Truly House of Beauty Episode 8

Truly House of Beauty Episode 8
by Truly Beauty

Well well well, is it that time again already, you beautiful obsessed skincare babes? We think it is! Welcome back you lovely babes to the Truly House of Beauty. Do you find yourself drawn to the world that we created...a magical world filled with the top secrets of everything Truly? Buckle yourself up, episode eight is here to tantalize your minds (and noses) with the story of how we created the Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum.

It was a sweaty scorching hot summer night in Los Angeles--and Tyler had been working away in the kitchen all day. Tyler feeds the entire house, cooking exotic vegan cuisine that he’s learned of throughout all of his worldly travels. There are plans for a grand party at the mansion tonight to celebrate the Zara’s newest creation, Unicorn Lip Plumping Balm, and he is preparing some of his best dishes: organic kale salad with fresh cranberries, a summer kale bruschetta with plant-based cheese, a tofurkey (made primarily from kale) and delicious tiramisu made from a mixture of algae guessed it, kale. Of course, as any well-to-do chef knows, every meal needs some sautéed onions and minced garlic. After chopping and frying the mix, his eyes sting and he needs a break from the kitchen. The party is at 7pm, and it is already 6:48pm. He crosses the hall and takes a much deserved rest on one of the purple fuzzy love-poufs in the sitting room. Chloe and Zara are sitting on their poofs giggling about how plumped their lips look after using the Unicorn Lip Plumping Balm— the whole reason why he was cooking. “Hey girlies! How’s it going?” asks Tyler. “Oh, just trying out some new balm before zee party! Wanna sample?” says Zara, gesturing Tyler to come over and dip his finger in this Unicorn Lip Plumping Balm. Within 2ft of his sizzling saunter over, Chloe’s freshly plumped lips curl and Zara pinches her nose. “Gross!!! What is that smell!?” screams Chloe. “Tyler….YOU STINK! Stay away! Don’t even think about coming to the party smelling like a pile of kale and onions and SWEAT. So embarrassing.” points Zara. “Hey! I am ready for the party! Can’t you tell I’ve been in the kitchen all day?! The party starts in ten minutes!” explains Tyler. “Well, you aren’t getting a taste of the new lip balm with that stench, and you better think twice about showing up to the party tonight!” snaps Zara. A glittery tear expels from the side of Tyler’s eye and he quickly runs up the stairs in shame. A fragile little chef, he paces with melancholy to his terrace. 

The night sky is littered with stars, as many as one can see in smoggy LA. Tyler’s head is filled with all the anxieties: the party is about to start, how could he shower now?! He would never be ready in time, he would miss the whole party! Plus, he’s already showered twice today due to his healthy obsession with the Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Polish, so he doesn’t want to be even more wasteful. He takes a whiff of himself and thinks “well, maybe I don’t smell the best…” Dreaming about the delicious scents of Unicorn Fruit, he wishes upon a star. The wish? Not world peace or millions of dollars...but to be able to confidently enter the party smelling like best scent in the entire universe. Within seconds, a shimmer of sparkles manifest right before his eyes. The shimmer vibrates with the energy of the night, morphing into the shape of Truly’s best friend: the Unicorn! If you can’t recall, the Unicorn is who gave the Truly Babes the mansion, the property, and the secret to all their skincare: unicorn fruit. Floating in midair, the Unicorn wipes away the tears from Tyler’s eyes with its gorgeous mane. “Sup dude,” it says “whyyyy are you crying?! It’s a beauuuuutiful night!” the unicorn sings while it’s long mane shines across the night sky. “Well…” sniffles Tyler “...I kinda smell super bad and I have a party to go to in the next ten minutes…”. The Unicorn looks at Tyler with a peaceful glaze. It twirls its tail in the crisp air and then another shimmer appears, sparkling and morphing with the same energetic force as the Unicorn. Within seconds, a glass bottle with pink liquid appears in front of Tyler’s eyes, it says “Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum” on it. “Try my Unicorn Fruit perfume, Tyler, and you will smell better than Clooooud 9.” explains the Unicorn. Tyler grabs the bottle, and sprays his neck and his wrists. “Wow...this scent! I smell SO good! Just like Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter!” Tyler yips in the air with glee. “C’mon, let’s go downstairs and show the babes!” he says while grabbing the 6ft tall Unicorn by its hoof. 

Tyler and the Unicorn skip downstairs, smelling completely iconic. He sits the Unicorn down on a love-pouf and plops onto the neighboring one, continuing to spray the Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum all over himself. He glances over to Zara & Chloe, whose noses are practically drooling over the beautiful scent they are smelling. They see the Unicorn and know something good must be up. “Oh hello again girlies, as you can tell, our friend the Unicorn came by again and they gave me a little present.” says Tyler as he shows off the Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum. Zara and Chloe bolt over-- “WOW omg, you smell so good now Tyler!”... “it smells JUST like cotton candy paradise!”... “maybe some notes of pink sugar, vanilla?!”.... “ Wow! THANK you Unicorn….and we are sorry for being brats, Tyler.” Zara and Chloe say in unison. Tyler hands them a few bottles of the Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum and stands upright “You babes def need this more than me now, all that brattiness made you stinky!” he says while he and the Unicorn santer into the kitchen to start the party, leaving the girlies behind to pick their dropped jaws off the fuzzy rug! 

And that’s how the magical Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum landed in the palms of the Truly House of Beauty babes. Stay tuned next time for a new episode and cheers to smelling like deliciousness! 


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