Natural Lip Plumpers vs Lip Fillers

Natural Lip Plumpers vs Lip Fillers
by Truly Beauty

As enchanting as lip fillers are in transforming your pout into plump perfection, there’s nothing magical about going under the needle.

That’s where natural lip plumpers come in.

Non-invasive and more affordable than lip injections, natural lip plumpers deliver luscious lips without the undesirable side effects of fillers (think swollen, peeling, less than pretty pout). Voluminous lips are achievable with a four-step lip kit delivered by Truly Beauty. Best of all, it’s 100% pain-free! And the only side effect is … gorgeous lips.



To create a plump, juicy pout, start by using Truly’s Sexy Soft Lip Scrub. Lip scrubs stimulate blood circulation, generating a plumping effect in the pout while giving it a dash of color. This scrub also smooths and preps the lips for ultimate serum absorption – the next step in the lip-plumping process. Formulated with nourishing neem seed oil and hyaluronic acid, this scrub gently exfoliates flaky lips, while hydrating and protecting them from cracking or chapping. And the outcome? The greatest lips of all time. No, really.



Truly’s Gloat Lip Plumping Serum treats dry, depleted lips and emphasizes your pout and countours through its potent plumping effects. Thanks to its high content of coconut and hyaluronic acid – two hydrating powerhouses – you can look forward to the smoothest, softest, plumpest lips. And a little bonus … the results last all day long. In other words, 24/7 kissable lips. You see, keeping the lips constantly moisturized is a key step in lip plumping. Always keep a tube in your handbag to top up that glow.



Give your lips the TLC they deserve with Big Juicy Lip Oil. With a blend of oils and hyaluronic acid, lips get the injection-less hydration and volume they need to look naturally juicy. Truly’s Gloat formula simply melts onto lips, creating an ideal priming base for lipstick. And that sweet, coconut-y scent … Caribbean vibes!



And the final step of your lip plumping journey – Luscious Lip Butter. Infused with hydrating oils and hyaluronic acid, this purse-friendly lip butter softens and locks in moisture throughout the day. It’s also enriched with plumping ingredients like peppermint, shea butter, and jojoba oil so that you’ll be left with pillowy, plump lips after every use. It’s an everyday necessity to keep your lips happy and healthy.


Done right, lip fillers can look fantastic. Still, there are some downsides to lip injections that you may want to consider before heading to your aesthetician’s office. For instance, did you know that repeatedly injecting filler to enlarge lips may lead to skin sagging and deflation once the filler degrades? Then there’s the possibility of prolonged swelling or bruising, infection, and potential scarring. You really have to decide, is it worth the risks?

Start with natural lip plumping for a cheaper, less invasive alternative. Truly’s 4-step lip plumping process is the best place to start.

Get yours here.


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