Body Mist vs Perfume: What's the Difference Between Body Mist and Perfume

Body Mist vs Perfume: What's the Difference Between Body Mist and Perfume
by Truly Beauty

Now that body mists are becoming increasingly popular, it might have got you wondering, what’s the difference between body mist and perfume? Both body mist and perfume have their own distinct characteristics and uses. It really all depends on your personal preference. Ahead, we explore body mist vs perfume including the differences between the two and which one comes out on top. 

What’s the Difference Between Body Mist and Perfume?

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There are a few key differences between body mist and perfume. It’s well worth knowing these differences when it comes to making the decision between perfume or body mist. Ahead, we explore perfume vs body mist. 

1. Concentration of Fragrance Oil

The proportion of oil is what differentiates body mist from perfume. Body mist typically contains 5-8% oil while perfume contains around 25%. This makes body mist a lighter, more versatile choice and perfect for everyday wear. Perfume, or eau de parfum, offers a richer, longer-lasting scent due to its high concentration of oil.

2. Longevity

Because of the low concentration of oil in body mists, they have a shorter lifespan. Body mist typically lasts between two to four hours. Perfume, on the other hand, can linger on the skin for up to 12 hours or even longer. That being said, you can master the art of layering your body mist with complementary mists, lotions, or other products to prolong the scent. 

3. Application 

What’s the difference between body mist and perfume? How you apply it. Perfume application is precise and controlled, allowing you to target specific areas with a small amount of fragrance. For example, pulse points. When you apply perfume, you usually apply to your wrists, behind your ears, and behind your knees. 

Body mist, conversely, is designed for broader application. It can be used on larger areas of the body and creates a more even application on the body for an all-over aroma. 

4. Skin Benefits

Since body mists contain a very low concentration of fragrance oils, they’re safe to apply directly on the skin and typically won’t cause any irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Perfumes, however, tend to be heavier because of their high concentration of fragrance oils. For that reason, they can be slightly more irritating for those with sensitive skin. 

Some body mists even contain hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil. They generally feel good and light on the skin, and are perfect for all weathers. 

5. Versatility

Body mists are incredibly versatile. You can pair them with other matching scents in the form of cleansers and moisturizers to make the scent last longer. Alternatively, you can even experiment with other mists and fragrances to create your own signature scent. 

Perfume is more of a standalone product. You can increase its longevity by applying it to well moisturized skin. However, since perfume contains a high concentration of fragrance oil, it tends to not blend as well when paired with other fragrances. 

6. Price

While perfume generally has a high price point, body mists are a budget-friendly option when it comes to fragrance. Their difference in price points is due to their different compositions. Of course, you will need to re-apply body mist throughout the day to maintain the scent unlike with perfumes which only need to be applied once. 



Body Mist vs Perfume

What is better – body mist or perfume? Both have their pros and cons. Here are some things to consider when choosing a body mist or perfume. 

Body Mist is Better for Everyday Wear

Because of its composition, body mist feels light and refreshing on the skin. Plus, it offers a subtle aroma that’s perfect for everyday use. If you’re looking for a fragrance you can wear for all occasions, body mist is an excellent choice. 

Perfume Lasts Longer

Since perfume contains much more oil than body mist, it lasts longer–up to 12 hours or more. Body mist, however, only lasts up to four hours. If you want a long-lasting scent that sees you through the day and night, perfume is your best choice. If you’d like more control over the scent, body mist can easily be re-applied throughout the day for a refreshing fragrance boost. 

Body Mist is Suitable for All Seasons

Body mist feels much lighter on the skin than perfume. Especially in the hot months, you don’t want a very strong, overpowering scent that feels heavy on your skin. Due to the low fragrance oil in body mist, it’s a great choice for any kind of weather. 

Perfume Has a Stronger Scent

Naturally, perfume has a stronger, richer scent than body mist. It’s perfect for special occasions. Most people choose perfume when they’re having a night out and want a scent that lasts all night long. 

