Truly House of Beauty Episode 17

Truly House of Beauty Episode 17
by Truly Beauty

Well hello there, you Truly beauty babe. We haven’t chit-chatted in a minute…how have you been?! Last time we visited the Truly Babes, they were getting hot ‘n ready for their dates on Valentine’s Day, using our date-ready bundle the Valentine’s Day Survival Kit. It’s always great seeing how our products can save the day....but how could our products save a VILLAGE?! Find out how on this week’s episode of the Truly House of Beauty. 

The Truly Babes were having a luxe Truly Spa Day in their Hollywood Hills mansion when they received a SERA (Skincare Emergency Red Alert) from the Mayor of Aspen, Colorado. “The people of Aspen are suffering from….dehydrated skin! The cold weather is making everyone too dried out. Please save us, Truly Babes! Free ski lift passes on us!” cried the Mayor. The Babes ware always looking to spread the joy of skincare, moisture, and hand whipped swirls. “Grab your Pink Duffles!” Zara screamed “It’s time to go to Aspen!” The Truly Babes were giddy with excitement as they stuffed their skincare essentials into their matching duffle bags, put on their custom Truly-fied snow gear, and skipped off to their Truly Helicopter ready to zip away to Aspen. 

The snowy mountains and cold winds greeted the Truly Babes as they landed in Aspen. The Mayor was already standing on the tarmac, anxiously waiting for their arrival. “HURRY!” he screamed with his teeny-tiny voice. This caused the Babes to scurry, slipping on ice and eating some fresh snow. Finally they meet up with the Mayor and it’s time to create a game plan! The Truly Babes have their itinerary planned– they are headed to the ski resort to give ALL the skiers + snowboarders some much-needed Truly 101. They hopped on the back of their private snowmobile and headed up the icy mountain to a cute little resort called Snow Puffer Village.

After unpacking their duffles in their cozy cabin, Anna heads out to show the people of Snow Puffer Village what Truly is all about. With her Pink Duffle packed full of Truly products, Anna gives a display on how to use Acai Your Boobies. Alas, everyone around her was wearing some snow gear…so she decided to get crafty (a true DIY babe)! Rolling snow together, Anna created the most voluptuous Snow Woman! With taute tatas and bright pink bikini, Anna applies the Acai Your Boobies IRL! “Gather around!” she squeals to the Snow Puffer Village attendees “Come see how to use our ICONIC boob polish!” She rubs some polish on the icy woman in circular motions, getting some “ooos” and “ahhhs” from the audience. Anna unzips her Pink Duffle and passes out some FREE Acai Your Boobies Polishes to everyone in the crowd so they too can have smoother, firmer chests! The Mayor watched in approval, nodding with excitement at seeing his village get some much-needed acai. 



While Anna is polishing snow boobies, Tyler & Zara are being sporty spices! These olympic-level skiers hit the slopes as soon as they arrived in Aspen. “Let’s toss some products to some other skiers while we are shredding some GNAR!” shouts Tyler. “Hmm…that could be super cool…but how could we make it even MORE eye-catching?” asked Zara. The two looked at each other for only 0.02 seconds before simultaneously saying “LET’S PASS OUT PRODUCTS IN OUR BATHING SUITS!” Tyler immediately zipped his snowsuit off, showing off his hot pink speedo while Zara peeled away her snow layers to show off her icy white bikini. They grabbed their skis and zipped down the slopes, tossing Truly products from their Pink Duffle to unsuspecting skiers. Even though they hit a few people in the head with a jar or two of butt polish, the Mayor still watched with approval, nodding his head at seeing people get the moisture they desperately needed. 


Now…Chloe wasn’t too keen on coming to Aspen altogether. As you may recall, Chloe is head over heels in love with our pool boy. However, she is part of the Truly Babes so she had to come to Aspen…whether she wanted to or not. Her eyes rolled at the idea of helping some frigid snow people how to get clear skin…but she didn’t mean it maliciously. All Chloe could do is sit on the cabin’s porch and daydream about kissing her pool boy lover…she didn’t even know the Mayor was glaring at her from a distance as she applied her Luscious Lip Butter. He sighed with disappointment, but also can understand (he too thinks the pool boy is super cute). He is overall pleased at how the Truly Babes saved Snow Puffer Village. 


How will the people of Snow Puffer Village dreams come true now that their skin is no longer dried out? How much product can the Pink Duffle actually hold?! Will Tyler and Zara catch hypothermia from skating in their skivvies? How long will Chloe have to go without seeing her one true love? And will Anna develop feelings for the Snow Woman?! Find out on the next episode of the Truly House of Beauty!

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