Super Fruit Conditioner

A conditioner made with the most nutrient packed fruit we love to ingest! Not only do they do wonders for our bodies, they have ingredients extremely beneficial for our hair health as well! What makes this product special from other organic fruit based shampoos on the market? We pack our products with ingredients and use only a fraction of the water other companies use to provide you with the full benefits of these key ingredients! To sum that up for you - we don’t just sell you water in a bottle! More info How to use: -Start with Super Fruit Shampoo (sold separately) for optimal results. -Apply conditioner to clean, wet hair, focusing on mid-shaft to ends. -Spread evenly throughout hair. -Rinse. Key ingredients: -Coconut Improves scalp health, supports hair growth, all while adding volume and shine without the common harmful chemicals. The various fatty acids coconut oil contains act as effective anti-dandruff agents, thereby helping you cope with the condition. -Prickly pear The fruit and the oil from its seed is used to smoothen hair texture, reduce hair fall, increase hair growth, and improve hair health overall. The oil from the seeds of this cactus fruit contains plenty of fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins thats do wonders for damaged hair. A prickly pear’s vitamin E content deeply conditions leaving your hair healthy, silky, and soft. It is also useful to protect your hair from the scorching sun and rejuvenate heat-damaged hair. -Argan oil Argan oil comes from the fruit of the native Argan tree in Morocco. The fruit is so nutritious that goats climb the trees just to eat them. It’s rich with vitamins A, C and E, as well as being loaded with antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. It helps boost cell production which results in healthier skin and hair. Good news for you is that this product is packed with it! Ingredients: DI Water, *Aloe Vera, Glycerine, *Willow Extract, *Acai Extract, *Dragon Fruit Extract, *Cupacu Butter, *Coconut Oil, *Olive Oil, *Lavender, *Rose Extract Organic* SULFATE FREE

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Alexis. - 02/27/2018

Truly Amazing !

I have scalp Psoriasis (basically dry scalp) , unfortunately there is no cure Right now but I can use things to help Relieve the itching . I prefer to use natural products instead of the things the doctors want to give me . I can’t use drug store products bc that would only make my scalp worse bc if the horrible ingredients put inside . This is Overall a great product leaves my hair & scalp feeling amazing and helps relieve the itching. I would definitely Recommend to anyone! I have the shampoo & Conditioner.

Kamilla r. - 02/17/2018

Best conditioner

I have used true organic conditioner for 2 days now it is the best conditioner i have used . Make my hair silky smooth. Smells good. Love it !

Bridgette C. - 01/09/2018


This conditioner has brought life back into my hair! I’ve always had to take extra measures to calm the frizz in my hair, but after using this conditioner with a Truly Organic shampoo I don’t have to do anything else to get my hair the way I want it! Just air dry and I’m done. I’m in love!

Emmanuel D. - 03/15/2017


Super léger, l'odeur est juste ouf.. La composition est top. Je l'adore

Alyssa J. - 07/22/2017

Love it!!

Leaves my curls springy, reduced frizz, and smells great. Definitely going to be my long term conditioner.