Happy Hairless Luxury Shave Butter

Luxury Whipped Shave Butter

  • Hydrating
  • Soothing
  • Smoothing
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free

Shaving your legs, bikini line, and underarms has never been more satisfying…

A member of our bestselling shave kit, Happy Hairless Shave Butter is a fruity-scented swirl of hydrating coconut, soothing grape, and bacteria-busting lavender for an effortless razor glide and sumptuously smooth skin.

With fluffy, whipped formulas and uplifting summer scents, you’ll enjoy every step of this effortless (and enchanting!) shave routine.

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This stuff is a game changer 🤩 never have I had smoother legs after shaving. The butter is very spreadable and smells SO GOOD!

What Makes this Product SO Good?
  • Happy Hairless Shave Butter is a coarse-hair-softening elixir enriched with moisturizing coconut oil, healing vitamin E, and inflammation-quelling lavender to provide an ultra-close, long-lasting shave without razor burn or ingrowns. 
  • It boasts anti-aging benefits thanks to passion fruit’s elasticity-restoring powers which help to visibly firm skin while preventing fine line formation. 
  • Vitamin E (a naturally occurring component in healthy skin!) is the end all be all for restorative skincare: healing, hydrating, and super soothing for inflammation + ingrowns.
  • Lavender is anti-bacterial, meaning that it kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin. Plus, you’ll smell like a french countryside post-shave. 
  • Lather up, swipe away stubble, and (for once in your life) look forward to doing it all over again next time!
Key Ingredients:

Coconut 🥥

Lavender 💜

Passion Fruit ✨

Full Ingredients

How to Use:

In the shower or bath, lather up your legs, bikini line, and underarms (or wherever you want to be hairless) using this whipped shaving cream prior to shaving. Shave in the direction of hair growth, and rinse your razor after every swipe.

Happy Hairless Luxury Shave Butter
Happy Hairless Luxury Shave Butter

What it Targets:

🔥 Hydrates

It soaks into skin and hair follicles for smooth, glowing skin.

🔥 Prevents Razor Burn

Provides a perfect surface for your razor to skate over, preventing ingrowns, burns, and shave-related irritation.

🔥 Boosts Skin’s Bounce

Elasticity-restoring passion fruit increases skin’s firmness for youthful, line-free skin.

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Happy Hairless Luxury Shave Butter
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