SpongeBob Gold Spatula

Gold Spatula Applicator

Flip instead of dip! Layer on your masks, moisturizers, and serums in lieu of your fingers with our luxurious gold skincare applicator – modeled after SpongeBob’s signature spatula.

This trusty lil’ spatula keeps your products clean and germ-free for an extra sweet skincare routine.

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Why it’s Special
  • A limited edition exclusive of the SpongeBob x Truly Line!
  • Step up your skincare game with our fun-to-use applicators for product measurement and germ-free application.

How to Use

Scoop, spread, and slather on your fave Truly products using this SpongeBob-inspired skincare applicator. Wash after every use. Keep out of damp, wet places.

SpongeBob Gold Spatula
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