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All Your Options for Fading Forehead Wrinkles

All Your Options for Fading Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are indeed frustrating, but thankfully you do have options.

It turns out, fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead are actually very common, because the eyebrows are responsible for the majority of our facial expressions. So, how exactly can you get rid of wrinkles on your forehead?

When it comes to ironing out creases on your forehead, you have a few options: skincare products, Botox, fillers, and lasers. Here are all your options, explained.



Natural aging is the most obvious one. As you age, collagen and elastin production deplete. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the face and body. But aging isn't the only culprit. No, in fact, one of the biggest culprits of all is simply moving your face. 

"Forehead wrinkles are caused by repetitive crunching of the frontalis muscle, and are exaggerated in individuals with bulkier muscle mass and those who are very expressive,” explains Brian Hibler, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. He adds that other factors such as sun exposure and genetics also contribute to the formation of forehead wrinkles.



While you can’t entirely vanish forehead wrinkles, there are methods that quickly and effectively reduce their appearance. Here are all your options below.


Load Up On Anti-Aging Skincare Products

If you're serious about minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead, start by incorporating a few collagen-boosting skincare products into your daily skincare routine. Retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and antioxidants. They're all good for reversing signs of aging and smoothing out your forehead lines.



Retinoids are proven to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, which is why you'll often find retinol (aka a vitamin A derivative and a weaker form of retinoid) in anti-aging creams and serums. According to the derms, retinol works best at night to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. That's because skin repairs itself best at night, so it can actually boost the process.

You'll find retinol and a host of other powerhouse anti-aging ingredients in our Vegan Collagen Booster Bundle


Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can also be effective for keeping skin youthful. These exfoliating acids dissolve dead skin cells, offering a resurfacing effect that improves skin texture and skin tone while making lines appear less noticeable. Some of the best AHAs out there include glycolic acid and lactic acid.

You'll find AHAs in our Starface Jelly Sleep Mask, designed to erase fine lines and wrinkles as you sleep. 



Antioxidants are crucial for keeping skin healthy, springy, and smooth. We're going to include vitamin C under this umbrella, since it is actually an antioxidant itself. Look for products formulated with antioxidants to reduce and prevent skin aging. They can help repair sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and fight free radical damage to slow down the aging process.

You'll find antioxidants in our wrinkle-reducing Purple Rain Glow Serum, designed to smooth the look of wrinkles to give you a healthy, glowing complexion without leaving an oily residue. 


Try a Professional Facial Treatment

Not everyone favors the idea of invasive treatments, but don't worry. You don't have to go the injectable routine -- and certainly not the facelift route. While that's definitely one option for minimizing the appearance of frown lines, there are plenty of other options as far as in-office treatments are concerned.



If you can get over your fear of needles, Botox (botulinum toxin) can be highly effective at smoothing away forehead lines. Botox works by relaxing the muscles under the skin so you can no longer make the facial expression, making the skin unable to create the wrinkle. It's both a treatment and a preventative. Results typically last around three to four months. 



Fillers are another good option if you can stomach needles. 

"Deep forehead wrinkles can be treated with hyaluronic acid-based fillers," says Hibler. "However, it is important to see a trained expert in this procedure as there is a risk of intra-arterial occlusion due to the very vascular anatomy of the forehead."



Microneedling is a standard treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it offers other benefits.

"From microneedling alone, you will look plump, pink, and luminous for a couple of weeks. On a short-term basis, it plumps the skin and makes the skin look more radiant from inflammation and very superficial swelling" says dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, MD, Ph.D.


Laser Therapy

One of the best rejuvenating skincare treatments of all has got to be laser therapy. 

"Fraxel Dual uses fractional laser technology which penetrates deep into the skin layers to trigger the body to promote its natural healing, improving overall texture and skin tone," explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green. "The results of Fraxel are gradual over time as the body replaces old damaged skin cells replacing it with new collagen and elastin."



While you have plenty of options as for how to get rid of forehead lines, prevention will always be better than cure. Prevent lines from forming altogether by following a good daily skincare routine comprising of a gentle cleanser, toner, topical treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen (SPF 30). 

Always aim to use products formulated for your skin type. This way, you won't have to deal with any issues like dryness, irritation, or acne. For instance, if you have dry skin, you need to be looking for products that boost hydration. If you've got sensitive skin, you need to look for something more soothing. 

Most importantly, wear sunscreen every day. Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature aging, so if you want your skin to look as young as possible for as long as possible, prioritize daily sun protection.

And boost collagen production and skin elasticity by using formulas infused with the gold-tier anti-agers like retinol and antioxidants.


Time to smooth out that forehead! 



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