Benefits Of Pineapple Haze

Pineapple Extract

Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, pineapple extract gently exfoliates and repairs skin. It is known to contain the fruit enzyme 'bromelain'. It is an effective exfoliant that sloughs off dead cells on the surface of the skin while imparting benefits to heal and soothe any irritated skin.


CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Shown to help ease inflammation, CBD is the perfect ingredient to soothe irritated skin. A deep moisturizer, CBD will help combat dryness and bring calmness to the skin.

Jojoba Oil

A prolific oil in skincare, jojoba is known for its hydrating properties. Heavy in vitamin E and B-complex, jojoba oil helps to repair the skin while preventing further damage.

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Paradiso dell'ananas. We soaked in the Positano sun with our Truly babes--restoring our skin with Pineapple Haze. Come soak in the juices.

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