Lori Harvey's Skincare Routine is HOW Much???

Lori Harvey's Skincare Routine is HOW Much???
by Truly Beauty

Who doesn’t love getting a glimpse into someone’s skincare routine? Especially someone like Lori Harvey. The woman’s skin gleams! And clearly, she knows a thing or two about skincare seeing as she has her own skincare lineSkn by LH. Then there are all the TikTok videos she’s shared revealing her skincare journey (the 25-year old battles with skin sensitivity due to her rosacea), and go-to beauty secrets.

So when we heard that she’d revealed every step of her $349-worth beauty routine, we were obviously desperate to hear more!

Here are all the products you’ll find in Lori Harvey’s skincare routine — and how to replicate her regimen at home using wallet-friendly alternatives.



Here’s Lori Harvey’s step-by-step routine so that you can get her iconic glow. She calls it the “perfect easy everyday skincare routine.”

#1: Oribe Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque

To start, Harvey hydrates her hair with the Oribe Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque ($63) on days she needs to give her hair a little more love. It’s one of her fave beauty products for strengthening and adding shine to her strands.

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#2: The Hair Kitchen No.5 Rosemary + Mint Hair Growth Oil

After her hair masking session, the model and entrepreneur applies a few drops of the No.5 Rosemary + Mint Hair Growth Oil ($36) and massages it into her scalp. She loves the oil because it makes her hair "feel really, really good."

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#3: KNC Beauty Supa Scrub Set

After nourishing her hair with different products, Harvey uses the KNC Beauty Supa Scrub Set ($28) to exfoliate her lips. She starts by applying the paste, using the pink silicone brush in circular motions. According to Harvey, this scrub set leaves her pout feeling “super hydrated and luscious.” And she can’t get enough of the cute little brush that comes with it.

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#4: Skin by LH Goji Berry Cleanser

After wiping off the lip exfoliator, Harvey moves on to her skincare routine. To wash away the day’s dirt, oil, and impurities, she swears by the Skin by LH Goji Berry Cleanser ($38) — a product from her own skincare brand.

LH's ultra-rich Goji Berry Cleanser is suitable for all skin types with a blend of active nutrients and hydrating oils to remove impurities and prevent breakouts while keeping the skin moisturized. It’s an excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

Save with: Truly’s CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser


#5: Skin by LH White Tea Toner

Once she’s done washing her face, Harvey applies the Skin by LH White Tea Toner ($35). She’s obsessed with this product because it hydrates, clarifies, and refreshes. Oh yeah, and it’ll leave your skin looking all glowy.

The trouble with a lot of toners is that they leave the skin all tight and dry. This white tea toner not only deeply cleanses the skin, but hydrates and brightens. Your skin will feel sensational after using.

Save with: Truly’s CBD Jelly Toning Solution


#6: Skin by LH Vitamin C Serum

A skincare routine would not be complete without serum, and Harvey’s favorite is the Skin by LH Vitamin C Serum ($50), which she loves for its brightening effects.

Powered by vitamin C, niacinamide, and botanical extracts, this glow-enhancing formula works to treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation while supporting healthy-looking skin. Vitamin C serums are commonly used in celebrity beauty routines not only because they brighten, but because they protect skin against free radicals. Worn with your daily sunscreen, vitamin C can maximize its protective effects.

"Vitamin C really made a difference in my skin. It’s high in antioxidants and it really helped to correct my uneven skin tone and brighten the skin. It also helps with fine lines and wrinkles, which I love!” says Harvey.

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#7: Skin by LH Peptide Eye Complex

Eye-cream is a non-negotiable, according to Harvey because "Dark circles and undereye bags run in my family." That’s why she uses the Skin by LH Peptide Eye Complex ($45). This formula helps to brighten dark circles, leaving your peepers looking more alert. Being one of the first formulas she made, Peptide Eye Complex a product that’s close to her heart.

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#8: Skin by LH Niacinamide Cream

As the final step in her skincare routine, Lori Harvey likes to seal everything in with a rich face cream. Her favorite is the Skin by LH Niacinamide Cream ($38).

This luxe moisturizer hydrates, firms, and brightens skin thanks to a slew of super nourishing active ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Together, these ingredients promote a radiant complexion while deeply moisturizing the skin.

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#9: Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment

To complete her beauty routine, Lori Harvey applies a few swipes of the Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment ($16) in the salted caramel scent, which she says leaves her pout feeling "super juicy."

Save with: Truly’s Heartbreaker Jelly Lip Plumping Mask


Lori Harvey knows the importance of self-care — and skincare. Instead of following flashing beauty trends, the model believes in following a solid routine featuring high-performing products.

“I have been embracing not putting on any makeup and just taking care of my skin,” she explains. “It's been so good! It's an overall confidence boost for me, when my skin looks good and it's clear.”

Sure, we know Hailey Bieber has been getting most of the spotlight lately what with her glazed donut skin and all, but Lori Harvey’s skin is equally as gleaming. More tips, pls!!!



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