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She's Fall Of It: Your New Favorite Fall Skincare Routine

She's Fall Of It: Your New Favorite Fall Skincare Routine

Out with the sun-drenched afternoons, melting ice-creams, and poolside chill sessions, and in with the crispy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and ugh, the onslaught of dry, cracked skin.

Now that fall has arrived, your skincare routine should focus on exfoliation and hydration. Since dryness, blotchiness, and irritation are fall’s biggest skin concerns, your main priority should be nourishing your skin — from head to toe.

Surprise! Our brand new fall bundle — aka, She’s Fall Of it — just dropped on shelves. Destined to be your new favorite fall skincare routine, here’s everything you should know about this skin-transforming bundle. Did we mention it comes with 2 adorable FREEBIES?



A carefully curated skincare set made with your skin’s seasonal needs in mind — and with all skin types considered. Here’s what’s included in the bundle.


1: Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub

Our long-loved, bestselling Smooth Shave Scrub, $25 designed to buff away razor-clogging dead skin cells for an effortless razor glide without ingrowns and razor burn.


2. Black Jelly Blemish Body Treatment

A blemish-busting formula for those pesky pimples popping up on your chest, back, and butt. Besides combatting active breakouts, Black Jelly Blemish Treatment, $28, prevents future blemish formation while fading acne scars and discoloration.


3. Cooka Oil

Our TikTok-famous bikini line oil — cherished for its ability to brighten, soothe, and hydrate the bikini area. Bare or bushy? Our super-soothing Cooka Oil, $38, keeps things clean, smooth, and ingrown-free down there.


4. Vegan Collagen Booster Face Mask

Everyone’s favorite anti-aging mask returns. Powered by a trio of prolific anti-agers — retinol, vitamin C, and plant collagen booster — Vegan Collagen Booster Mask, $30, restores your most youthful, radiant complexion. It also offers brightening and skin barrier bolstering benefits to keep skin strong throughout the cooler months.


5. Dulce De Leches Polish

A dessert-inspired body polish for firming the chest and stomach while softening fine lines and stretch marks. Dulce De Leches Polish, $28, also deeply hydrates dry skin for your silkiest assets.


6. FREE Gold Scoop

Scoop up your swirls in style — without transferring germs.


7. FREE Orange Signature Vanity Case

Exclusive to the bundle, keep all your fall skincare products in one place with this adorable vanity case worth $99.



With the drier air, indoor heating, and all those steamy hot showers, skin needs a little extra TLC in the autumn months. From your daily cleanser to your lotions and serums, your skincare regimen should be gentler, richer, and far more nourishing than your summer routine. Here’s why this bundle is your holy grail for dewy fall skin.


Delivers a Dreamy Smooth Shave

Enriched with coconut oil, vitamin E, and lavender, Smooth Shave Scrub preps skin for an easy, irritation-free shave that feels silky smooth to the touch.

Firms Up Sagging Skin

Retinol and plant collagen booster present in Dulce de Leches Polish + Vegan Collagen Mask support natural collagen production, restore elasticity, and spur cellular turnover for visibly smoother, tauter skin. These products can be used year-round for restoring skin’s youth.

Combats Fine Lines + Wrinkles

The formulas in She’s Fall Of It contain powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and anti-aging retinoids to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, both on the face and body. They can also aid in treating sun damage for healthier, glowier skin.

Banishes Breakouts

Black Jelly Blemish Body Treatment harnesses the oil-sapping, acne-fighting powers of black charcoal and tea tree to erase body breakouts. It also contains aloe, jojoba oil, and witch hazel to hydrate and heal for less noticeable scarring and discoloration.

Fights Ingrown Hairs

Thanks to antimicrobials like tea tree and lavender, Cooka Oil prevents ingrowns from forming while speeding up the healing of nicks, burns, and bumps. It also softens the area and provides quick relief from redness and irritation.



To keep your skin happy throughout the colder months, try making these products part of your regular routine. Here’s how to use them to get the most out of each product.

Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub: In the shower or bath, massage a palmful of polish into wet skin, then rinse. 

Black Jelly Blemish Body Treatment: Apply 4-5 drops to clean, dry skin. Focus on blemish-prone areas and let it absorb fully before applying any other products.

Cooka Oil: Dab a few drops onto freshly shaved skin or ingrowns for quick relief. 

Vegan Collagen Booster Face Mask: Apply a thin layer to your face and neck. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, or overnight, then rinse. Refrigerate before use for a cooling, de-puffing effect.

Dulce De Leches Polish: In the shower, mix a scoop of polish with a little water to create a nice lather, then massage into your chest and stomach. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen! According to dermatologists, you should be wearing SPF 30 or higher all year round to protect skin against UV rays. Even in cold weather, it’s still imperative.


Subscribe to this Fall Skincare Kit, Save 10%

When the seasons change, so do your skin’s needs. This time of year, when the weather grows colder, you’ll need a gentle cleanser, thicker moisturizer, richer body lotion, and far more nourishing products to keep your skin happy.

Subscribe to She’s Fall Of It and get all your fall-friendly skin essentials delivered straight to your door each month. For the first bundle and every recurring order, you can enjoy 10% off!


In the fall, your skin needs a little more love and nurturing. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, ceramides, glycolic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, and plant collagen booster to hydrate, soothe, and brighten skin. Whether you’ve got dry, oily, or sensitive skin, everyone can benefit from this bundle.




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