Sofia Richie Skincare Routine

Sofia Richie Skincare Routine
by Truly Beauty

Discover the full Sofia Richie skincare routine and get her model-worthy glow at home. Sofia Richie has always been an It-girl. With her sleek bun, signature sun-kissed glow, and perfectly groomed brows, the model always looks effortlessly chic. That said, she has dealt with many of the same skin concerns as the rest of us—including acne and dermatitis.

As the first-ever beauty director of beauty brand, Nudestix, we’re interested in hearing Sofia spill the beans on her own skincare secrets. Read on to hear exactly what Sofia Richie uses on her skin and achieve her cool-girl glow in just six steps.

Sofia Richie Skincare Routine

What skincare does Sofia Richie use? The model likes to keep things simple since she deals with sensitive skin. Here’s her step-by-step skincare routine. 

Step 1: Cleanser

“I tend to have very oily and sensitive skin, so it’s super important for me that I’m really cleansing,” the model told Allure. What face wash does Sofia Richie use? She uses a gentle, all natural face wash enriched with natural oils and plant extracts such as coconut, tea tree, and olive oil to lather away impurities and reveal fresh, glowing skin.

Richie also said in another interview that she deals both with acne and dermatitis. For that reason, she has to be very careful what she uses on her skin. That’s why she sticks to gentle, natural formulas.

sofia richie skincare routine | glass skin cleansing balm

Truly’s Glass Skin Cleansing Balm

With coconut oil + niacinamide 


Step 2: Moisturizer

Next up in the Sofia Richie skincare routine is moisturizer. After cleansing away excess oil and impurities, she follows up with a lightweight daily moisturizer to get her skin smooth and plump. 

Her go-to is EltaMD AM Restore Moisturizer. It contains a hydrating blend of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to protect and replenish skin’s moisture barrier. It also provides gentle exfoliation with willow bark extract to improve skin tone and texture.

If you’re dealing with sensitive skin or dermatitis, like Richie, moisturizing is especially important for keeping your skin barrier strong and protected. Plus, moisturizing helps to alleviate dryness and soothe irritation.

sofia richie skincare routine | glass skin serum

Truly’s Glass Skin Facial Serum

With niacinamide + probiotics 


Step 3: Sculpting Bar

For subtle definition, Sofia reaches for a vibrating facial sculpting bar. These sculpting bars help to sculpt the cheekbones, define the jawline, and reduce puffiness by supporting skin circulation and encouraging collagen production.

Don’t have a sculpting bar on hand? Try giving yourself a facial massage. Massages also help to increase circulation and blood flow, reducing puffiness and enhancing your skin’s natural glow. Besides working wonders for your skin, it feels amazing. A perfect opportunity for a much-deserved self care moment!

Step 4: Eye Serum 

Another key step in the Sofia Richie skincare routine is eye cream. When you’re as busy as this model and beauty director, you can find yourself susceptible to eye shadows and puffiness. Eye serums can fix that.

To keep her peepers bright and alert, Sofia relies on a neroli eye serum which she uses in her daily routine. It contains a nutrient-rich blend of oils such as chia, tamanu, argan, and jojoba oil to repair, brighten, rejuvenate, and promote skin renewal. With this magical formula, you can easily fake your eight hours of sleep.

Step 5: Sunscreen

The final step she never misses? “SPF! That is one thing I have learned over the years—it is so important to wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin,” Sofia told Byrdie. She uses a lightweight mineral sunscreen with SPF 30 to keep her skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Since UV exposure is one of the leading causes of premature aging, sunscreen is a priority for maintaining youthful skin. Be sure to wear it every day, and re-apply every two hours with continued sun exposure. 

Step 6: Sleep in Coconut Oil

“I sleep in coconut oil,” Sofia told E! News. “I just soak in my hair, on my face, on my skin, all over—it's kind of my thing. Growing up, my dad [Lionel Richie] used to do it.”

Coconut oil is a skincare and haircare powerhouse, enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants which deeply nourish and hydrate the skin and hair. It softens, smooths, and can even fight infections thanks to its antimicrobial properties. What’s more, it boasts anti-inflammatory activity that can help ease red, irritated skin. Coconut oil can be used alone but if you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin, it’s best used when combined with other ingredients in a skincare product.

How Sofia Richie Deals with Breakouts

While she admits she used to overdo it with exfoliating and spot treating, Sofia now focuses on barrier repair—which she says has significantly helped her oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

As for her tip for treating blemishes? According to Richie, she’ll use a niacinamide-rich facial moisturizer on nights she experiences a breakout. Instead of dousing her skin with harsh exfoliators and spot treatments, she nourishes the skin with barrier-bolstering ingredients which soothe inflamed breakouts.

Steal Sofia Richie’s Glow

We’ve rounded up some of our best glow-enhancing bundles for getting Sofia Richie’s fresh, radiant skin. Stock up on these cult faves…

Truly’s Glass Skin Set

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Soak up the skin-clearing benefits of niacinamide, probiotics, and jojoba oil in Truly’s Glass Skin Set. You’ll get: an ulta gentle cleansing balm + serum designed to clear blemishes, minimize pores, and leave skin glowing. 

Truly’s Ultimate Glazed Donut Skin Set

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Get luminous skin all over in just three steps with these Glazed Donut products. Formulated with coconut oil, lavender, passion fruit, and vitamin E to drench skin in moisture, support skin barrier function, and illuminate the skin. 

Truly’s Unicorn Blast Bundle

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Moisturize, polish, and plump with the most decadent Truly must-haves. You get: our whipped hydrating body butter, cleansing polish, and plumping lip balm for a level of head-to-toe dewiness that belongs in fairytales. With a scrumptious cotton candy scent.

The Sofia Richie skincare routine consists of six simple steps that you can easily try at home. Be sure to stock up on the skincare products above to get fresh, radiant skin like Sofia’s. 

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