Euphoria Girls' Skincare Secrets

Euphoria Girls' Skincare Secrets
by Truly Beauty

If you're a Euphoria fan, you've no doubt been wondering the same thing as the rest of us: how the heck do those women attain their flawless complexions?

HBO's epic teen drama comprises of a few glam female leads: Hunter Schafer (Jules), Zendaya (Rue), Alexa Demie (Maddy), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), and Barbie Ferreira (Kat). 

So what are their beauty secrets? And do they have attainable skincare routines we can replicate?

In this article, we uncover the beauty routines and makeup tips of our Euphoria favorites IRL. Get ready to get the full juice on the Euphoria girl's beauty secrets!


Hunter Schafer

When it comes to skincare, Hunter Schafer keeps things minimal. And by minimal, we mean two products and two products only.

"I kind of only have one skincare routine. I just shower and I put on moisturiser after I shower!" she told Vice back in 2019. Day and night, her skincare regimen looks pretty much the same.

As for makeup looks, the Euphoria actress is all about the eye makeup. 

The Shiseido Makeup Ambassador opened up to Vogue earlier this year about her passion for makeup. And how she approaches it like visual design.

"So when I’m thinking about doing an eye shadow look, I think about it in the context of an oil painting, which is all about doing a lot of thin layers of colors to create something more dimensional," she tells Vogue. "Or, it might be something super graphic, like a line drawing with an eyeliner or something."

She adds, "It all makes a lot of sense to me in my head that way and has made it that much more fun to approach artistically." Erm...Wow!

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AKA Rue, Zendaya is a major beauty icon we're desperate to hear beauty advice from!

For starters, the Euphoria actress is a huge fan of natural products. She apparently stocks her beauty cabinet with products like "witch hazel, rose water and vitamin E oil."

Her skincare routine is a little more elaborate than her co-star Schafer's. It comprises of a cleanser, African black soap bar, rose petal toner, SPF-formulated moisturizer, rose and aloe face mist, and eye cream.

"Just “drinking more water” does not replace a skincare routine," she tells W Magazine. "It’s good for you no doubt, but it will not make all your blemishes disappear overnight, especially for those with problem skin."

As far as makeup's concerned, her go-to's include mascara and lip gloss. 

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Alexa Demie

How does Maddy (Alexa, we mean!) keep her skin looking so flawless? And her makeup? How? How? How?

For starters, she believes in the power of skin cleansing. According to Demie, her mom (a former MAC makeup artist) taught her everything she knows about beauty.

“My entire life I would just hear, ‘Wash your face, wash your face,’” Demie recalls in her Vogue makeup tutorial. And so, the actress we known as Maddy starts the tutorial by cleansing her face and following up with a hydrating serum.

As for her fave beauty look: it's got to be winged eyeliner. Of course!

"I always do my own wing," she says. "That’s my signature thing."

To create her expert cat-eye flick, "I start at the outer corner of my eye,” she says, moving along her lash line, "but it needs to be really pointy."

She also adores concealer, foundation, mascara, nude lipstick, and lip gloss. 

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Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney (aka Cassie) has opened up several times about her struggles with cystic acne and the difficulties she's faced finding a routine that works for her. 

"I wish I could just give my current routine to my younger self and save a lot of tears," Sweeney tells The Cut. "I grew up just washing my face with water and lathering Nivea all over my face. My mom and grandma did it too, and so when I entered middle school, I followed along."

She adds, "As time went on, my skin became trickier, and I really struggled because I didn’t have access to the type of products my skin needed. Growing up, I would feel like people were just looking at my breakouts and not me."

According to the actress, her dermatologist prescribed topical treatment which contained vitamin A and that helped a lot. But she stills deals with pimples even to this day.

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Barbie Ferreira

So what does the spokesperson of Becca have to say about beauty and makeup?

Well first off, she clears things up that she's definitely not minimalist. The actress who plays Kat on the show loves experimenting with makeup and creating fun, bold looks. In fact, she says Euphoria's makeup looks (created by the very talented makeup artist Doniella Davy) inspire her own. 

"My favorite thing to do when I want a splash of Euphoria but keeping it more natural is, well, first I do a little bit of Becca Light Shifter under my eye, because I’m not really big on cakey concealer every day, just something that’s really bright and juicy and that just pops. And a little under-eye primer," she tells Byrdie.

And because she has oily skin, Ferreira says she prefers a matte foundation look over a dewy one. She occasionally likes to dress her eyes in glitter tears and rhinestones, too. 

Aside from doing fun makeup looks, the Euphoria star enjoys practicing wellness - a ritual that involves listening to mediation music or meditating with videos on YouTube. 

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Whether you're a Rue, Cassie, or Kat fan, we've got the scoop on all of the leading Euphoria ladies' beauty secrets. Just like they're on-screen characters, they're all unique in how they approach makeup and skincare. Some keep things simple, while others go all out. Either way, they're clearly all doing something right - because they look fab! Both on-screen and off-screen!




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