Dulce De Leches Routine

Boob + Belly Firming Bundle

>Good to Know:
  • Lifting
  • Smoothing
  • Tightening

The complete, bundled batch of our NEW, boob-firming Dulce De Leches line. This 3-step kit features a powerful anti-aging lineup of 2% retinol, resurfacing hyaluronic, tightening guarana and smoothing cocoa butter to lift and firm the boobs n’ belly.

A just-baked, warm caramel fragrance is whipped into our fluffy polish, silky cream + flash-absorbing serum to serve your curves the lushest, most decadent full body skincare experience.

What’s Inside
  • 🍮 Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Cream 6 Oz / 180 Ml
  • 🍮 Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Polish 2 Oz / 60 Ml
  • 🍮 Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Serum 3.1 Fl Oz / 90 Ml
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Why It’s Special:
  • Retinol has the power to diminish fresh (less than a few months old) stretchmarks and visibly smooth cellulite by rebuilding collagen to refine texture, treat scarring, and plump sagging, dimpled skin.
  • Guarana invigorates and revitalizes the skin to slow the formation of fine lines, reduce acne, and brighten up dullness.
Essential Ingredients:


Hyaluronic Acid

Full Ingredients:

How to Use:

  1. Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Polish: In the shower, mix a handful of polish with water to form a lather. Apply to boobs and belly using circular motions, and rinse. Pro tip: Need a little extra nourishment? Apply the polish as a mask in a thick layer on problem areas 15-20 minutes before shower for extra anti-aging goodness.
  2. Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Serum: Apply 3-5 drops of serum to boobs and stomach, massage until fully absorbed
  3. Dulce De Leches Firming Boob & Belly Cream: Apply a generous layer of cream to your boobs and belly using firm, broad strokes until fully absorbed.
Dulce De Leches Routine
Dulce De Leches Routine
Dulce De Leches Routine
*The model in these images is a paid model demonstrating use and intended results of the products, these are not actual customer images.

What it Targets:

🔥 Lifts

Invigorates the skin with anti-aging collagen to diminish sagging.

🔥 Helps Scarring

Lightly exfoliates to brighten and even stretchmarks, acne scarring, and discoloration.

🔥 Hydrates

Seals in lasting moisture to leave the skin bouncy, soft, and youthful.

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Dulce De Leches Routine
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