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Cooka Concentrate
Cooka Concentrate
Cooka Concentrate
Cooka Concentrate
Cooka Concentrate

Cooka Concentrate

Ingrown Serum 0.7 Fl. Oz / 20 Ml

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A topical concentrate designed to relieve and prevent ingrown formation on the bikini line, pubic mound or any areas on the body prone to redness and irritation where hair meets skin. Lavender’s soothing antimicrobial effects work alongside hydrating jojoba and elasticity-restoring primrose to relieve inflammation, visibility smooth, and promote an even skin tone.



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  • Ultra hydrating jojoba naturally regulates sebum production and balances the body's oil, actively promoting healthy hair growth while limiting acne + ingrowns. 
  • Safe for all skin types as well as being antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, lavender unclogs pores, regenerates skin cells, and quells irritation on even the most sensitive skin. 
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  • Hydrating
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Smoothing
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