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How to Actually Moisturize Super Dry Skin

When your skin starts looking less dewy and more Sahara-Desert dry, your first instinct may be to go grab your lotion and start slathering it on.  Using a moisturizer is indeed the most important...

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Truly Roundup: Our Top 3 Favorite New Beauty Products Dropped in 2021

At Truly, we pride ourselves in providing the cleanest, most high-performing, most adorable skincare products around. Besides all our products being vegan and cruelty-free, we utilize only the best active ingredients in our formulas,...

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The Best Antioxidant According to Your Skin Type

Aaah antioxidants. You can't live with them, you can't live without them. Except you can live without them. You just wouldn't have such awesome skin! With their ability to shield the skin from...

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Why You Need To Know The Difference Between Chemical Vs. Physical Exfoliators

Maybe you’ve heard of chemical and physical exfoliation, but you’re not sure what either really means? Creating a good daily skincare plan is important in maintaining the quality of your...

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Is Skincare Microdosing the Secret to a Flawless Complexion?

More is better, right?  Not always, it turns out. Especially when it comes to skincare. Overdosing on your retinol serums and glycolic acid-infused oils can actually reverse the effects of those skincare products, causing redness, itching, flaking,...

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I tried a Skincare Routine To Lighten My Dark Underarms For 30 Days

When it comes to underarm care, there's not a one-size-fits-all. Some people choose to shave their underarms daily and spray on an antiperspirant or deodorant stick. Others prefer to embrace their natural armpit hairs and swear by natural deodorant. Similarly, people also...

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Limp, Lifeless Hair? Try Scalp Exfoliation

Meh hair? It's time to smarten up about your scalp! It turns out, you might be neglecting a crucial step in your haircare routine -- scalp exfoliation. If you're looking to add volume,...

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Unexpected Ways You Might Be Causing Hair Breakage + Loss This Summer

Can you hear your hair snapping as you brush it? Are you noticing more hair clogging up your shower drain? Is hair thinning becoming more obvious when you attempt different hairstyles?  Everyone loses...

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Back to Basics: How to Kill Frizz Forever

Are you looking for a quick answer to how to get rid of frizzy hair? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. There are, however, products you can use and habits you can...

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Truly’s Way to Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Skincare Products

At Truly, we care about the planet, its fellow human beings, and our furry friends that reside on it. And we make our skincare products with those ethics always and forever in our...

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The Benefits of Shopping Clean Beauty

When buying skincare products, have you ever considered what's actually inside the formulations and what effects those ingredients may have on your health, the environment, and your skin?  Over the past few years, headlines about...

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How Green Tea Wakes You Up - Inside and Out

From time to time, a natural product makes the headlines with so many benefits it is hard to believe they are true. It is undoubtedly the case with green tea. Who...

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How Avocado Will Help Your Razor Burn

At some point in your life, you're probably going to deal with razor burn.  Razor burn is skin irritation that occurs while shaving different parts of your body, including your face, underarms, legs, or bikini area....

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How Squalene Is The Key To Ingrown Hairs

It might be time to introduce squalene into your skincare routine. Squalene is a versatile skincare ingredient found naturally in the skin and used as an emollient in the beauty industry. It's also an antioxidant, effective at protecting skin against free...

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Our Second Ever After Shave Serum Is Here: And It’s Super.

Remember our Glazed Donut Shave Oil? Maybe you even have a bottle of it sitting in your skincare fridge or beauty cabinet. Either way, it was a hugely popular product that's still...

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The Best CBD Skincare Products to Try

Everyone is talking about CBD skincare. In a world in which more and more people are looking for natural products to keep their skin healthy, it’s clear to see why...

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How CBD Stopped My Oily Skin Sheen

Oily skin, unfortunately, has a lot to do with genetics. But that doesn't mean you're stuck with an oily complexion. You have options - good ones. Everyone has sebaceous glands. They're...

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How I Started Fighting Body Odor with CBD

Body odor can be unpleasant and annoying. But it's a natural bodily function that happens to everyone - even if you are showering on a daily basis and using antiperspirant regularly.  Exercise, living...

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Our New Fave Beauty Oil: Marula

Your beauty fridge and cupboards are probably already stocked with coconut oil, argan oil, and jojoba seed oil. There are so many fabulous beauty oils out there, it can be hard to figure out which one's...

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One Product Five Ways: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare

Are you the girl who abides by a 20-step skincare routine? Your bathroom cabinet is full to the brim with lotions, serums, and scrubs, all claiming to deliver a flawless,...

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Each Truly Team Member & Their Fav Product

Hey Truly, do you ever use any of your own beauty products? Absolutely we do! From our whipped, candy-scented body butters to our boob-targeted serums, illuminating scrubs to magic-making masks,...

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