Truly House of Beauty Episode 11

Truly House of Beauty Episode 11
by Truly Beauty

Beep beep--a new episode of the Truly House of Beauty has arrived! Yes, the House of Beauty is where the Truly babes come up with all the things you love: Truly products. Last week we went down memory lane on the creation of Buns of Glowry (yes, we know you booty-babez love that watermelon dream cream) and this week is no different...except there is a twist. This week there is an introduction to a new character-- is it a new protagonist? Perhaps antagonist? Are there even protagonists or antagonists in the Truly House of Beauty?! Read on my friend, and find out the tea. 


It was a tingly warm afternoon when Anna pulled up to the Truly House of Beauty. Los Angeles was refreshing to her as she departed the midwest corn-fields and stepped into the paradise of the Truly House of Beauty palace. She felt the Santa Ana winds sweeping through her long brown hair and the golden sun on her smooth skin. A few weeks ago, Anna received a giant pink letter from someone called “The Unicorn.” In the letter was a large golden key plus an invitation to join the Truly babes in making new products at the Truly House of Beauty. She was taken a bit by surprise on this invite, but as a fresh cosmetic chemist right out of college, she was going to take whatever work she could get. Her white heels clinked on the pavement as she opened her car door and stepped up to the majestic pink mansion. It was littered with streaks of gold and bountiful gardens across the landscape as far as the eye could see. The air smelled sweet like watermelons, fresh berries, and even had hints of a sugary scent that she just couldn’t put her nose on. She grabbed her stuffed pink suitcase and walked towards the mansion. She knocked on the doorno answer. She shook the doorknob and it was locked, but then she remembered her golden Truly key. She unlocked the grand doors and swiftly swung them open-- there was not a person in sight. “Did they know that I was coming!?” she thought to herself. She heard a noise of soft techno and splish-splashing coming from the backthey must be throwing a pool party for her! Skipping with glee, Anna headed towards the noise. She approached a set of glass doors, twisted the knobs, and swung them open. In one excited scream, she yells “IT’S ME! I’m your new roommate b*tches!”and immediately is disappointed at the site.

No balloons arches, no “Welcome Home Anna!” banners, no little tables with cute little pink drinkies on them or tiny baby finger sandwiches, nothing! All Anna sees is three snobby yet glistening gorgeous beauty babes lounging about the pool. She sees a tanned brunette with big, judgemental eyes beaming through her sunglasses who while lying on a pool chair says “exxxcuse me?!” as soon as their eyes meet. She sees a chiseled ginger doing sun salutations who says in a mellow tone “who is that?!” Finally, she sees a petite blonde lying on her stomach, glaring at Anna with a cold stare. The three friends stare at their new roommate with confusion, until Tyler’s eyes meet the golden key in Anna’s hands. “WHERE did you get that key, hmmm?!” he quickly questions her. She turns a little flushed and pulls out her big pink envelope with the mailing stamp from “The Unicorn” and hands it to Tyler. His eyes scatter across the parchment, with his head nodding in approval. “Yep, the Unicorn gave her a key. This is legit. She’s our new roommate! What’s your special talent? I cook and set the entire vibe for the entire space. That’s Chloe over there, she’s our head of PR aka she gets the word out about all things Truly. And here’s Zara, she is basically a genius and makes all of the products.” says Tyler. Anna pulls her bag open and starts to set down bottles of lotions, jars of polishes, and serums. “I started to make skincare products during my residency at college” Anna explains, “So I guess this is my special trick!” Zara’s face turns bright red. “Wait...she makes products too?!” she whispers to Chloe, who isn’t paying a single lick of attention to what Zara is saying. “What is THAT!” Chloe says in excitement as she points to a jar full of pink shimmery cream. “Oh that?” says Anna “That’s my bronzing cream. I call it ‘Hotter In Person’-- kinda like a play on facetuning. With this product, you won’t even need to edit your pictures. Your skin will look THAT flawless. It also acts as a shimmer!” She hands Chloe the jar who immediately starts rubbing it on her skin. “I am GLISTENING!” screams Chloe, who passes the jar to Tyler & Zara. “Just wait, after a few applications your skin will actually be tanner!” explains Anna. As they apply it, Tyler glances over to Zara and slyly says “Looks like you have some competition, Zara! This bronzing cream is no joke.”  Her face is not amused as she has been the primary product developer for Truly Beauty since the beginning. Anna is met with positive welcoming hugs from Chloe and Tyler, and a short hug of uncertainty from Zara. 

This is the starter tale of how three friends became four friends, and how a new product called Hotter In Person came to the Truly line. What will be in store for the future of the Truly House of Beauty? Will Zara and Anna ever become friends? Will the Unicorn continue to invite new roommates to the mansion? Will Chloe EVER stop applying Hotter in Person?! Find out next time in the Truly House Of Beauty. 

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