Truly House of Beauty Episode 14

Truly House of Beauty Episode 14
by Truly Beauty

It’s that time again, you skincare obsessive freaks ‘n geeks. Yes yes, you read that right, it’s time for another episode of the Truly House of Beauty. Your one-way route to hearing about allllll the things behind the scenes in the Truly House, we have a great tale for you today. Last time we took you down a spooky path, showing you the secrets to our Halloween products. This week...well, this one is super tiny, super small, and super adorable. Get your magnifying glass--it’s time to be microscopic! 

It was a quiet day in the Truly lab. The four babes were doing what they do best: creating Truly products. Truly is the unique combination of health, sustainability & performance--so naturally our babes are constantly hard at working figuring out new formulas for their products. Today, the babes were studying their best selling product lines: Acai Your Boobies + Buns of Glowry + Unicorn Fruit. These products have taken the beauty world by storm, so the babes are always looking to improve or expand this line.You had Chloe studying some acai berries under the microscope, learning more about how they can help brighten the skin. Tyler & Zara were examining the products themselves, tinkering with scents and formulations. And we have Anna, the newest member to come down to the lab, looking at something that she probably shouldn’t be….the SHRINK RAY.

Yes, like any proper diabolical laboratory, the Truly lab comes complete with it’s very own shrink ray. Anna, a major science geek, was drooling over the big machine, gently grazing her fingertips over a large red button that says “SHRINK!” She notices that Tyler, Zara, and Chloe have left the room momentarily, probably for a quick yoga break or something. Looking over her shoulder to make sure that no one is looking, Anna decides to hit the button….and BOOM! A giant green laser beam shoots out of the end of the shrink ray and blasts a nearby table that’s covered in Truly products. Within seconds, she sees all of Truly’s best selling products shrink right in front of her of her little green eyes. A teeny tiny version of the Buns of Glowry, Acai Your Boobies, and Unicorn Fruit products are scattered amongst the floor of the lab-- Anna is sweating bullets, trying to kick the mini products under the tables, as if the other babes wouldn’t notice.

Her heart drops as the doors swing back open, revealing Tyler, Zara, and Chloe. The three babes see the miniature products and are so shocked--Tyler vomits upon sight, Chloe is hyperventilating out of shock, and Zara is glaring at the minis with an intense yet curious grimace. “GUYS! I’m so sorry--I just couldn’t resist pushing the button!” explains Anna, sweat dripping down her face, splashing her mascara across her cheekbones. Chloe swings her hand back to slap Anna in the face, but Zara catches her wrist right before contact. “Chloe! Violence isn’t the answer today. Anna--in a normal world you would be terminated for using the shrink ray without authorization, but I think you may have done something actually brilliant here.” Tyler and Chloe look at each other, baffled at the response from Zara. “But Zara, what are we gonna do with all of these?!” asks Tyler. She gazes upon the curious faces, grabs some minis, and stands on a soapbox. “Just imagine, you’re going on your vacation to your Aspen winterhome and you have to pack’ll have your Truly skincare on the go! Or think like you’re interested in Truly but just are hesitant to take the jump, these minis can give you a taste of what your skin is like with Truly. The limit does not exist! THEY’RE MINIS!” explains Zara. “PLUS...they are kinda ADORABLE! But how can we send them across the globe?!” asks Chloe. Zara then opens a cabinet by the door, revealing blue and pink tins--they kinda look like lunchboxes. “I’ve been waiting to find something to put in these bad boys. I made them the other day with our 3D merch printer.” says Zara (and yes, stay tuned for a 3D merch printer story soon). She pulls out hundreds of blue and blue tins, each with a golden Truly logo printed on the front. The four babes grab the tins and start packing the minis into them. “Look how tiny this Unicorn Locks Hair Mask is!!” screams Tyler, who starts chucking the minis at Chloe’s head. Her hair is so big that she doesn’t notice the mini hair masks are landing in the luscious nest that is her head. 

After filling all of the tins, the Truly babes are ready to send these mini kits out to the world! Grabbing dozens of boxes each, Zara + Chloe + Anna are carrying the kits outside. “Where’s Tyler?” asked Anna, who was struggling to carry her tins. Just as they open the outside door, they see a giant hot pink Hummer pull up with Tyler in the driver’s seat. “BEEP BEEP hoes!” he screams with his pink Gucci sunglasses on. He’s blasting early 2000s pop music dancing while the girls load up the Hummer. “Don’t worry babes, it’s electric!” he says while slapping the hood of the Hummer with the license plate. The girls are drunkley attempting to load the back of the vehicle, boxes sloshing left and right. They finally put all the boxes in the trunk, and Tyler zips away to hand-deliver the minis to all Truly babes throughout the world.

And that’s how our best sellers became mini, and how those minis changed the world of skincare as we know it. Get your new favorite mini kits while we have them--we can only use the shrink ray so much! 


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