VIP Collection 2.0

XXL Bestseller Bundle + Luxury Freebie

>Good to Know:
  • Acne-Fighting
  • Anti-Aging
  • Hydrating

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Why It's Special:
  • Features 11 full-sized bestsellers with limitless routines to treat body acne, stretch marks, ingrown hairs, chapped lips, sagging, and more!
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Full Ingredients:

Acai Your Boobies Polish:

Vegan Collagen Booster Body Polish:

Vegan Collagen Booster Facial Serum:

Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter:

Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub:

Anti-Cellulite Serum:

Glazed Donut Shave Oil:

24k Gold Black Soap Impurity Cleanser:

#Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Treatment Acne Patches:

Purple Rain Facial Oil:

Gloat Luscious Lip Butter:

How to Use:

  1. Acai Your Boobies Polish:: In the shower or bath, take a small amount of Acai Your Boobies, mix with water to get a nice lather. Rub on your chest in circular motions and rinse. Pro-Tip: Use product as a mask before your shower. Mix a small amount of Acai Your Boobies and water together and apply on your chest. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.
  2. Vegan Collagen Booster Body Polish:: Massage a handful of polish into the skin during your bathing routine. Let the product sit for a minute or two before rinsing off for best results. Alternatively, use in place of a shaving cream.
  3. Vegan Collagen Booster Facial Serum:: Apply one to two drops onto clean skin and gently pat into skin for optimal absorption. Apply daily, morning and night, and follow with moisturizer. During the day, follow with sunscreen.For sensitive skin types, use three to four times a week and gradually increase usage. For maximum potency, store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Tightly close cap after usage. Best used when fresh.
  4. Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter:: Apply the intensive body butter to the entire body after showering or bathing. It is particularly suitable for dry skin on feet, knees, elbows, and cuticles -- a little goes a long way!
  5. Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub:: Using warm water, massage a palmful of body scrub into the skin to work up a lather. Exfoliate wherever hair meets skin to loosen follicles for a smooth shave or anywhere on the body that needs a little extra love. Rinse off.
  6. Anti-Cellulite Serum:: Apply anywhere on your body where you want to target cellulite (ex: bum, back of thighs). Do not wash off. Use daily for optimal results.
  7. Warning:: Apply SPF after use if coming into prolonged contact with UV rays. Results can vary by user, continued use for an extended period of time provides the best chance of seeing results. Even the slightest improvement or minimal change in appearance or feel should be considered a positive result - The key ingredients are natural extracts and should not be compared to results rendered by surgical or medical procedures. Benefits are based on positive customer feedback, testimonials, positive before & after results & ingredient benefit profiles - results are not guaranteed. *Anti-Cellulite Serum is meant to reduce the look of cellulite and do not make any claim or guarantee to affect the structure or function of skin or cellulite.
  8. Glazed Donut Shave Oil:: Apply on cleansed, dried skin post-shave to soothe, hydrate, and prevent ingrowns. Swipe across desired area with a saturated cotton pad or apply to palms and pat into skin directly.
  9. 24k Gold Black Soap Impurity Cleanser:: Apply to wet skin and gently massage in an upward, circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Use three times per week.
  10. #Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Treatment Acne Patches:: Begin with freshly cleansed, dry skin, free from any oils or creams. Place the patch, tacky side down, onto the blemish. Leave on for a minimum of six hours, or overnight. Gently remove the patch and repeat until your blemish has disappeared. Always follow with a broad-spectrum SPF and limit prolonged sun exposure.
  11. Purple Rain Facial Oil:: Apply approximately two to five drops to cleansed and toned skin. Massage into skin and allow to absorb for one to three minutes before applying moisturizer. Use both day and night. Use daily for best results.
  12. GLOAT Luscious Lip Butter:: Apply throughout the day when your lips need nourishment. Wear this tingling balm alone or follow up with your fave lip gloss!
VIP Collection 2.0



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VIP Collection 2.0

I love the Truly Beauty VIP Collection because you get a wide variety of different products to try for smooth glowing skin. The Pre Shave Scrub and Glazed Donut Shave Oil are my personal favorites and smell absolutely incredible! Would be a great gift to yourself or a friend!

Kelly Strack TikTok: @kellystrackofficial IG:kellystrackofficial

VIP Collection 2.0

The VIP collection is the most luxurious skincare I’ve EVER used! My skin has never been so soft, glowy, seamless, and gorgeous! The amazing scent of each product is also amazing!

Kristin Taenzer TikTok: @kristintaenzer IG:kristintaenzer

VIP Collection 2.0

The VIP collection does just that makes me feel special and pampered. From my head to my toes it takes care of me.

Samantha Taormina TikTok: @beautykillsmua IG:beautykillsmua
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