How to Layer Fragrances and Create Your Own Signature Scent

How to Layer Fragrances and Create Your Own Signature Scent
by Truly Beauty

Whether you’re using body mists or perfumes, knowing how to layer fragrances allows you to create a custom scent that complements your mood, style, and personality. Fragrance layering also gives your scent more staying power. By applying scents in different formats, such as body cleanser, moisturizer, and perfume mist, fragrant oils persist for a long-lasting scent. 

Ahead, we show you how to layer perfumes and body mists to create your very own bespoke scent.

What is Fragrance Layering?

Fragrance layering is a technique that involves combining multiple scented products to create a unique and personalized fragrance experience. Instead of relying on a single perfume or mist, people use different scented products, such as body wash, lotion, and perfume, to build layers of fragrance. This process enhances the overall scent and can result in a more long-lasting and complex aroma.

How to Layer Fragrances 

Layering fragrances doesn’t always mean spraying two perfumes or body mists directly on top of each other. In fact, it’s best to start the fragrance layering process in the shower. Here’s how to layer fragrance. 

1: Begin With Your Base Layer

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Applying different types of product provides a more persistent scent. That’s because each product releases scent at its own pace. Begin with your base layer—a scented shower gel or cleanser to enhance the layers that follow. 

Truly’s Exfoliating Bath Bars offer four mood-boosting scents—watermelon, blackberry, citrus, and cotton candy. Besides lathering away odors and impurities, each bar brings with it a delicious aroma and a base layer to prep skin for a long-lasting scent. 

2: Moisturize to Lock in the Scent

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After showering, apply a generous amount of scented moisturizer. Dry skin won’t hold on to aroma as effectively as hydrated skin because the scent has nothing to cling on to, causing it to fade quickly. Always start with thick, creamy consistencies as a base, followed by oils and topped with fragrances.

Truly’s Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter features notes of vanilla, cotton candy, and raspberry to create your fairytale fantasy fragrance. Formulated with shea butter, acai and vegan collagen, it plumps and hydrates the skin, boosting the longevity of your fragrances.

3: Spritz on Heavier Scents First, Lighter Scents Last

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How to layer fragrances the right way? Always apply the heavier scents first and layer lighter scents on top. This ensures the stronger scents don’t overwhelm their lighter counterparts. It gives each scent the chance to unfold and harmonize, creating a well-balanced and personalized fragrance.

Start with your preferred perfume or cologne, characterized by its deeper notes. Once the base layer has settled, introduce lighter scents with refreshing or floral notes. 

Truly’s Signature Perfume Mist Trio showcases three sensual, sumptuous scents that you can rotate for every mood and occasion. With delectable notes of whipped buttercream, sweet saffron, toasted vanilla, and lustrous black cherry, you won’t be able to resist. 

4: Play Around With Fragrance Combinations  

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The fun thing about fragrance layering is that you can get as playful as you like. You can start with two or three fragrances or bump it up to several if you’re feeling bold. Layering different combinations makes the scent more complex and more individual. 

If you’re new to layering fragrances, start by combining fragrances that have a common note—like sandalwood or jasmine, for instance. Feeling adventurous? Try combining contrasting scents—like spice and vanilla—to create a truly original fragrance.

5: Re-Apply Throughout the Day

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If you’re layering body mists, you will need to spritz them on throughout the day to maintain the scent. While you can increase their longevity by prepping skin properly and using products with similar scents, body mists don’t last as long as perfume. That’s why it’s important to re-apply a few times a day to keep the scent going strong. 

While perfumes offer a longer-lasting scent, you get more freedom and versatility with body mists. If you’re in the mood for something vibrant and citrusy in the morning but spicy and sweet in the evening, you can easily switch throughout the day. With body mists, you have more control and the freedom to change your scent depending on the mood and moment.

Best Fragrances for Layering

Now you know how to layer fragrances to create your own unique scent, we’ve rounded up the best mists and perfumes for layering.

how to layer fragrances | glazed donut mist

Truly’s Glazed Donut Perfume Mist

Why we love it: Inspired by our bestselling Glazed Donut Oil, this warm and indulgent fragrance is perfect for adding some sweetness to your overall concoction. 

Top notes: Whipped buttercream. 

Middle notes: White chocolate. 

Base notes: Toasted vanilla and musk.

how to layer fragrances | birthday sex mist

Truly’s Birthday Sex Perfume Mist

Why we love it: With an intimate and alluring blend of rich jasmine and sweet saffron, this fragrance can be used to add a spritz of excitement. Perfect for creating a confident, empowering, and seductive scent.

Top notes: Rich jasmine. 

Middle notes: Sweet saffron and patchouli. 

Base notes: Vanilla and sandalwood.


how to layer fragrances | ma cherie mist

Truly’s Ma Chérie Perfume Mist

Why we love it: Known for its strong character, Ma Chérie has a warm gourmand fragrance that’ll sweep you off your feet. It’s best used as a base when layering fragrances to create a powerful, intoxicating concoction that’s perfect for nights out.

Top notes: Black cherry. 

Middle notes: Salted caramel and almond.

Base notes: Dark chocolate.


how to layer fragrances | coco cloud perfume

Truly’s Coco Cloud Eau De Parfum

Why we love it: A bright and radiant fragrance that transports you to tropical paradise with warm sands, gentle breezes, and swaying palms. Ideal for adding an exotic touch to your fragrance.

Top notes: White tea.

Middle notes: Coconut cream.

Base notes: Warm vanilla.


how to layer fragrances | unicorn fruit perfume

Truly’s Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum

Why we love it: With notes of vanilla, blackberry, and cotton candy, Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum is a feminine fragrance that adds a sprinkling of sweetness and sensuality to your blends.

Top notes: Blackberry and sandalwood.

Middle notes: Cotton candy.

Base notes: Vanilla and marshmallow.


How to layer fragrances? The secret to creating a signature, long-lasting scent is by prepping skin with a base layer, moisturizing to the max, and experimenting with different combinations. By layering fragrances the right way, you can enjoy your very own custom scent that lasts for hours. 


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