The Truly House of Beauty: Episode 1

The Truly House of Beauty: Episode 1
by Truly Beauty

Hello all you skincare freaks, join the fantasy and take a tour of the Truly House of Beauty. 

The Truly House of Beauty is an inclusive space, a space for all. Tucked away in the sunny hills of Los Angeles lies a fabulous pink palace. A grand mansion--three baby-pink brick towers shoot up into the sky, branching out of a three-story foundation, creating an elegant shadow that dances across the entire neighborhood. It’s surrounded by a 12ft tall golden fence--why yes, it’s a real 24K gold fence. The gold glistens against the pink colors of the palace, creating a tantalizing juxtaposition for the eyes. A long driveway is littered with zen gardens that feature juicy watermelons, plump acai berries, and an array of cannabis plants. There are fountains that pour alkaline water and swans and ducks and other natural beauties bathe in glistening ponds. A grand archway features a massive golden door with a cannabis leaf on the front. Pink and gold are everywhere--the house looks like a giant cake dropped in the Hollywood Hills. Palm trees hug the property, creating a tropical-pink paradise. There is a smell in the air...a smell like pink sugar or fruity paradises. What is the purpose of this palace, you ask? Well it holds the Truly Beauty Babes--an elite team of vivacious individuals that embody the thing we all love...Truly products. 

On this week’s episode, we will discuss how The Truly House of Beauty is a house of love. Grab your chocolates and roses, and dip into this tale of discovery and product-based romanticism. It all started on a chilly California night, when Chantel Jeffries was en route to a Valentine’s Day Ball. Chantel is a LA-socialite, known for spinning the decks at nightclubs and her showstopping kissers. This babe has the pout that drops the house down. She was feverishly driving from her home in the Hollywood Hills, gown and all, when one of the most terrible things that could ever possibly occur when you’re driving through these winding streets: her tire popped. Her car ran quickly off the road, crashing into some dusty brush. “Oh NO” says a stressed Chantel, as she scrambles to call roadside assistance. Naturally, there was no service. It IS the Hollywood Hills and cell service isn’t really a thing up there. Crying, lost, and desperate, Chantel searches for any beacons of light. It’s dark, there isn’t help in sight. She starts to trek up the nearest hill, her stilettos sinking into the dirt as she looks for relief. It seems like she’s climbing up the steepness for eons, until she spots something glittering under the moonlight. As she gets closer, she notices something so large and so grand in the distance--she’s never seen it before. “What is that place?” she thinks as she feels her heels have met concrete. Or is it marble? It’s clearly a driveway, which brings her peace. It’s a path to someone’s house, maybe they will have a phone or can drive her to the ball. She walks and is met with a golden gate--the gold is so bright that it illuminates in the night. As she approaches the gate, the doors swing open and her jaw drops.

The moonlight shows the gigantic mansion. Towers shooting up in the sky, gardens littered with watermelons and fruits. You can smell the air--it’s sweet and welcoming. She swiftly jogs towards the door, praying that someone is home. As she approaches the majestic door, she is hesitant to knock. She’s never seen a place like this, it’s a bit intimidating. Before her hand knocks on the door, it opens. A flamboyant man is standing there, he’s tall, lean, and covered in pink. “Hello Chantel, we’ve been expecting you dahhling. Welcome to the Truly House of Beauty.” he says in a valley-boy accent. She’s baffled on how he knew who she was, but she’s even more curious on what the Truly House of Beauty is. Inside the mansion, it’s covered in luxe eleganza. Imagine a modern take on the monarchy--glittery crown-molding with faux fur furniture. Everything is pink and gold with specks of rainbow. Yet she sees pieces of a lab, like they are concocting some sort of formulations here. There are spouts of creams, barrels of gels, buckets of serums. She’s quite curious at where she ended up.  “I’m Tyler, a member of this palace. And honey, your gown is gorgeous! Whatever are you doing walking in the dark?!” he asks. Chantel then explains what happened, and that she’s so late to the ball. “Can you give me a ride or something? The event starts soon and my publicist is expecting me to make it to the red carpet!” she exclaims. “Yes dahhling, I can get you there...but first, let me get a good look at you.” says Tyler as he glances over Chantel. Her hair is perfect, her skin looks smooth, her dress is gorgeous, her lips are….CHAPPED! “Okay before I lift you off, let’s take care of those kissers! You can’t be Chantel without having the greatest lips of all time” Tyler immediately picks up his 2005 Motorola Pink Razr flip phone and calls someone. “Hey Z, get down here, we need your help ASAP. Code: Lip Travesty”. Chantel is curious yet again, what are they going to do to her lips?!

A petite blond scurries down the stairs. Her large blue eyes light up the room as she approaches Chantel. “Hi! I’m Zara!” says a hyper girl. “Z, her lips are depleted--what ever can we do?” asks Tyler. “Don’t worry, I’ve been cooking up this new recipe and I’m ready to experiment!” shouts an excited Zara. She opens up a red and gold bag, pulling out four containers labeled GLOAT. “What is that?!” asks Chantel. “Well it’s a hefty mixture of sugar, peppermint, coconut oil and hyaluronic acid that is gonna take those lips from drab to FAB!”. Without hesitation, the two members of this Truly House of Beauty get to work. They open one jar, clearly the one with sugar, and scrub Chantel’s lips. After that, they rub a minty serum across her kissers. Then, a deeply hydrating oil. The final touch? The softest lip butter Chantel has ever felt on her lips. They hand her a mirror, and she’s shocked. “My lips! Oh my gosh, they are so smooth and even look more plump!” says a delightful Chantel. “Yes babe, this is the power of Truly.” says Tyler, “now, let’s get those fresh kissers to the ball!” He grabs Chantel by the hand. She knows it’s running late, it’s at least a 30-minute drive to the ball. When he takes her outside, she realizes they aren’t traveling by car. There is a pink and gold helicopter on the property. “Beep beep, get in!” says Tyler. They soar off into the Los Angeles sky, covering the mileage quickly. They arrived to ball, landing the helicopter in the middle of Melrose Ave. “Talk about an entrance, right?!” says Tyler to Chantel. She smiles “Thank you SO much, I don’t know where I’d be without Truly and this lip treatment you gave me!”

Chantel walks out of the helicopter, and the paparazzi is going nuts. “Chantel! Chantel! Is that your helicopter?! OMG Chantel...your lips! Those are the greatest lips of all time!” repeats many reporters. Chantel approaches one and says “That’s not my chopper, it’s from The Truly House of Beauty!” More questions from the reporters “Truly House of Beauty--what’s that?!” Chantel smiles, “It’s paradise, baby! A house full of love and look what they’ve done to my lips!”. Her lips are glistening from the camera flashes, and she turns around to smile at Tyler and Zara as they soar into the sky. Zara throws the red and gold bag she was holding earlier, and Chantel catches it. “What’s in the bag Chantel, what is that?!” the reporters scream. “It’s GLOAT, babe, and it gave me the Greatest Lips of All Time!”. The crowd goes wild as they chant “GLOAT! GLOAT! GLOAT!” in the distance. 

Tyler and Zara sigh with relief. “Another babe saved!” says Zara. They smile and rejoice, saving the day one lip-kit at a time.

Find out next week what happens in this mysterious yet beautiful place: The Truly House of Beauty!

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