10 Products We Use For Our 'Everything Showers'

10 Products We Use For Our 'Everything Showers'
by Truly Beauty

'Everything showers' are SO hot right now. 

They're actually nothing new. Everything showers are basically the all intensive shower routine you do -- most likely only once or twice a week -- that involves washing your hair, doing a full shave, and using all your fave skincare products. 

Here are the 10 products we use to enjoy the most sensational everything shower. Got a shower caddy? You're going to need one!


#1: Super Fruit Shampoo 

We like to start our shower lathering up our scalp with Super Fruit Shampoo. Formulated with organic coconut oil, argan oil, tea tree, and jojoba with an antioxidant boost, this shine-restoring shampoo removes buildup while coating your locks in fruit based goodness and restoring their naturally strong, silky form.



#2: Super Fruit Conditioner

After shampooing, we smooth our favorite Super Fruit Conditioner through the ends of our strands to seal in moisture for long-lasting hydration. While jojoba oil hydrates, argan oil is packed with vitamins that increase hair's elasticity while adding shine to dull, lackluster locks. 

Leave it on for three to five minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. If you're planning to shave, you can also leave it on a little longer to penetrate even deeper. An extra few minutes will help to maximize its moisturizing and repairing powers.



#3: Moon Jelly Adaptogenic Body Cleanser

One of our favorite shower products, Moon Jelly Body Wash brings the spa experience right to your bathroom. With its soothing blend of ashwagandha, lavender, and chamomile, this shower essential cleanses the skin while calming the senses, relieving muscle aches and pains, and promoting better sleep.

Lather it up with a little hot water, massage it into your body, and enjoy the best shower of your life. It's far more nourishing than your regular bar soap, which can actually be super drying and irritating to the skin.



#4: Moon Rocks Whipped Body Scrub

Exfoliating before shaving is fundamental for getting that ultra-close, super smooth shave sans irritation and ingrown hairs. Whenever we plan on shaving away our fuzz, we like to start with an invigorating body scrub like Moon Rocks.

This lightly whipped sugar scrub is made with a nourishing base of coconut oil, brightening lavender, and protective vitamin E to buff away dead skin cells and brighten up dull, dry skin. It's also infused with aloe and cucumber to soothe any post-shave razor bumps or burns.

Use this scrub instead of loofahs with hard bristles or rough washcloths which can be too harsh on the skin.




#5: Super Matcha Facial Cleanser

Save yourself the hassle of doing it separately, and wash your face in the shower with the rest of your beauty routine. That's what we like to do!

Our fave cleanser? That would have to be the mega soothing Super Matcha Face Wash. Perfect for sensitive skin, this formula blends vitamin C with matcha and rose to cleanse, soothe, and hydrate skin. It's fragrance-free, packed with plant-based nourishment, and a daily shower staple.



#6: Vegan Collagen Face Mask

Whenever we do a full body shave, we like to slather on a jelly mask and wash it away when we're done with the shaving process. While we have multiple face masks to choose from, Vegan Collagen Face Mask is one of our faves for its multitasking marvels. 

Formulated with powerful actives such as retinol and vitamin C, Vegan Collagen Face Mask speeds cell turnover, boosts collagen production, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the complexion. It's also made with vegetable collagen for extra plumping power, and coconut oil for a burst of hydration.

Leave it on your face for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water. 



#7: Coco Cloud Shaving Cream

Now that the rest is done, it's time to get shaving! Before we even think about putting razor to skin, we like to lather up using our bestselling Coco Cloud Shaving Cream and smother our hairy parts in it. 

Enriched with soothing coconut milk and hydrating argan oil, this formula makes shaving feel more like self-care rather than a chore. Besides boosting your wellness, it preps for a seamless razor glide, ultra-close shave, and silky smooth results. 



#8: Coco Cloud Razor

With legs white and foamy, we take our Coco Cloud Razor and glide it across the hairy spots going against the direction of hair growth. If we're shaving our bikini line, we prefer to shave with the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Next, we take the shower head, rinse off the excess cream, and inspect. If we're feeling smooth and soft all over, we'll proceed to the next step. If not, we let the foam run through the shower drain, and repeat another round of lathering up and shaving.




#9: Coco Cloud Shave Serum

Once we've rinsed everything off, we pat our skin dry using a soft, clean towel, and massage in a dozen or so drops of Coco Cloud Shave Serum. It just melts into the skin, and instantly soothes any shave-related irritation. Plus, it leaves us smelling like tropical paradise!



#10: Coco Cloud After Shave Butter

Every shower or shaving session MUST finish with a generous layer of lotion. This way, the skin stays smooth, hydrated, and less likely to become irritated. Since we like hot showers, moisturizing is non-negotiable in our shower routine.

Coco Cloud After Shave Butter is a fluffy, thick, and ultra luxe body moisturizer that seals in moisture, calms burns, bumps, and redness, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.




BRB...off to do our everything showers!!! *shower curtain closes*


If you've got a skin condition like eczema, speak to your dermatologist before using new skincare products. 

You can purchase all the Truly products on our official website, Ulta, Sephora, and Amazon. Make sure you stock up for your everything shower. Made a video? Remember to tag us! We'd love to hear what you're using!



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