Skincare Shortcuts for PPL with No Time

Skincare Shortcuts for PPL with No Time
by Truly Beauty

Most of us long for glowing, radiant skin. The kind of complexion that looks pretty even in the most unforgiving bathroom light. But not all of us are willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. 

Those 12-step Korean beauty routines you hear about online? If you can barely make it to three steps, how could you possibly ever reach another nine?

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

The idea that more products and more steps equal better skin is inaccurate. It’s actually pretty unhealthy too, because it feels like anything less won’t do.

The thing about skin is, it doesn’t need a dozen fancy creams and serums to make it glow. It’s waaay humbler than you think. 

Take a look through the skincare shortcuts below and you’ll see for yourself.



Breakouts occur when your pores get clogged with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. While we do recommend following an acne-focused skincare routine to keep your complexion blemish-free, there are quick fixes for breakouts to save you some time.


Stick on an Acne Patch

Treat your zits with salicylic acid-formulated acne patches. 

“Salicylic acid is also very potent when it comes to getting rid of blackheads — it helps by removing dead cells and excess oil from the surface of the skin,” says skincare expert Dr. Joshua Zeichner.

Acne patches are really quick and convenient for getting rid of pimples. Not only do they heal the zit with acne-fighting ingredients, they also prevent it from getting worse and speed up healing.

Try Truly’s Hemp Blemish Patches. They’re formulated with salicylic acid, hemp, and hydrocolloid to drain fluid, prevent further infection, and reduce inflammation. 



“Puffiness is often caused by poor lymphatic circulation or dietary factorslike high sodium—which draws water into your skin’s tissue,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC. Here’s how you can swiftly dispel them.


Sleep on Two Pillows (and Make them Satin!)

It’s the quickest way to wake up with puff-free eyes. 

According to Zeichner, “When you elevate your head, gravity drains the fluid under your eyes, which helps with next-day puffiness.”

And make sure your top pillow is silk or satin. These fabrics create less friction between your skin and the pillow, reducing your chances of developing creases. Plus, they prevent moisture loss. 

Treat yourself to Truly’s Satin Sleep Set, featuring a satin pillowcase, eye mask, scrunchie, and headband to keep your complexion crease-free.


Dab on an Anti-Puff Eye Cream

Avoid putting rich, heavy creams over the under-eye area. Instead, opt for lightweight formulas with high-performing ingredients that hydrate and de-puff.

Truly’s Eye Candy Anti-Puff Cream contains a blend of hyaluronic acid and sea kelp to moisturize, reduce inflammation, reduce puffiness, and revive eyes. Simply dab on a little every day before you hit the sheets and you’re all set!



Winkles are a natural part of aging. There’s nothing wrong with them, but there are ways to make them less visible and prevent them from happening in the first place. 


Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen won’t directly treat wrinkles, but it will prevent them. Try applying an SPF 30 every day, whether or not you leave the house, to protect your skin from external aggressors like the sun, pollution, and blue light. 

For an anti-aging boost, look for a sunscreen that contains vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that treats fine lines and wrinkles.


Layer on Anti-Aging Ingredients

“There are two categories of products out there: ones that actually treat and prevent wrinkles, and others that just minimize their appearance,” says board-certified dermatologist Erum Ilyas, M.D.

Legit anti-aging ingredients like retinol and collagen treat wrinkles, whereas others simply hydrate or temporarily make creases less noticeable. 

Every evening before you go to bed, apply a thin layer of Truly’s Vegan Collagen Facial Serum to your skin. It’s made with potent anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, plant-based collagen, and vitamin C to resurface, tighten, and plump your complexion. 



Everything from dryness to inadequate exfoliation could be stealing your glow. Even lack of blood circulation could be to blame.


Do 50 Jumping Jacks

A lack of blood flow means that less nutrients and oxygen are being brought to the skin cells and in turn eliminating the glow,” says celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau.

To get your glow back, try doing 50 jumping jacks or running on the spot for a couple of minutes. Extra blood to your cheeks = extra glow.

“You’re dilating blood vessels and stimulating oil glands, which will make skin glow for an hour or so,” says Ava Shamban, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA. 


Get a Glycolic Boost

Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliator which can remove top layers of the skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Comprised of small molecules, it can penetrate the skin deeply and easily, delivering glowing skin swiftly.

Get glowing in minutes with Truly’s Mary Jane Glow Mask. Crafted with a tightening and brightening blend of vitamin A, caffeine, and glycolic acid, you only need to leave it on for 10 minutes before seeing results. Hello, glow!



Hydration is an essential part of skincare. Here’s how to keep your skin moisturized when you’re pressed for time.


Use a Facial Moisturizer

Whenever your skin’s feeling parched, apply a lightweight, nourishing moisturizer to lock in water and give your skin a moisture boost. 

Choose Truly’s Cream Skin Face Moisturizer, which is loaded with hyaluronic acid and sea kelp to seal in moisture and keep your skin looking dewy.


Use a Hydrating Cleanser

Certain cleansers can be really drying on the skin, making you constantly reach for lotion. Opt for a hydrating one instead to cut down your moisturizing time. 

Truly’s Super Matcha Facial Cleanser for an invigorating wash without stripping your skin of its natural oils. 


Skincare really shouldn’t be complicated. With a bit of know-how and the right products, you can quickly fix skincare complaints without enduring a long, drawn-out 12-step routine.




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