Microneedling at Home? What You Need to Know

Microneedling at Home? What You Need to Know
by Truly Beauty

All for the sake of clear, beautiful skin, we are willing to do all sorts of bizarre things - including puncturing the face with tiny needs aka microneedling. 

It sounds crazy, but it's nowhere near as bad as it sounds. Microneedling is a safe and relatively pain free skin care procedure that can fix all kinds of skin concerns, from acne scars to fine lines. 

If you don't have the budget for an in-office microneedling session, try diy-ing the procedure instead. Intimidating it may sound, but armed with the right device and a little expertise, microneedling at home can be a cost-effective route to a glowing complexion. 


Microneedling is the process of piercing the skin with tiny needles to create tiny holes that stimulate collagen production and boost the skin's natural healing process. To perform the procedure, a device that resembles a paint roller covered in spikes is rolled across the skin. The needles penetrate the skin to boost collagen and elastin and regenerate skin cells.

Following a microneedling treatment, a serum containing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c or other skincare products may be applied to the skin. Rolling enhances a products' absorption, so it's definitely beneficial to add nutrient-rich skincare products to the face, in order to get the most out of them. 

Avoid applying retinol or alpha hydroxy acids on days you roll, as these could cause irritation. 


The prime difference between a dermatologist performing the procedure and you doing it is the microneedling tool used. In-office, they use an electric or battery-operated device that looks like a conventional roller or pen. Home microneedling, on the other hand, is performed with manual derma rollers. 

The microneedle tool used at your dermatologist's office uses longer needles that penetrate the skin deeper, helping to treat acne, wrinkles, rosacea and deep scars. The derma roller still punctures the skin, but not deep enough to treat wrinkles and deep scars. 

At-home dermarolling will still improve the texture of the skin, but the results won't be as drastic. It nevertheless offers a slew of skin care benefits worth taking advantage of. 


It Exfoliates Your Skin

Exfoliation keeps your skin smooth, healthy and glowing. So if you regularly suffer from dull skin, microneedling offers great brightening effects. By sloughing away dead skin cells and promoting skin cell turnover, your complexion will look positively radiant. No more dull, depressing skin.


It Helps Your Skin Absorb Active Ingredients Better

By 90%! Yep, that means those skin care products you spent a fortune on can finally go to good use. With such a high absorption rate, your skin post-microneedling will suck in all those active ingredients and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. Whether you're trying to fade fine lines or prevent new ones from occurring, a high quality serum, moisturizer or cleanser will work best after a microneedling session. There's no better time to apply them than after you've used your microneedler. 


It Minimizes Fine Lines, Acne Scars, Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation 

Although some people criticize the at-home treatment route, deeming it less effective than in-office, that's no reason at all to neglect it altogether. Microneedling at home can really transform your skin. While it won't cure major skin imperfections like deep wrinkles or deep scars, it can still make a difference, helping to reduce fine lines, acne scars, age spots and hyperpigmentation. And because it boosts the production of collagen, regular microneedling will also firm up your skin. In a short period of time, your complexion will look like it stepped into a time machine and rolled back 10 years.


It Won't Take Long to See Results

Nobody likes waiting. Luckily, you won't have to wait too long to see improvements with regular home microneedling treatments. For optimal results, roll 3-4 times per week. Within 4-6 weeks, you will notice a huge improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin. Less noticeable lines, faded scars, a more even skin tone. 


It's Much Cheaper

The average cost of a microneedling procedure is around $1000 - and that's just for one treatment. You will need at least 4 sessions to notice a difference. Fortunately, you can buy a derma roller at a fraction of the cost and the best part is, you can use the tool repeatedly. For most people, it's a much more viable way of trying the treatment and enjoying the benefits from it. 


It's Perfectly Safe

It might sound scary, what with the needles and all, but it really isn't. Microneedling at home is completely safe and suitable for all skin types, unless you have rosacea, active acne or extremely sensitive skin. It's a good idea to let your skin adapt to the treatment, by starting with only 1-2 sessions per week, then increasing that number gradually. You don't want to upset your skin now, do you?


Before you go out and buy a derma roller, we suggest consulting your dermatologist so they can give you a recommendation. Depending on your skin type, you'll probably need a specific needle length, so it's always best to get an experts opinion on that. Never go over .3mm - start small and increase it as you gain more practice. Starting with too large needles could lead to unpleasant consequences for your skin. 

While all skin types can benefit from home microneedling, avoid doing it if you have active acne, rosacea or sensitive skin, as this treatment may worsen your symptoms. 

Once you've got all your gear: 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, a cleanser, a serum and your derma roller, you can get started.

Begin by disinfecting your derma roller using the isopropyl alcohol. Let it soak for 5 minutes before using. Then prep your skin, by thoroughly cleansing and applying a nourishing serum. Now you're ready to roll!

Using gentle pressure, roll the microneedling device over your skin 2 times vertically, 2 times horizontally and 2 times diagonally. Apply a second later of serum, wait a couple of minutes, then apply a nourishing moisturizer.

Then sanitize your roller.


The benefits are clear, yet you're still confused as to whether investing in a derma roller is worth your money. Well, it's completely down to you. Microneedling as a whole should be tested. Whether you prefer to go the at-home route or in-office route is your choice, but if you're looking for an affordable avenue to radiant skin, it's worth considering microneedling at home. 



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