How Much Truly Product to Use for Best Results?

How Much Truly Product to Use for Best Results?
by Truly Beauty

Are you using the right amount of Truly product? Applying the correct amount of skincare product is one of the secrets to achieving your firmest, plumpest, glowiest skin.

If you don’t apply enough of a product, your skin won’t get all the goodness it needs to thrive. Apply too much and you’re not only wasting product, but preventing it from penetrating efficiently—and ultimately, working its best.

Read on to find out how much Truly product to apply, and unlock the secrets to smooth, gleaming skin. 

First, Upgrade Your Beauty Tools

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Our Truly gold accessories are super cute, sanitary, and essential for perfecting product application. Every Truly babe needs a cake slicer, ice cream scoop, and mini spoon on their vanity to keep product application clean, mess-free, and on point. Grab our gold accessories to serve up your skincare in style. 

How Much Product Do You Actually Need?

Here's how much Truly product you should be using in spoons, scoops, slices, and drops.


Shave Butter: 1 Mini Spoonful Per Area


Whether you’re shaving your pits, legs, or bikini line, 1 mini spoonful of Happy Hairless Shave Butter per area is just enough to coat your skin and hair for the smoothest glide and zero razor bumps. 

Find Your Fave Truly Shave Butter

Butt Serum: 2 Drops Per Cheek

No accessories needed here. Apply 2 drops of Buns of Glowry Butt Serum to each cheek and massage into your booty to activate its firming, lifting, and plumping powers. 

After Shave Oil: 3-4 Drops Per Shave

Your freshly shaved skin gets all the nourishment and soothing magic it needs from 3-4 drops of Soft Serve After Shave Oil per shave. It’s just enough to keep skin soft, smooth, and irritation-free while preventing pesky ingrown hairs. 

Find Your Fave Truly Shave Oil

Boob Polish: 1 Cake Slice Per Tata

Keep your twins tight and perky with 1 cake slice of Acai Your Boobies Polish per tata. Massage it into your chest in the shower or bath, let it sit for a minute to activate those boob firming ingredients, and rinse off. 

Perfume Mist: 3 Spritzes 

The secret to smelling truly scrumptious? 3 spritzes of Birthday Sex Perfume Mist! Or any of our mists, for that matter. Whether you’re in the mood for spicy-floral or delicious gourmand, three spritzes of your fave perfume mist is the way to a brighter mood and head-to-toe sweetness. Re-apply throughout the day to keep things fresh. 

Find Your Fave Truly Fragrance

Body Butter: 1 Mini Spoonful Per Area

If body butter is leaving you feeling greasy, you’re probably using too much. Apply 1 mini spoonful of Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter per area to intensely hydrate and add some instant all-over radiance. 

Find Your Fave Truly Body Butter

Pre-Shave Scrub: 1 Scoop Per Area

Always exfoliate before shaving your legs, underarms, or bikini line to maximize razor glide and minimize cuts and bumps. All you need is 1 scoop of Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub per area to prep skin for your silkiest shave ever. 

Deodorant: 2 Swipes Per Pit

Keep your underarms bright and fresh with just 2 swipes of Coco Cloud Ingrown Prevention and Brightening Deodorant per pit. It’s the perfect amount to gently exfoliate away dead cells and odor-causing bacteria for day-long freshness and less visible discoloration with regular use. 

Find Your Fave Truly Deodorant

Butt Polish: 1 Scoop Per Cheek

From stretch marks to cellulite and sagging, 1 scoop of Buns of Glowry Butt Polish per cheek is enough to combat these skin concerns and reveal a tighter, perkier peach. For best results, polish your booty daily. 

After Shave Moisturizer: 1 Cake Slice Per Area 

Freshly shaved skin needs lots of nourishment to ease inflammation, keep the skin barrier strong, and prevent moisture loss. Next time you shave, be sure to finish your routine with 1 cake slice of Coco Cloud After Shave Moisturizer per area. 

Truly’s Tips for Applying Skincare Products

Now you know how much Truly product to use, keep these tips in mind for getting the most out of your serums, butters, and polishes…

Tip 1:

Always apply skincare in the order of thinnest to thickest. This allows ingredients to penetrate the skin without the thicker, heavier products creating a barrier. In other words, you’ll get better results from your products when you layer them correctly.

Tip 2:

Let your products penetrate. Instead of just rinsing off your shave butters and polishes immediately after applying them, let them sit on the skin for a minute or two so those active ingredients have a chance to penetrate and work their magic.

Tip 3:

Make a routine out of it. For example, great shaves don’t happen with just a shave butter or just an after shave serum. You need all the steps in a routine—prep, protection, and after care. From shaving to boob tightening and butt firming, discover your Truly dream routine.



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