9 Best Gifts for Taurus Women

9 Best Gifts for Taurus Women
by Truly Beauty

Spring is here, which means Taurus season is too!

Loyal, determined, and devoted, Taureans are a constant source of support for their loved ones. And that’s why this zodiac sign deserves only the most thoughtful gift for their upcoming birthday.

According to psychic medium and astro expert Myles Johnson, this Taurus season will be heavily focused on beauty and value.

“If you’ve had the need for decadence (one more sweet treat, an extra 15 minute nap, splurging on that expensive thing), you can blame it all on Taurus which deals heavily with beauty, comfort, and value,” they told Glamour, later adding: “This season is all about bringing in the gifts that turn reality into fantasy, no matter how expensive.” 

Is your best friend or loved one a Taurus? Here are nine fabulous gift ideas for the Taurus women in your life.


#1: Truly Full Body TREATment

Treat your favorite Taurean to the lap of luxury with this 6-step full body tightening treatment. Featuring two dessert-inspired skincare lines — Cake Maker + Dulce de Leches — Full Body TREATment is the upgrade your Taurus friend’s skincare routine needed.

Tauruses appreciate the finer things in life, and this gift set certainly lives up to the star sign’s expectations.

What’s inside the gift box? Dulce de Leches Cream, Dulce de Leches Polish, Dulce de Leches Serum, Cake Maker Cream, Cake Maker Polish, and Cake Maker Serum. Everything you need for boob, belly, butt, and leg tightening.



#2: Truly Satin Sleep Set

Upgrade their z's and appeal to their sensual nature with this luxurious 4-piece satin sleep set, featuring a standard-sized pillowcase, eye mask, headband, and scrunchie in precious pink. It’s the perfect gift for gals who enjoy sleep...and what Taurus zodiac doesn’t?

Made from high-quality satin, this luxe sleep set secures the dreamiest slumber and a frizz-free morning for a true night of beauty sleep.



#3: Truly Pineapple Haze Hand Cream

The best gifts can also be the most basic ones, including this fancy hand cream your Taurus pals probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. It might seem like a small birthday gift, but it’s packed with skin-rejuvenating power thanks to its blend of exfoliating pineapple, soothing CBD, and ultra-hydrating coconut oil.

You could even offer to give this indulgent earth sign a hand massage using the cream to make the birthday present extra lavish and heartfelt. It’s a great Taurus gift to help them prioritize self-care.



#4: Truly Duffle Bag

Now that safe travel options are opening up again, treat your Taurus friend to this elegant weekender bag — made from 100% vegan leather. It features a zippered main compartment and detachable shoulder strap to stow 10-step skincare routines in style. It can also be used to pack up your overnight essentials like a fresh T-shirt, toothbrush, and comfy pj’s. All in all, it’s a great gift for Tauruses who love to travel, or move around a lot.

Even if they’re homebodies, they can still use this stylish bag for quick grocery trips or gym sessions.



#5: Ultimate Coco Cloud Shave Kit

"Tauruses appreciate gifts that will activate their senses," explains NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Activate your Taurus bestie’s senses with this coconut-scented trio of fluffy, whipped butters and a silky, melts-in-to-skin serum. It’s the perfect gift for transforming their shave days into something memorable.

Whether it’s for a Taurus man or woman, enhance the experience even further by diffusing some essential oils, switching on some calming music, and filling a couple of wine glasses with a good pinot. Enjoy the spa experience together from your very own bathroom.



#6: Truly Pink Blanket

Spring might be warmer than winter, but it can still get chilly. Embrace your Taurus BFF with this plush, pink-hued blanket that serves multiple purposes. Besides keeping you warm when temps drop, this luxurious blanket also doubles up as a beach blanket and uber-chic throw.

“Sensual by nature, Tauruses like to snuggle solo or with another, which is why a throw is ideal to warm them up,” says Stardust.



#7: Truly Defrost Summer Bod

Ruled by Venus, Tauruses love dependable beauty products as part of their routine. This gift set of luxe summer skincare essentials will make Taurus zodiac signs feel utterly fulfilled. Featuring 7 Truly bestsellers, this body care kit thaws out winter skin for an unstoppable summer bod.

What’s inside? Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub, Coco Cloud Whipped Shave Butter, Truly Blue Razor, Buns of Glowry Butt Tightening Serum, Dulce de Leches Firming Boob & Belly Polish, Cooka Oil, and Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter + FREE skincare travel pouch. 



#8: Truly Pink Silicone Sleeve

This one might seem like a practical one, but Taurus horoscopes do love a dependable item. Truly’s heart-embossed silicone koozie keeps your beauty jars safe from sudsy hands and slippery shower edges. It also allows you to transport your glass jars safely on your travels without unzipping to breakage and leakages.

While you can find similar items on Etsy and Amazon, the Truly version is brand-stamped and extra strong to make sure your items stay safe!



#9: Truly VIP Collection 2.0

A luxurious XXL skincare kit featuring 11 full-sized Truly bestsellers and 2 gold spoons + FREE vegan leather yellow Trunk. Whether you’re buying for Mother’s Day or a birthday, the Taurus in your life is guaranteed to fall hard for this extraordinary gift set.

Since Taurus’s are highly sensual individuals, they’ll love all the different scents and textures this gift box delivers. From grape to coconut, mint to cotton candy, there’s a fragrance for everyone in this luxurious set.



We hope you’ve found this gift guide useful for finding the perfect present for the Taurus in your life. Be sure to come back soon to hear our gift guides for other star signs including Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn. Or basically all the star signs!




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