Berry Cheeky Clearing Butt Polish Mini

Blemish-Fighting Booty Polish

  • Resurfacing
  • Conditioning
  • Blemish Covering

A lightweight, whipped cleansing polish made specifically for your bum. A fruity blend of berries, jojoba beads and blemish-clearing allantoin to improve the appearance of active butt breakouts, slough off dead skin and even hyperpigmentation. Gentle enough for everyday use.


Why it’s Special
  • Jojoba beads are a naturally brightening and eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to microplastics, which can potentially irritate or tear the top layer of skin while exfoliating.
  • Beta glucan is a humectant moisturizer naturally derived from yeast or oats that is excellent in quelling redness, preventing moisture loss and fighting against the formation of fine lines.
  • Rose extract is rich in vitamin C and phenolics to help improve the appearance of active breakouts.
Key Ingredients:




Full Ingredients:

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