Body Mist Offers More Even Distribution

While perfume is precisely applied to pulse points, body mist can be sprayed everywhere. You can apply it all over your body for an all over delicious scent. You can even spritz it on your clothing, bedding, and accessories. 



Best Body Mists 2023

Ahead, the best body mists of 2023 that'll leave you smelling delicious all over.


Ma Chérie Perfume Mist

A chocolatey, black cherry scent 🍫🫐

body mist vs perfume | Ma cherie mist


A black cherry fragrance with a blend of warm gourmands. With nuances of rich dark chocolate and salted caramel, Ma Chérie is utter indulgence for the senses. An unforgettable fragrance that'll sweep you off your feet.


Glazed Donut Perfume Mist

A sweet vanilla glaze scent 🍩

body mist vs perfume | glazed donut body mist


Decadent and delicious, this warm gourmand fragrance smells like freshly baked treats on a cool day. A blend of whipped buttercream, toasted vanilla, and white chocolate makes for an addictive, indulgent scent you'll adore. With a touch of sensuality. 


Birthday Sex Perfume Mist

A sensual floral-spicy scent 🌸

What's the Difference Between Body Mist and Perfume | Birthday sex body mist


An intimate and alluring fragrance with daring notes of rich jasmine, sweet saffron, and patchouli. Birthday Sex Perfume Mist is a spicy floral fragrance that'll leave you feeling sexy, confident, and empowered.


Best Perfumes 2023

Prefer perfume? Here's a selection of decadent perfumes you won't be able to resist. 


Unicorn Fruit Eau De Parfum

A whimsical cotton candy scent 🍭☁️

body mist vs perfume | Unicorn fruit perfume


A feminine pink sugar fragrance inspired by the iconic, world-famous Unicorn Fruit line. With notes of candy floss, vanilla, white floral, and black currant, it's the perfect scent for sweethearts with a seductive side. 


Coco Cloud Eau De Parfum

A coconut-y, warm vanilla scent 🥥🌴

perfume vs body mist | coco cloud perfume


An island coconut kissed scent that'll transport you straight to a sunbed sipping pina colada in the Bahamas. Splashes of creamy coconut and whispers of warm vanilla coalesce into a luxury, tropical scent you'll adore.  


Can I Use Body Mist and Perfume Together?

Body mist vs perfume | Coco cloud perfume


Now that you understand the difference between body mist and perfume, you might wonder if it's possible to use them together. You can use perfume and body mist together but it should be done thoughtfully and with consideration for the scents involved. Here are some tips for using body mist and perfume together.

Layer: If you want to enhance the longevity and intensity of your fragrance, you can layer a body mist with a perfume. Start with the body mist as a base and then apply the perfume to your pulse points. This can create a more complex and longer-lasting scent profile.

Complementary Scents: Choose scents that complement each other. For instance, if your body mist has a floral or fruity aroma, opt for a perfume that shares similar notes. This harmonious pairing can result in a delightful fragrance combination.

Spray Sparingly: Don’t overdo it or you could end up with an overpowering fragrance. Apply a small amount of each to enjoy a light, long lasting scent.

Should I Use Body Mist or Perfume?

Body mist vs perfume | Truly beauty perfume mists

When it comes to the body mist vs perfume debate, there’s not really a right or wrong answer. It all depends on your personal preferences. Now you know what’s the difference between body mist and perfume, you can decide which you want to choose. 

If you’re looking for a fragrance for daily use that’s easy to apply and versatile, body mist is your best option. Body mist can easily be re-applied throughout the day to stay smelling your best. Or, you can layer it with other mists and skincare products to prolong the scent and even create your own signature scent.

If you’re looking for a strong fragrance that’ll last all day without needing to be re-applied, perfume is your best choice. You can simply dab a little perfume onto your pulse points for a scent that lasts as long as 12 hours or more.

Alternatively, use them both (or pair them both). You’ll need to be very light handed with the perfume to ensure you don’t block out the notes in your body mist. But it is possible to pair them both for a long lasting scent. 

Our opinion? Make body mist your daily go-to, and preserve your perfume for those special occasions where you want your scent to last all night long.


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