Truly House of Beauty: Episode 2

Truly House of Beauty: Episode 2
by Truly Beauty

Welcome back all you skincare freaks to this week’s episode of the Truly House of Beauty. 

Last week we introduced you to the Truly House of Beauty--a magnificent Hollywood Hills mansion where the creators of Truly reside. We saw Chantel’s adventure to the house, and how the members Tyler & Zara helped give her the GLOAT, a 4-step lip kit that gives you the greatest lips of all time. They were pleased with their creation, and heard that the word about Truly has started to buzz around the web.

 This weeks's episode starts on a chilly morning. Zara rolls out her bed, feeling moody at first but then she peels off her Super Heart Acne Patches from the night before, and sees her zits from yesterday literally deleted. Her mood improves, so just struts her way down the marble staircase. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she calls out to the entire house. “Goooood morning babes! It’s Monday! Everyone get up, get up!” screams an overly excited Zara, thinking she’s the early bird who’s going to catch this worm. She loves to wake everyone up. “Already down here, babe!” says Tyler, clearly in the kitchen. Zara scoffs, she’s always wanting to be the first one up but Tyler always seems to catch the sunrise before her. Her scoff quickly turns to a smile when she smells freshly brewed coffee and hears the clanking sound of breakfast being prepared. Zara comes into the kitchen, and sees Tyler wearing his branded pink apron...and nothing else underneath. “TYLER!” exclaims Zara “you're cooking us breakfast in the nude again?!”. Tyler slightly blushes, but he’s not ashamed. He’s super comfortable around the house with these girls, and he definitely plays on the other side of the field so there is no tension between them. “Listen honey…” he says “my boyfriend comes back into town this weekend and I want my booty to be luscious for him. I’ve been using the Buns of Glowry Butt trio! Can’t you tell?!”. Tyler then proceeds to flash his booty to Zara, who surprisingly has seen Tyler’s butt millions of times and can now indeed tell that his booty has some improvements. “Wow...actually your butt looks really good! Your stretch marks are totally fading” says Zara. They giggle, and Zara opens up her phone and immediately screams. “Ummm, Tyler...have you opened Twitter today?!” she asks. He curiously shakes his head no as he blends up a smoothie and then hands it to Zara. She takes a sip--it’s an acai berry smoothie...her favorite, and then she proceeds to explain what’s on Twitter. “Well Nikita Dragun apparently saw Chantel Jeffries at the ball last week and was so impressed by her GLOAT kit and has been on the hunt trying to find our house!” says a nervous Zara. “Nikita Dragun?! Ugh, love her so much! What’s wrong with her trying to come over? Tell her to stop by!” says Tyler, he’s always excited for new guests at the mansion. “Well...the issue is that she’s already on her way…apparently Chantel sent her a map point….I’m all out of GLOAT and I have no idea what she’d wan--” KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. The entire house shakes from the noise, somebody is at the door. Tyler scurries away to find some clothing, and Zara nervously sips her smoothie and approaches the door. 

The door creaks open, and you can guess who has now arrived. Short, sweet, and fabulous stands the iconic Nikita Dragun. She’s dressed in all hot pink (so on brand) and her hair is touching the back of her knees. She’s like a Bratz doll in human form. “Hi hello! Excuse me, is this the Truly House of Beauty?!” Nikita says as she holds her phone, clearly on a live stream. “I hung out with Chantel at the ball last week, and was OBSESSED with her GLOAT lip kit. Do you have anymore?!” she asks Zara. A little stunned, Zara explains that the GLOAT lip kit given to Chantel was one of a kind, and she currently doesn’t have anymore. Nikita is visibly annoyed as she shuts down her live stream, so Zara invites her inside for coffee. “I would offer you my acai smoothie but, it’s my favorite and Tyler only made one.” As the two walk through the mansion, Nikita notices everything around her. “This place is like MTV Cribs morphed with Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Laboratory.” she says as she glances over all the cosmetic equipment, the ostentatious furniture, the bubbling cauldrons and steaming machines. “Yeah, we’ve been creating some really cool products here...” says Zara “...we love working with plants and fruits as formulations, it requires a lot of testing and creative thinki--” Zara slips on a cord in the middle of her sentence and goes flying backwards, and the acai smoothie leaps from her hands into the sky, tumbling down in a slowed motion. Zara watches in horror from the ground and she sees her acai smoothie lands directly on Nikita, covering her boobs in the purple smoothie. 

“! My tits are SOAKING!” screams Nikita. “Omg omg omg” says an apologetic Zara “I am SO sorry--I totally didn’t mean to do that.” Nikita glances harshly at Zara “well YEAH, who would ever pour acai all over their boobs?!” snaps Nikita. Zara rushes Nikita to the bathroom so they can remove the smoothie from her chest. As they start to wipe off the acai smoothie, Nikita notices her boobs look a bit more smoother, perhaps a bit tighter. “Hey Zara...what was in that smoothie again?” she asks. “Well it was just acai berries!” explains Zara. Nikita bounces her boobies and jokingly says “welp, that acai smoothie sure made my titties glowing and soft!”. This made Zara think...she read somewhere that acai berries actually contain vitamin A, a natural form of retinol. A lightbulb pops up in Zara’s head--an idea has been created! “Nikita...I think that our little accident has given me the most brilliant idea.” says an excited Zara. Nikita isn’t listening, she’s too entranced by the smoothness of her freshly polished boobies. Zara opens her phone and calls Tyler. “Hey T--I think I have our newest product...all I know is that it involves acai berries and rubbing them on your boobs!”. She grabs Nikita and they leave the bathroom.

Two months later, the Acai Your Boobies Lifting Boob Polish was born! With extensive promotion from Nikita Dragun, everyone wanted to try this revolutionary product. “It smooths out, perks out, juices out those boobies!” said Nikita on one of her TikToks. Zara’s so proud that a casual accident of spilling a smoothie on someone’s boobs turned into a product that has helped so many. As they reflect over their success, Zara and Tyler clink their champagne glasses together and enjoy the success and fame that the Truly House of Beauty is starting to receive.

What’s going to happen next week? Stay tuned you beautiful babes, stay tuned!


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