The Best and Worst Jobs For Your Skin

The Best and Worst Jobs For Your Skin
by Truly Beauty

To break the bad news: your job might be aging you.

According to a new study conducted by the British cosmetics brand, Beauty Pie, your professional life definitely can affect your skin. Whether or not that affect is positive depends entirely on the field itself.

In order to find out the best and worst professions for your skin, Beauty Pie specialists interviewed 3,000 people working in 15 different industries and determined 18 of the most common skin stressors. Some of these include lack of sleep, working in front of a computer screen, wearing a mask, high stress levels, spending long hours on the phone, and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Researchers created a “skin stress score” to score occupations out of 100 in relation to how many challenges each presents to skin. The higher the score, the more skin-unfriendly a job is.

To find out whether or not you’re in the right career role for your skin, here’s a list of the best and worst jobs for your skin.



The study shows that these are the most skin-friendly fields and occupations.


Sports and Leisure Professionals

The findings show that people working in the sports and leisure industry have the lowest skin stress score. That includes everyone from yoga teachers to sports professionals and coaches.

As the study explains, individuals working in this industry rarely worked late, experienced high stress levels, or ate unhealthy food during the workday. It’s also likely that they drink plenty of water, which is another key element to maintaining the health of your skin.

What You Need: Invest in a high-quality broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin from sun damage, and a vitamin C serum to brighten skin tone and help to reduce the signs of premature aging.



Occupations in the education sector received a score of 38. From what the research tells us, teaching professionals spend little time on the phone, tend to eat healthily, and are unlikely to experience extreme weathers and temperatures. Since they’re indoors a lot, they’re also not so frequently exposed to skin-harming UV rays, which are known for causing premature aging.

What You Need: Hydrating skincare products to counteract the drying effects of the AC. Truly’s Dry Skin Kit is a great daily skincare routine for people working in the education profession.



With a score of 41, lawyers are also pretty lucky as far as their skin’s concerned. According to the study, lawyers generally work in an environment that’s unlikely to be air-conditioned — meaning they don’t experience extreme temperatures. They’re also more likely to eat healthily. On the flip side, the legal work environment tends to be a stressful one. Add in the excess time on screens, and you can see why lawyers didn’t get to number one on the list.

What You Need: Add a supercharged exfoliator into your routine to wake up your skin and diminish dullness. Try Truly’s Glow Up Kit for restoring your skin’s natural radiance — and finally alleviating those dark circles you’ve been dealing with for months.


Healthcare Workers

Unsurprisingly, nurses and doctors should have some of the best skin in the business. With a score of 42 out of 100, they’re certainly not the highest but it’s still a pretty good score.

While they earned points for eating healthy, the healthcare profession lost points due to three factors: long days, fatigue, and skipping lunch breaks.

What You Need: Re-energize your skin with a gentle face scrub like Truly’s Matcha Scrub. It’ll help restore your glow, uplift your skin, and soothe any inflammation caused by stress or lack of sleep.



The study shows that these are the most skin-unfriendly fields and occupations.


Office Workers

Between the long hours in front of a screen, late nights, and time spent on the phone, office workers are vulnerable to premature skin aging.

What You Need: An antioxidant-rich skin treatment to fend off free radicals and shield the damaging effects of blue light — the light emitted from digital devices that’s been proven to contribute to aging. Try Truly’s Blueberry Kush CBD Face Oil for keeping skin smooth, bright, and protected from photoaging.


Construction Workers

Construction-industry professionals came second to last with a score of 70. To quote the specialists, individuals working in this field are “likely to experience itchiness and irritation as a result of their exposure to extreme weathers.” They’re also much more at risk of skin cancer due to excessive exposure to UV rays — unless they’re wearing sunscreen daily, that is! In addition, construction workers wear masks which can lead to breakouts and irritation.

What You Need: A daily moisturizer and SPF to keep skin hydrated and protected from the sun’s UV rays. Don’t forget the rest of your body, too. If you work outside, there might be more than your face and neck on display. Reach for Truly’s Hydration Station Body Kit.


Science and Pharmaceutical Professionals

The science and pharmaceuticals industry came in last place with a score of 74. According to researchers, the top stressing factors of this professional include working late, working around the aircon, and being outside in extreme temperatures, all of which can lead to premature skin aging.

What You Need: Since you’re around extreme temperatures and air conditioning, quench your thirsty skin with a hyaluronic acid-based formula. One of our favorites is Truly’s Cream Skin Face Moisturizer. It smooths, softens, and seals in long-lasting moisture.


Whether you’re a broadcaster, taxi driver, flight attendant, or social media star, every job comes with its own set of skin challenges. If you can’t or don’t want to switch careers, all you need to do is pay extra attention to those problem points, and take extra care to prevent those factors from prematurely aging your skin! A solid skincare routine with a few good products can go far!




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