. You can prevent further blemishes from occurring my keeping your paws off.


Switch on the Air Conditioning 

Need a little time out from the summer heat? Turn on your air conditioning and give your skin the break it needs to breathe and recover. 

If you're particularly sensitive to the high humidity levels, it's worth trying to stay out of the sun a little more. This way, you're less likely to end up with oily skin, breakouts, and heat rash.


Should You See a Dermatologist?

If you have a chronic skin condition, like eczema, rosacea, acne, or psoriasis that makes finding effective summer skincare products difficult, visit a dermatology professional for advice.

If you’re experiencing an increase in acne on your face or other parts of your body you may need a prescription grade topical acne product. 

Visit your dermatologist if you notice your condition worsening or flareups becoming more common. 


So if you've noticed your skin acting out this summer, be sure to try our skincare tips for controlling the summer heat. Your complexion will thank you!




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