Truly House of Beauty Episode 12

Truly House of Beauty Episode 12
by Truly Beauty

Ring a ding’s time for the next episode of the Truly House of Beauty! Yes, it’s time for another glance at what goes on the inside of Truly Beauty. Last week we had a new member join the House of Beauty...Anna came by the mansion with her new Hotter In Person Bronze & Blur Cream which caused ALL the drama. This week...our story is a bit more sexy! Grab your fans and rosewatersit’s gonna be HOT & STEAMY!

As you may know, the Truly House of Beauty is a gigantic mansion--multiple levels, east + west wings, extravagant gardens, glistening pools, garages full of pink Teslas (and Anna’s matching pink bug), glittery helicopter pads, really anything that you could imagine that was featured in MTV Cribs. With the Truly babes being busy with their everyday-tasks of creating all things Truly Beauty, the house started to look a mess! In order to tidy things up, Chloe did a mass hiring of staff to help themshe hired butlers, she hired gardeners, she even hired people to tell the babes “You’re beautifulyou’re doing amazing sweetie!” every morning as soon as they wake up. But the resident’s new favorite hire? Nico, the pool boy. He was a 6’4 Italian glamazon from some foreign city called Cincinnati or Cleveland or something along those lines. Tanned, buff, glorious head of hair, and TONS of hair on his body--Nico looked like a young Johnny Depp mixed in with sprinkles of James Franco and Channing Tatum. The babes were living for it. It was a warm, gorgeous sunny afternoon in the California sky and the Truly babes were catching some rays while enjoying the view of Nico. Tyler was drooling, Zara was gagging (in the good way), Anna was hyperventilating (again, in the good way), and Chloe was analyzing her favorite hire. Chloe takes a sip of her Aperol spritz and lets out a deep sigh. She turns to the Truly Babes and says “Hey...don’t you think Nico would look better HAIRLESS?!” The three other babes perk up in an earnest curiosity. “Why yes, yes he would!” states Anna, the newest member to the Truly house. Zara glances at Anna in slight hesitation (they aren’t the bestest of friends yet...but we will get to that later) but she too nods in agreement. Tyler is still drooling so Chloe has his answer there. “Let’s get him!” says Chloe, and all the Truly Babes rush to Nico. “Hi! Can we shave you?!”....”Hi! Ummm I know you’re new here’d look SO much better hairless!”... “Exxxcuse me, hi, meet us in the bathroom for a quick shave?!”all these questions surrounded Nico, who had a look that could be only described as fear mixed with interest. With slight hesitation and eagerness, Nico let the Truly Babes drag him away from the pool and up the gold stairs to get shaved. 

Some would say putting another human being in a bath could be a chore, but it was no chore showering off an adonis like Nico. Chloe practically dunked the man in scalding hot waterit was honestly crazy to see a 5’3 Chloe bark orders to all the Truly Babes. She is rarely this passionate about a project, let alone another person. “ANNA! Get that scrub you made!” she demanded. Sweating, Anna quickly grabbed her 24K Gold Black Soap. “Will this do, Miss Chloe?!” she says with an anxious-chattering jaw. “DUH! Now scrub!” Chloe yells, as they simultaneously scrub Nico’s face and chest with this black charcoal, acne-fighting scrub. “This will soften the hairs!” says Anna, who tries to stare into Nico’s eyes with her frothing mouth. Chloe slaps her in the face “Stay focused, Anna! We gotta get all of this hair off!” she screams. Clearly, this situation has taken a personal turn for Chloe. “Z and T! Where’s that shave cream you go on and on about?! Will it get this thick crunchy hair off?!” Chloe asks as she tugs on Nico’s beard. Zara and Tyler knew she was talking about Coco Cloud Whipped Shave Butter, the best shaving cream that Zara made for Tyler when he needed to be hot & hairless for a date. They hand her a jar along with a Truly razor, and Chloe goes to work. One stroke, two stroke, three strokes, four, five, sixhair is being removed faster than vegan butter gliding off a hot biscuit. With a few splashes, some moans ‘n groans, Chloe is proud to present a hairless Nico.

The Truly Babes and their pool boy head back outside to stare at his body under the sun. “Whoa whoa whoa, Chloe you can’t shave this guy without giving him some after shave! Trust me, from experience, he needs to use this lit body serum called Black Jelly.” says Tyler. He hands Nico a bottle of this tea tree oil-based acne fighter, instructing him that it can go all over his body and face to prevent ingrown hairs. Zara whips out a classic moisturizer called Glass Skin, “You can’t do all that shaving without moisturizing...try this! It’ll make your skin smoother than glass.” Nico rubs the Glass Skin all and looks in the pool at his glittering reflection. “WOW! I’m sooo smooth! Can I like...have all of the things you used in like a kit or something?!” he asks. “Yeah babes!” squeels Chloe, “We’ll give it alllll to you as long as you stay hairless!” Nico gives her a wink and takes his new routine: The Man’s Shave Kit

To this day, Nico has yet to let another hair grow anywhere below his eyeballs. Also, Chloe and him have been totally making out behind the bushes. The Truly Babes get to stare at their hairless adonis day after day, drooling at their own reflections they can see on his glossy body. That’s it for this week’s episode, you skincare freaks and geeks. Make sure your man is treating himself right just like Nico get him The Man’s Shave Kit.

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