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Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle
Unicorn Blast Bundle

Shop Fairytale-Ready Skincare

Shop Fairytale-Ready Skincare

1928 reviews

All the cult favorites, bundled. Moisturize, polish, and plump with the all-star lineup of the most decadent, ingredient-forward Truly must-haves. You get: our BRAND NEW plumping, cleansing, and hydrating polish, our 2-in-1 ultra hydrating body butter that doubles as a signature scent, and the multipurpose lip balm that works all over.

What you'll get:

  • Unicorn Fruit Body Polish
  • Unicorn Fruit Body Butter
  • Unicorn Fruit Lip Balm

Your Faves, Bundled.

3 Must Haves! πŸ¦„

We just made shopping the must-haves that much easier. Best-sellers, cult-classics, the MVPs of skincare: the transformative head-to-toe trio of our Unicorn Fruit Polish, Body Butter, and Lip Balm is straight out of a dream while promising the realest results ever.

Formulated with Less to Impress. βš–οΈ

We love to be extra, but we know when less is more. Vitamin-packed Acai and Vegan Collagen work to naturally firm and revive damaged skin cells while shea butter secures new levels of glow. Hi, skincare smoothie of our dreams!

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Why Our Customers Bought This

How did I live without this?? honestly, how did we survive without this polish? Nothing makes my legs softer.

Jacki 2 months ago

My skin is so soft and shiny, my boyfriend even noticed. I’m glad I came across this product and can’t wait to try some more!

Emily 1 months ago

The unicorn fruit products all smell so good and work great together! I love the way I feel after using this in the shower.

Amanda 2 months ago

Love it, smells wonderful a little goes a long way and my skin absorbed it and was left so soft and hydrated.

Rachel 4 months ago


Rose water

Love is in the air… for how this little antioxidant powerhouse ingredient reduces redness, mitigates excess oil and fights acne.😘

Vegan collagen

Fine lines and wrinkles are OUT, extra firm and dewy skin is IN with our 100% vegan collagen πŸ’¦πŸ™….


With half an alphabet of vitamins (A, B, C, and E), and antioxidant properties, these power-packed little berries will leave your skin feeling supple AF. ✨