5 Ways to Clear Your Butt Acne Scars

5 Ways to Clear Your Butt Acne Scars
by Truly Beauty

Butt acne scars are the aftermath of butt acne. They’re typically caused by picking and prodding at your pimples, and sometimes they simply form during the healing process.

Butt acne itself is usually caused by wearing tight clothing, excessive sweating, and even some skin conditions such as folliculitis and keratosis pilaris. With the right acne treatments, you can definitely clear up your blemishes. However, sometimes those little red bumps leave behind scars and discoloration, which requires special treatments to gradually fade.

Luckily, there are some awesome skincare products out there that you can use to treat buttne scars. Looking to get rid of butt acne scars? Here are five ways (and products) to make that happen. 


How to Get Rid of Butt Acne Scars

Here's a step-by-step guide on treating acne scars on butt. Plus, the best skincare products for the job!


#1: Buff Your Booty 

Out with the old skin, in with the new! Exfoliation plays an important role in the treatment of butt acne scarring. By sloughing away dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, it removes pigmented cells and promotes the formation of more evenly pigmented cells, helping to fade dark spots and discoloration. In addition to smoothing out your skin, exfoliation also prevents butt pimples from forming in the first place by preventing clogged pores.

how to get rid of butt acne scars | 24k gold body cleanser

Truly's 24K Gold Black Soap Luxury Impurity Cleanser


How to use: In the shower, take a scoop of scrub, mix it with a few drops of water, and massage it into the affected area using circular motions. Let it sit for a minute, then rinse.


#2: Polish Your Peach

Polishes work a lot like scrubs. The only difference is that they solely work to remove dead skin cells. Truly's Unicorn Polish is a fruity formula of acai, matcha, vegan collagen, and chia. Each ingredient in the formula works in harmony to brighten dull skin, smooth away bumps, and clarify blackheads. Plus, it’ll leave your booty smelling fruity.

treatment for butt acne scars | Unicorn fruit polish

Truly's Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Polish


This polish utilizes the power of shea butter as a base to retain moisture and keep skin hydrated all day long. With hydration comes smoother skin, and that’s exactly what this polish provides. Use it on your backside to clear hair follicles, buff away dull cells, and clear up your body acne scars. Alongside this, it helps to prep skin for the next skincare products in your routine, enabling them to penetrate deeper.

How to use: In the shower, apply a palmful of polish to your butt and massage it in using circular motions. Let it sit on the skin for a minute, then rinse and pat dry.


#3: Apply a Pigmentation Treatment

Scars and hyperpigmentation cannot be removed without a topical treatment designed to fade discoloration. If you’re experiencing butt breakout scars, try an over-the-counter spot treatment like our Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment Potion.

How to treat butt acne scars | jelly booster treatment

Truly's Jelly Booster Pigment Body Potion


This discoloration correcting serum is an innovative formula of pomegranate extract and vitamin B12, which work in tandem to stimulate collagen production, spur skin cell regeneration, and improve the appearance of butt acne scars and discoloration. Used daily, this little gem will eradicate those stubborn dark spots in no time.

How to use: Apply several drops of serum to the butt area and let it fully absorb before getting dressed.


#4: Moisturize

Every skincare routine should end with a moisturizer. Moisturizing not only hydrates skin and leaves you feeling smoother, it also seals all those active ingredients in — keeping them working throughout the day. When you have zits on your booty (or scars), applying a thick heavy body lotion will only clog your pores and trigger more breakouts

butt acne scars | dragon milk body lotion

Truly's Dragon Milk Anti-Blemish Body Lotion


The Dragon Milk Body Lotion features a blend of exfoliating hydroxy acids to slough away dead cells to reveal fresh, even skin. It's also ultra-hydrating and soothing so it won't leave you red or dry.

How to use: Apply several drops to the butt area, and massage in well. Let it fully absorb before getting dressed.


#5: Heal with Pimple Patches

One of the best ways to stop butt acne scars from forming altogether is to treat active breakouts as soon as they pop up. Pimple patches are one of the best products to do that, since they work by draining zits of oil and bacteria, speeding up the healing process and preventing acne aftermath like scarring and discoloration.

how to get rid of butt acne scars | heart your imperfections blemish patches

Truly's #Heart Your Imperfections Blemish Patches


Our heart shaped acne patches contain hydrocolloid to absorb oil and impurities while spurring speedy skin healing. 

How to use: Stick a patch over active blemishes. Re-apply every seven hours, and leave on overnight for speedy healing.


Beat Butt Acne Scars with the Bodne Bundle

Why not tackle all your booty concerns (breakouts, scarring, discoloration, etc.) all in one go with our bestselling Bodne Bundle. 

Butt acne scar treatments | bodne bundle

Truly's Bodne Bundle


The Bodne Bundle features 4 powerful formulas designed to cleanse, mist, moisturize, and spot treat your way to a blemish free booty. Complete with our Vogue-award-winning cleanser. 



How to Prevent Butt Acne Scars

Here are some quick tips for preventing buttne scars in the first place.

- Wash your booty daily with a clarifying cleanser or antibacterial soap. Look for a body wash that contains acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, like our Cherry Jelly Body Cleanser.

- Wear light, breathable clothing.

- Always shower straight after working out or getting especially sweaty to prevent pores from becoming clogged.

- Regularly exfoliate the area with a scrub, exfoliating cleanser, loofah, or washcloth.

- Visit a dermatologist if you’re experiencing severe butt acne like cysts.


Butt acne scars aren’t that hard to clear provided that you follow a clearing and smoothing routine like the one above. While there are plenty of home remedies you can try, nothing clears up scars better than a solid routine of high-performing skincare products. All products above are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Speak to your derm if your scars don’t improve after six weeks of following the above routine. A dermatology professional can prescribe topical or oral medication that may help. For the time being, avoid waxing or shaving the butt area which will only irritate the skin.



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