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Super Shave Bundle
Super Shave Bundle
Super Shave Bundle
Super Shave Bundle
Super Shave Bundle

Super Shave Bundle

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Take your skin on an adventure with the Powerpuff Girls

Our fiercest NEW collab!

Inspired by the beloved cartoon siblings, Super Shave Bundle is here to power up your shave days, fight ingrowns and razor burn, and rescue you from a bod full of blemishes.

This limited edition collection includes five products: pre-shave serum, shave cream, after-shave butter, acne patches + a five-bladed razor. Formulated with powerhouse ingredients like nourishing avocado, soothing allantoin, and acne-fighting squalene, it’s designed to defeat skincare evils such as nicks, burns, breakouts, and ingrown hairs.

What’s In It:

  • 💕 Super Fierce Pre Shave Serum
  • 💙 No Troubles Bubbles Shave Cream
  • 💚 What's Up, Buttercup? After Shave Butter
  • 💛 Pimple Power Pack Acne Patches
  • 🪒 The Powerpuff Girls Super Razor

Collector’s Edition:

Snag the Collector’s Edition Lunchbox with the full shave set to upgrade your PPG kit for $99!

Skin Saving Benefits

  • Super Fierce preps skin for shaving while packing a powerful punch to beat out hyperpigmentation + scarring.
  • No Troubles Bubbles’ moisture-rich formula softens skin + coarse hair for a super smooth razor glide.
  • What’s Up, Buttercup? wards off post shave dryness, irritation and body acne for good
  • Pimple Power Pack is super-charged with hydrocolloid to drain and speed the healing process of active blemishes and acne aftermath.
Hero Ingredients
Hero Ingredients
Allantoin 🌿

Allantoin has the power to soothe while gently shedding dead skin cells and boosting the cell proliferation process - A.K.A., super soft skin.

Avocado 🥑

High in beneficial fats and containing vitamins E and C, avocado is a crucial anti-aging ingredient that locks in lasting moisture while fighting off free radical damage.


Squalene mimics the skin’s natural oil, helping to reduce excess sebum while reducing texture + fine lines.

How To Use:

Super Fierce 🍩 ✨

Power Shine Pre-Shave Serum

Before shaving, apply serum directly to skin as needed. Massage until fully absorbed.

No Troubles Bubbles 🧽 💕

Super Smooth Shave Cream

Apply shave butter to desired area as needed prior to shaving and form a lather. Shave with the grain. Rinse off. Pat dry.

What’s Up, Buttercup? 🪒 🧈

Super Soft After-Shave Butter

After shaving, apply a dollop of butter directly to skin. Massage until fully absorbed.

The Powerpuff Girls Razor 🛀 🧈

Glide across skin with No Troubled Bubbles in the direction of hair for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Rinse thoroughly. Store in a dry area.

Pimple Power Pack 🍀 🍁

Apply pimple patch onto dry, freshly cleansed skin. Leave on for 4+ hours, or overnight for best results.


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Super Shave Bundle